Wisconsin DNR Wants Help Counting Upland Birds

Here’s a request from the Wisconsin Department of
Natural Resources (DNR), which we are passing

Upland bird hunters and outdoor enthusiasts:

The Wisconsin DNR is asking for your help in measuring the brood
production of some of the state’s upland game bird species. We are
looking for observations of broods of pheasant, wild turkey, ruffed
grouse, sharp-tailed grouse, prairie chicken, gray partridge, and
bobwhite quail. Wisconsinites spend many days outdoors during the
summer months, and see a variety of our state’s abundant wildlife.
This makes you a good source of information on the reproductive
status of some of our wildlife species. No special effort is
required! Just go about your normal summertime activities, and when
you see a brood of young pheasants, turkey, ruffed grouse,
sharp-tailed grouse, prairie chicken, gray partridge, or bobwhite
quail, please report your sightings. Instructions on how to perform
the survey, a link to the survey form, and a tally sheet for your
use can be found here. Also report any sightings of turkey and
pheasant hens that do not have broods.

During the summer of 2010, Wisconsinites reported 950
observations of game broods of wild turkey, ring-necked pheasant,
ruffed grouse, prairie chicken, sharp-tailed grouse, gray partridge
and bobwhite quail. The most frequently observed game bird species
were wild turkey (765 observations) and ruffed grouse (117

Results from your observations will be used to monitor the
reproductive status of these birds and to help make fall hunting
forecasts. If you have any questions about the survey, or if you
have any issues accessing the survey website please contact

Thank you for your interest in Wisconsin’s wildlife.

Brian Dhuey

Wildlife Surveys and Database Manager

Wisconsin DNR

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