What is that Dog Pointing?

I am an admitted pointing dog fanatic. In my biased eyes, the
pointing instinct is both fascinating and beautiful. I am also a
horribly average wingshooter, and admit the help of a pointer’s cue
has added dozens of extra breast fillets into my skillet.

However, pointer ownership isn’t always high art and rock solid
points on cornered birds. Last weekend, my German shorthair locked
up on a pair of sandhill cranes at 100 yards (don’t worry, no
cranes or crane nests were disturbed). If you’ve never owned a
pointer, my pup’s point of cranes may strike you as a bit odd. Your
skepticism will likely deepen as I also admit that my pup, at 8
weeks of age, also pointed a small boy exiting a minivan. She has
also pointed numerous mammals, including coyotes, skunks,
porcupines and deer. And if you’re not doubtful of Trammell’s
hunting abilities yet, then I’ll admit to her point of a painted
turtle in the middle of the Fort Pierre National Grasslands last
September. While I have no idea what that turtle was doing in the
middle of the prairie, I also have no idea what scent triggered my
pup’s pointing instinct.

Thankfully, Trammell’s pointing instinct has been successfully
honed to target pheasants, quail, ruffed grouse, sharpies,
woodcock, and Huns in more consistent patterns than painted

Today, consider this blog the pointer’s confessional. What is
the oddest thing your pointer has ever locked up on? Come on and be
honest. I know you tell your buddies that your pup only points
roosters and doesn’t even bother with hens, but I don’t believe
you. What’s your pointer’s painted turtle point?


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