ID: F&G Commission adds salmon season, adjusts limits

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission Monday, June 6, increased the
bag limits on adult Chinook salmon in the Clearwater River drainage
to two per day and six in possession.

The commissioners also set a limited jacks-only season on
another section of the upper Salmon River.

Fish and Game fishery managers estimate the numbers of adult
Chinook heading back to Idaho’s Clearwater drainage to be about
twice the preseason estimate, anadromous fish manager Pete Hassemer
told commissioners.

The increased bag limits are effective immediately on the
Clearwater River main stem, the North Fork, South Fork and Middle
Fork Clearwater rivers, and the Lochsa River.

The statewide season limit remains 20 adult Chinook during any
2011 salmon seasons occurring before September 1, 2011. All other
salmon fishing rules remain the same and are listed in the 2011
Chinook seasons and rules brochure.

The commission set a Chinook fishing season in the upper Salmon
River reach near Stanley. The season opens July 9 and closes at the
end of fishing on July 17. Fishing hours are from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The season is limited to two jack salmon per day and six in
possession. No adult Chinook may be taken. Only Chinook less than
24 inches long, with a clipped adipose fin, as evidenced by a
healed scar, may be kept.

The Stanley area reach extends from a posted boundary about 20
yards upstream of Valley Creek in Stanley, upstream to the posted
boundary about 100 yards downstream of the weir at the Sawtooth
Hatchery south of Stanley.

Anglers must stop fishing for Chinook salmon when they have
retained their daily, possession or season limit of adult Chinook
or their overall daily or possession limit of Chinook of any size,
whichever comes first.

All other salmon fishing rules remain in effect.

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