Oregon: Imnaha alpha male wolf trapped and fitted with working GPS collar

In addition to killing two wolves from Oregon’s Imnaha pack in
order to reduce the chances of future livestock predation, wildlife
officials caught that pack’s alpha male in a trap. The big dog was
sedated and fitted with a new working GPS collar while they had him
in custody, which will help ongoing efforts to monitor the pack’s
whereabouts and behavior.

The same alpha male had a GPS collar, but it stopped working in
May, 2010.

The alpha male was found in good condition in a trap set by
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife on private land in Wallowa
County, east of Joseph, Ore. He was tranquilized, fitted with the
new collar, and released.

The trap was set as part of efforts to catch and kill two
uncollared wolves from the Imnaha pack, to reduce livestock losses
by wolves in the area.

As the two uncollared wolves have been killed, ODFW has now
removed traps from Wallowa County.

“We hope the experience discourages the alpha male from
returning to this area, which is private land with livestock
operations,” noted Russ Morgan, ODFW wolf coordinator.

Meanwhile, the evolving, and often tenuous, relationship between
man and wolf continues.

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