Saturday, January 28th, 2023
Saturday, January 28th, 2023

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In Minnesota, Hunters buy Licenses more Consistently than Anglers

New research commissioned by the Minnesota Department of Natural
Resources (DNR) brings insights into differences between hunters
and anglers when it comes to license buying tendencies, and what
types of licenses are valued by all outdoorsmen and women.

“Only 27 percent of Minnesota anglers buy a license five out of
five years,” said Jenifer Wical, DNR customer enhancement manager
for the Fish and Wildlife division. “In fact, 32 percent of anglers
buy a license only once every five years.”

These figures mean Minnesota has far more anglers than those who
show up in the annual sales tally, added Wical. “We now know that
our existing angling license holders come from a large pool of
people who tend to fish every other year or even less frequently,”
she said. “Before our electronic license system was in place we
largely believed our licensed anglers represented an avid group
that bought a license every year.”

Wical said the DNR has also learned that hunters are more loyal
license buyers than anglers. Nearly half of Minnesota’s hunters buy
a license five out of five years, she said.

The DNR has netted these new insights by closely examining license
sales data and listening to customers. This past winter, for
example, the DNR received input from more than 2,100 licensed
anglers and hunters as part of a public opinion survey of fishing
and hunting license.

The survey and assessment was done, in part, to help the DNR better
understand how to price and structure fishing hunting and licenses.
Hunting and fishing license prices haven’t changed in a decade.
Revenues from license sales fund the vast majority of the state’s
fish and wildlife management and conservation law enforcement. The
assessment was conducted by Responsive Management, a natural
resources research firm based in Virginia.

“We asked Responsive Management to help us conduct the survey of
our customers because they have extensive survey expertise,” said
Wical. “We did this so we can provide hunters and anglers with the
license types they want at prices that meet multiple

Among Responsive Management’s findings:

· Minnesota’s current resident fishing license ($17) is on the low
end of fees charged throughout the United States

· Minnesota’s non-resident fishing license fees are on the low end
of fees charged throughout the United States; non-resident licenses
account for about 30 percent of license sales

· the most desirable fishing licenses are the annual combination
(husband and wife) annual individual, and individual sports
(angling and small game hunting)

· anglers would like to be able to buy a three-year or five-year
fishing license

· anglers would like to be able to buy a “super license” that
includes a number of angling and hunting privileges and their
related stamps

· by a 4-1 ratio, Minnesotans rate Minnesota fishing “better” than
that of other states compared to “worse” than other states

· by a 3-1 ratio, non-residents rate Minnesota fishing “better”
than that of other states compared to “worse” than other

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