Tuesday, January 31st, 2023
Tuesday, January 31st, 2023

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ID: Magic Valley Region Fishing Information May 16, 2011

This report is based on information from anglers, local tackle
shops, spot creel surveys and fish manager’s observations. It is a
general summary of what others are saying about what fish are being
caught and what gear anglers’ are using.

Magic Reservoir is full. Fishing has been slow recently due to
high, murky water. It is beginning to clear and as it does fishing
is expected to improve.

Salmon Falls Reservoir is extremely high and water is still
coming in. F&G Conservation Officers recommend boaters to not
go into Grey’s Landing because there is almost no room to turn
around. Anglers should also be cautious if they launch boats from
the backwaters, too. There is a lot of debris underwater that could
cause boaters issues. Twin Falls County is in the process of
putting warnings out.

Water is very murky and fishing is slow, but water starts to
clear up towards the dam. Filer Ponds are a good alternative right
now for fishing.

Roseworth Reservoir also has extremely high water. Several of
the bathrooms are just feet away from the waters edge and most of
the roads are under water. Fishing is very slow and the water is

The Big Wood River is running high and this weekend run-off
should be starting in earnest. It’s likely safe wading conditions
are at least one month out on the main river as well as the
tributaries The prospects of fishing in the upper valley between
now and July 4th depends on how quickly the snow melt occurs. Also
none of the local ponds have been stocked yet. It’s likely Hayspur
Hatchery won’t be able to stock Lake Creek Lake before the May 28
opener due to wet-muddy roads.

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