Way past time for county treasurers to get out of doe-license sales

At the April meeting of the House Game and Fisheries Committee,
the politicians again thumbed their nose at sportsmen.

Members voted against moving HB 524 (which would allow the Game
Commission and designated issuing agents to sell antlerless
licenses). That effectively preserves county treasurers’ monopoly
on selling doe licenses.

The vote was 15-10 against the bill. However, the committee
voted to reconsider the bill at another date, and to allow for a
hearing. So perhaps the politicians will find the courage to do the
right thing later, but I won’t hold my breath.

For many decades county treasurers sold antlerless deer
licenses, and despite occasional accusations of corruption, the
system worked reasonably well.

But now that the Game Commission uses the new electronic,
automated licensing system — and hunters could easily and more
conveniently buy doe permits at places like Walmart, where they buy
their general licenses — having the county treasurers involved is
ridiculous, and everybody knows it.

And what makes it worse, the county treasurers continue to screw
things up. Hundred of hunters have complained the last two years
that they didn’t get doe tags because treasurers’ offices sat on
their applications.

In voting to keep the treasurers involved in antlerless deer
license sales, the representatives seemed to be worried about the
loss of revenue for their counties. In addition, several said that
they’ve heard from their county treasurer but not from the hunters
in their district. What a load of bull …

Here’s who voted to keep the treasurers involved: Rep. Bryan
Cutler R-Lancaster, Joe Emrick R-Northampton, Doyle Heffley
R-Carbon, Garth Everett, R-Lycoming, Keith Gillespie R-York, Mark
Keller R-Perry, Michael Peifer R-Pike, Jeff Pyle R-Armstrong, Mike
Reese R-Westmoreland, and Todd Rock, R-Franklin, Deberah Kula
D-Fayette, Bill DeWeese D-Greene, Kevin Murphy D-Lackawanna, Gerald
Mullery, D-Luzerne and Tim Mahoney, D-Fayette.

Tell them they made a mistake, and that they should do the right
thing for hunters!


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