Starting out with a Walk in the Woods

I recall getting a Swiss Army knife when I was 10 years old in
my Easter basket. It was the best Easter basket I ever found. Every
once in a while, I was allowed to tag along with my dad during
pheasant hunts. I will never forget watching our amazing brittany
spaniel, Shy, direct us to the pheasants.

I remember being interested in the outdoors as a youngster, but
when I became a teenager my passion for the outdoors left me. Why?
I am not sure; maybe I was too interested in friends, softball and
cheerleading. I am now a proud mother of a 3-year-old girl and
5-year-old boy. After my children became toddlers, I had the urge
to learn how to hunt. A few things triggered the urge, curiosity,
the challenge and fresh meat.

When is the correct age to get them started? How will I keep them
involved and interested as they become teens? I believe the great
outdoors is a natural way to keep family together. I hope to keep
them interested, but I will understand if my son would rather play
football during the rut. After all, we all go through changes and
stages in our lives. I will try my hardest to instill the outdoors
with them as children but never push them. Perhaps a walk in the
woods to scout for deer next weekend is a good start.

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