NM: Weekly Fishing Report

Attention anglers: New Mexico’s license year began April 1, and
that means it’s time to renew your fishing license. They can be
purchased at license vendors statewide, Department of Game and Fish
offices in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Las Cruces, Roswell and Raton, or
through the Online License System.


Animas River – The flow is 319 cfs. Fishing is reported as good for
brown and rainbow trout. Fly anglers are having good success with
bead headed pheasant tails, prince nymphs and copper john’s all
size 14-16. All other methods are also working. The river was
stocked with 349 triploid rainbow last week.

Chama River – Upper section flow is 670 cfs. The upper Chama
including the stretch flowing into El Vado is in runoff. The colder
snowmelt has slowed the fishing somewhat. Stonefly nymphs and a
smaller trailing caddis or baetis under an indicator would be the
way to go. The river below El Vado is wadeable still, but do take
caution as it’s hard to see the bottom. Focus on the tail outs and
hit the obvious seams. Crane fly larva and egg patterns and a
trailing flashy baetis were reported to be the hot flies. The
stretch below Abiquiu is fishing slow. High dam release has made
wading here tough. The river is somewhat clear. If you can find a
run or some pockets use a crane fly or golden stone nymph with a
midge dropper.

San Juan River – Upper section-Catch and Release flow is 613 cfs.
The visibility is reported at two to three feet in the river below
the dam. Declining flows on the Animas had the Bureau of Rec
increase the release out of Navajo Dam. The rise occurred on
Friday. There may be a little more junk floating in the water, but
fishing should continue as it’s been for the last few weeks. Big
midge hatches continue to come off late mornings. Dark bodied midge
larvae and pupa are still working and more and more baetis are
being seen. The usual, chocolate foam wings in #22, chocolate
Johnny flash, wonder baetis, and small pheasant tails to mimic your

Lower section – Open waters, fishing is good with night crawlers,
salmon eggs and the same flies as for the upper section. The river
was stocked with 3,151 triploid rainbow last week.

Abiquiu Lake- No report. The Army Corps of Engineers have switched
over to winter staffing until 4/12 and all but a few primitive
sites are closed for the season. No report on fishing at this

El Vado Lake – Fishing is reported as fair for trout on both sides
of the dam. Some fish have been caught using worms, Power bait and

Heron Lake- Fishing is slow for trout due to low water levels. The
lake is down 45 feet from last year making it hard to find the
rainbows. Anglers are catching lake trout from 5 pounds up to 22
pounds when trolling broken back lures.

Jackson Lake – Fishing is good to excellent for trout. Anglers are
having success using Power Bait and any spinner with gold blades.
The lake was stocked last week with 1,050 triploid rainbow

Lake Farmington – Trout fishing is reported as good on the dam side
of the lake using salmon eggs or trolling spinners like Blue Fox
with rainbow holograms and Arnies with red and gold blades. Also
good reports from anglers stripping woolly buggers from shore are
taking fish.

Morgan Lake – Bass fishing is reported as slow.

Navajo Lake – The pike continue to be fishing well when using
Rapala DT 6-16 and Rapala XR 12-14. Perch, yellow perch, hot steel,
rainbow and gold are reported as the hot colors right now. Fish are
averaging 30 inches. Trout are reported being taken at the Pine
River boat ramp with worms and spinners. No report on other


Cimarron River – Flows below Eagle Nest Dam are 30 cfs and 28 cfs
near Cimarron. Fishing conditions are good. The flows are a little
low making for easier casting and fishing in the upper reaches
around Tolby campground. There is a little more tributary flow the
further downstream you go. That could be a good thing if the upper
river is clear and the fish are spooky. Dark midges and baetis
nymphs like tungsten WD40’s, black psycho mays, chocolate Johnny
flashes, and black zebra midges on a nymph rig or dry dropper are
the best choices.

Costilla Creek – The flow is 15 cfs near the town of Costilla. No

Red River – Flows at Questa 20 cfs and 36 cfs below the hatchery.
Fishing is fair to good for rainbows below the hatchery with bead
head nymphs and various flies. Bait fishermen might try spinners,
salmon eggs or Power Bait. Upper river is starting to turn on using
the same methods but fishing is a bit slower.

Rio Grande – Flows are 94 cfs near Cerro and 233 cfs below the Taos
Junction Bridge.The caddis hatch is here! Actually it’s been at
Pilar for a week now. Reports are that it hasn’t made it’s way up
to John Dunn bridge, but it is definitely up into the lower box.
Best dry fly fishing is in the afternoons provided the wind isn’t
howling. Skate your dry fly for some of the pickier fish. Always
finish your drift off with a swing! Hold your rod tip over the lane
of your drift and let you flies swing upwards as your line
tightens. If you feel a take, coach yourself into waiting just a
second before you set the hook otherwise you’ll just pull it away
from them. For trout, I like a big attractor like a crane fly or
golden stone and then trail your caddis larva/pupa off of that.
Baetis have also been coming off so show them a trailing flashback
pheasant tail or bat wing emerger. Try a slow retrieved streamer in
some of the slower eddies for small mouth bass. Pike hunt by feel.
Large streamers that move water will still get a pikes attention.
Vary your retrieves and change up the color of your flies to see
which ones trigger a bite. The river was stocked form Pilar to
Cochiti Lake with 3,074 triploid rainbow last week.

Rio Hondo – Flows are at 14 cfs. Lower section at confluence with
Rio Grande is best. Trout are slow to fair with various flies,
spinners and worms.

Rio Pueblo – Flows are at 50 cfs and there is no report this week.
The river was stocked with 840 triploid rainbow last week.

Cabresto Lake – No report

Charette Lakes – Fishing is reported as fair with some trout being
landed in the range of 9 to 20 inches. Power bait is the choice
from the bank and when trolling use small perch baits in green and
orange. The lower lake was stocked with 1,750 triploid rainbow last

Clayton Lake – Fishing for trout is reported as good to excellent
with limits being taken on Power Bait and worms. Fish are averaging
10 inches with some up to 15.

Eagle Nest Lake – Boat ramps are open but docks are not in. Fishing
for trout and perch is reported as good form shore. No reports on
trolling light pressure Best bet is to use roe, Power Bait and
salmon eggs.

Lake Alice and Lake Maloya- Fishing is reported as good on both
lakes using corn and worms for stocker sized trout.

Maxwell Lakes – Lake # 13 is reported as slow with an occasional
trout landed. Some fish are large up to 22 inches. Best success is
reported using Power Bait, Worms and spinners.

Santa Cruz Lake – No report.

Shuree Ponds – Closed Dec. 31st and re-opens July 1st, 2011.

Springer Lakes – Fishing is reported as fair for small pike up to
26 inches on cranks and minnows.

West-Central, including the Jemez Mountains

Jemez River, East Fork, Guadalupe and San Antonio – Flow on the
Jemez River is 79 cfs. A little more water showed up on the stream
gauge with warmer temps. Most of it is coming from the De Las Vacas
/ Guadalupe drainage. Forest Road 376 is open from the Gilman
Tunnels to Highway 126. Upper 376 to San Antonio Hot Springs is
still closed. A dry fly dropper rig with #16-18 deep six caddis or
a #18 psycho may in olive should pick up most of them. Stonefly
nymphs on the lower Jemez and Guadalupe will also work. Some of the
gullible fish are taking small dries like a parachute pheasant tail
or Adams. Good reports on the East Fork and San Antonio up from
highway 126.

Metro Drainages – Trout fishing is reported as slow for trout on
all methods.

Bluewater Lake – Fishing is reported as good for trout when using
Power bait from shore. No report on all other species.

Cochiti Lake – The lake is warming up, warmer water on the east
side of the lake. The east side is only accessible by boat. Small
mouth bass are being landed on crank baits but reports are

Fenton Lake – The lake is fishing good for trout using Power Bait
and salmon eggs. The Cebolla River above the lake is fishing good
for trout. Many anglers catching fish with most methods

Tingley Beach – South Pond catch and release – Trout fishing in the
South/Catch and Release Pond has been good. No report on what’s
working. Children’s and Central Ponds – Trout fishing has been
great Best reports are from anglers fishing with bait about 18
inches off the bottom.

East-Central, including the Pecos River

Coyote Creek – Flow is 0.71 cfs. The water is low and fishing is
slow with no pressure. The river was stocked with 560 triploid
rainbow last week.

Pecos River – Flows near Pecos is 71 cfs. Above the village of
Pecos, the fishing is picking up every day and fish are eating. Not
much for dry fly fishing yet, so stick to nymphs. Golden stonefly
nymphs, egg patterns, small pheasant tails, baetis nymphs and zebra
midges were some of the latest hot flies. The river from Villanueva
to I-40 was stocked with 140 triploid rainbow trout and 2,103
rainbow trout last week. The river from Cowles to the Village of
Pecos was stocked with 2,103 rainbow last week. The Mora River was
stocked with 491 rainbow last week. Monastery lake was stocked 664
rainbow trout last week.

Conchas Lake – Fishing is reported as good for crappie. The white
bass are fishing fair. A few walleye are being taken. All fish are
being caught in 10 – 15 feet of water drifting minnows and from the

Morphy Lake – Fishing is reported as good form shore and when
trolling for trout. oAll methods are catching fish.

Santa Rosa Lake – Lake levels are and winds have been challenging.
Walleye are fishing good in 10 – 30 feet of water and crappie are
starting to turn on. The crappie being caught are of good size.
Fish are being caught using jigs and jigs with minnows. Small mouth
bass have also started to bite and are being caught when fishing
for the walleye. No reports on catfish.

Storrie Lake – Fishing is reported as fair to good for trout using
fireballs and cheese.

Sumner Lake – Winter trout waters, stilling basin – No report this

Ute Lake – Walleye are reported as excellent when fishing minnows
Carolina rigged in 10-16 feet of water and casting cranks and jigs
to the shoreline. Small mouth and large mouth bass are fishing good
when throwing tubes and grubs. The large mouth are being found in
the thick brush/trees and the small mouth are more on the main lake
points in 10-15 feet of water. Catfish are fishing fair, you need
to go up the Canadian past the Crappie wall if you want to catch a
mess of them. Stink baits are the ticket. White bass are fishing
fair, a few are being landed here and there. Try up around the
Ranch House mainly because historically this time of year is a good
place to go for them. Crappie are fishing fair, but not too many
people are fishing for them yet. If you went fishing for them you
would have some good results.


Gila River – The flow is 52 cfs and fishing is slow with very
little pressure.

Rio Grande – The flow is 1,650 cfs below Elephant Butte Dam.
Fishing is fair to good for walleye with shiners below both
Elephant Butte and Caballo Lakes.

Bill Evans Lake: Winter trout waters – Fishing for trout is slow
fair using Power Bait and worms. Also, trolling is reported as slow
to fair when using spinners.

Caballo Lake – Fishing is generally slow with light pressure. Water
levels are coming up but still low. Anglers having success are
fishing the deeper holes but fishing for all species is slow.
Minnows and night crawlers are working the best for now.

Elephant Butte Lake – Good reports on the white bass and nice sized
fish being landed when using shiners on jigs. The fish are reported
as scattered and being caught all over the lake. Catfish are
reported as good with shrimp on the north end of the lake.
Strippers are reported as slow by the dam. Crappie and walleye are
reported as slow but a few fish have been landed here and there. No
report on other species.

Glenwood Ponds – Fishing has been slow with light pressure.

Lake Roberts – Fishing is reported as fair to good for trout using
bobbers with worms and Power bait 4 feet below surface. Some limits
are being taken.

Quemado Lake – No report.

Snow Lake – No report.


Black River – Flow is 5.2 cfs. Fishing is reported as fair for
trout using worms, salmon eggs and Power Bait.

Bonito Creek – No report.

Rio Ruidoso – Flow is 4 cfs. Water levels are very low and fishing
is reported as slow. Fish are holding in deeper holes. Power Bait,
worms and salmon eggs are reported as working for stocker sized

Bonito Lake – fishing is reported as good for trout with all
methods catching fish.

Bottomless Lakes: Winter trout waters – No report this week.

Brantley Reservoir – There has been light pressure and no current
report. A mandatory catch and release is in place at Brantley Lake
from the dept. of Game and Fish. Pesticides, DDT’s have been found
in the fish, do not keep or eat them.

Grindstone Reservoir – Fishing is reported as good for trout using
spinners, marshmallows, worms, Power Bait and salmon eggs.

Lake Van: Winter trout waters – Fair for trout when using worms,
spinners, Power Bait and salmon eggs. No report on other

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