Hooray for me; the heck with you

I’ve been disappointed reading many of the comments left by
hunters in response to articles published in statewide news media
about the meetings on the Lower Peninsula deer baiting ban. So many
of those commenting seem to have no concern for anyone else but

Hunting seems to be like everything else these days – infected with
the prevalent “hooray for me; the heck with you” mentality. People
want instant gratification. They want to be able to have hunts that
are similar to the video games they play at home during the
off-season. When applied to deer hunting, sitting in a chair,
turning on the TV, and picking up a game controller becomes: sit in
a heated blind, wait a few minutes for game to walk into view,
shoot it. You might even pick up a handheld videogame player or
turn on the TV in your blind, too.

Is this what it has all come down to now? We buy a license and
figure we have to fill a tag in order to call the hunt successful?
Hunting should not be like anything else at all that we do. It
should be an escape from most other things that we do. It
definitely shouldn’t be similar to going to the grocery store and
picking out meat from the cooler.

We all love venison, but somewhere along the line many of us seem
to have forgotten that, in spite of our efforts, there may be years
that we go home without a deer and have to beg for venison steaks
from one of our buddies or a brother-in-law.

When it comes to baiting for deer, we should be more concerned
about what is best for the resource and less concerned about what
we think might be best for ourselves.

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