Pulling that boat and trailer from storage

As hard water fishing wraps up, it’s time to start thinking
about spring river fishing or inland open water seasons. Here’s
where those boat storage tips from last fall really pay off.

For starters, before embarking on an ice-out crappie adventure,
make sure that battery is charged. You don’t want to arrive at the
access with a dead battery, and the same with your trolling motor
battery. Run the charger on both to maximum capacity. With a wet
cell battery, be sure to check water levels.

Next, if you didn’t do it last fall, get a good coat of wax on
your boat. This will improve your gas mileage by creating less drag
resistance on the trailer (wind) or in the water.

Speaking of trailers, check tire pressure and wear on the
treads. If there’s weather damage, cracks etc., on tires, figure
this out before you’re 50 miles down the road. Also, don’t gamble
with old, worn-out winch straps and mount. If there’s any type of
fraying, replace it. A buddy had one break on him once while he was
unloading solo, and he needed stitches out of the deal.

Other obvious pre-flight checklist items include trying the
trailer lights, and check the surge brakes and brake fluid. How’s
the carpeting on the bunks? Is it worn out or torn? If so, replace
and the same goes with your rollers.

Finally, if you’re headed out on a long-distant trip, take your
boat out a few days before to a local public access and run that
motor for a short time. Make sure it’s running well before you
travel hundreds of miles!

Last tip: Use a fuel conditioner in your gas. With ethanol more
prevalent in gasoline these days, the conditioner will help prevent
engine clogging, especially with motors containing two-stroke

Good luck during the open water season!


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