NH: Fish and Game Commission Resolution Supports LCHIP

CONCORD, N.H. — The N.H. Fish and Game Commission unanimously
passed a resolution supporting the work and accomplishments of the
Land and Community Heritage Investment Program, commonly known as
LCHIP, at their March meeting. The resolution further calls for the
State Legislature to provide LCHIP with the full amount of revenue
generated from the dedicated account that was established for
funding LCHIP grants. (See full text of the resolution, below.)

The Commission’s action reflects their understanding of the
value to New Hampshire citizens of the fish and wildlife habitats
and other natural resources that LCHIP helps protect. Since the
program began in 2001, LCHIP has provided 202 grants to projects
that have conserved more than 290,000 acres in 136 New Hampshire
communities. In the true spirit of Granite State frugality, every
$1.00 LCHIP provides in grants returns another $6.26 of added value
as applicants raise additional funds needed to complete their
projects. Clean water, working forestland and sustainable fish and
wildlife populations result from the relatively modest investment
made by the State in funding LCHIP grants.

Dijit Taylor, the Interim Executive Director of LCHIP, noted,
“The Land and Community Heritage Investment Program has made highly
effective investments in the natural, historic and cultural
resources of the state. In just ten years, an investment of $26
million of state money through LCHIP grants has led to project
value of $186 million, with the other funds coming from a variety
of private, municipal and federal sources.” Taylor added that
LCHIP’s many successes are of special interest to the sportsmen and
women of the state, since “LCHIP-protected properties are open for
public access, specifically including hunting and fishing, in

Even in these difficult economic times, the N.H. Fish and Game
Commission recognizes that maintaining New Hampshire’s character
and quality of life, the true N.H. advantage, depends on investing
in the conservation of those things that make New Hampshire
special. According to Taylor, more than 300 additional projects are
waiting to apply for future LCHIP grants when they again become
available. State budget proposals currently under consideration do
not include funding for LCHIP grants.

LCHIP: http://www.lchip.org

N.H. Fish and Game Commission:


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