Saturday, February 4th, 2023
Saturday, February 4th, 2023

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My review of “Bikini Buckshot”: Hunting is fun, but it’s not a joke!

Last week, Illinois Outdoor News columnist Steve Sarley
asked me what I thought of a new female hunting group called Bikini
Buckshot. My first thoughts went something like this: “What the
heck?!” But everyone deserves the benefit of a doubt, so I went on
their Facebook page and was relieved to find they weren’t a bunch
of string bikini-clad women brazenly walking around with

So I asked Steve what the big deal was. Yeah, their name fell
short of intelligent. He asked me if I’d watched their video, and
back on their Facebook page I went.

Here were four women from Chicago who decided to embark on a
hunting adventure in hopes of turning it into their own TV show.
They literally know nothing about hunting, which is not a crime.
When I started hunting, I didn’t either.

The problem lies with the way they went about portraying hunting,
in general, let alone making a complete joke of women who take
hunting and everything it entails seriously. The video consists of
what they call a turkey hunt, and includes all, but not limited to,
reckless driving, lewd remarks, illegal, and unethical practices.
Scouting wasn’t at all considered. They couldn’t even locate the
area they were supposed to be hunting with the map they had! It was

I have several beautiful female friends who hunt, so this is not
rant of jealousy. We love to hunt and have fun doing it, but we
also conduct ourselves in ways that depict hunting in a positive
light. Behaving in any way but, in my opinion, is acting in utter
disregard, not only to women who hunt, but all hunters! Maybe even
worse is the disrespect to the animals we hunt and their


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