WI: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 7

District 9 – Black River Falls area

Warden Bill Miller, of Adams, met with town supervisors and a
snowmobile club to discuss the problems with snowmobilers operating
on town roads. The town and club will get the roads properly
signed, and the town will work on a trail access ordinance.

Warden Wade Romberg, of Friendship, issued citations in February
for fishing with too many lines, fishing without a license,
snowmobile violations, possession of marijuana, and deer-hunting

Warden Romberg assisted warden Nate Kroeplin, of Madison, with a
deer-hunting investigation in which a convicted felon had been
hunting and killing deer in Adams County. Enforcement action was

Warden Eric Grudzinski, of Mauston, assisted with sturgeon
enforcement on Lake Winnebago. Wardens issued citations for
sturgeon, snowmobile, and ATV violations.

In January, warden Grudzinski investigated a call about a cougar
sighting and he found hair. DNA testing results showed the hair was
from a canine, not a cougar.

Warden Matt Weber, of Necedah, worked snowmobile enforcement in
February. Enforcement action was taken for registration and trail
use sticker violations.

In February, warden Robin Barnhardt, of Osseo, worked snowmobile
enforcement in Walworth and Jefferson counties. Team members
conducted patrol efforts while concentrating on OWI and other
serious snowmobile violations.

Warden Barnhard testified at a preliminary hearing in Trempealeau
County in February. The case involved a convicted felon who was
contacted last fall while in possession of six firearms. The case
was bound over for trial.

Warden Barnhardt investigated calls in February regarding two
subjects, who are convicted felons, who’d registered gun deer kills
in past years in Jackson County. Both subjects had illegally tagged
deer that had been shot by other hunters.

District 10 – Wautoma area

Warden Todd Wippermann, of Clintonville, was involved in
enforcement actions in January involving illegal deer feeding, deer
shining/shooting, and road-hunting violations.

Warden Ted Dremel, of Waupaca, checked ice fishermen in January.
Several people were fishing without licenses and were using too
many lines. Dremel also tagged one bobcat and five otters in

Warden Dremel encountered a Waushara County man who was feeding
deer with two round hay bales to collect shed antlers and to keep
the neighbors from getting the antlers. Enforcement action was

Warden Dremel completed a trap theft case. The subject accepted a
plea agreement from the D.A. of civil forfeiture for interfering
with a trapper and a one-year license revocation.

Warden Nate Ackerman, of Berlin, and Green Lake deputies patrolled
county trails in January. Enforcement action was taken for expired
registration and failing to obey signs, speeding after 10:30 p.m.,
and OWI.

Warden Judi Nigbor, of Montello, investigated a complaint of hunter
harassment and contacted the suspect. Nigbor also worked illegal
ATV and snowmobile road operation.

Warden Nigbor work with APHIS on a hunter denial case from a crop
damage permit farm. Nigbor also worked coyote hunters in Marquette

Warden Mike Young, of Shiocton, attended a trial in January in
which a deer pick-up contractor was found guilty and fined for
dumping roughly 100 deer carcasses on Oneida tribal property. The
contract was revoked.

Wardens Jeff Knorr, of Fremont, and Dremel contacted Wisconsin
hunters at the request of Colorado regarding illegal elk

Warden Bryan Lockman, of New London, contacted two fishermen
sharing a single jig pole in a shack. Neither had a valid license.
He also issued three citations in January for fishing with too many
lines on Manawa Mill Pond, Colic’s Slough, and White Lake.

Warden Lockman contacted an individual who tagged his niece’s first
buck during the 2010 muzzleloader season. A citation for illegal
group deer hunting was issued.

Warden Dave Algrem, of Wautoma, investigated the illegal use of
traps for coyotes (bait exposed). One of the traps had caught a
hawk (found dead in the brush nearby). The trapper was cited for
illegal trap placement.

District 11 – Peshtigo area

Warden Dave Oginski, of Wausaukee, worked snowmobile enforcement in
the town of Pembine in February. Several warnings and citations
were issued. Also, two underage three-wheeler riders were riding on
Hwy. 8 with no registration or helmets. Their mother was issued one
citation and several warnings.

Warden Oginski assisted Marinette County deputies with a domestic
disturbance north of Wausaukee.

Warden Oginski attempted to stop a fleeing snowmobiler who ran a
stop sign in the town of Stephenson. Oginski located the suspect’s
residence and waited him out until he returned nearly 12 hours
later. The suspect was arrested and taken to the Marinette County
jail. Charges for fleeing and other citations were issued.

Warden Oginski investigated a complaint about a 150-pound cougar in
northern Marinette County. The animal turned out to be a

Warden Matt Meade, of Crivitz, worked snowmobile, ATV, and fishing
enforcement in February. Citations and warnings were issued for
various violations.

Warden Joe Paul, of Lakewood, issued citations for speeding on
snowmobiles, no registration, and failing to stop at stop

Warden Mike Stahl, of Oconto Falls, worked with deputy Troy Sherman
on Green Bay off of Geano Beach during a large radar run. A number
of stops showed that people are using the internet to register
their machines.

Warden Mark Schraufnagel, of Shawano, assisted in the deer research
study in Shawano County. During helicopter trapping efforts,
Schraufnagel was on-site to assist with public safety. He also
assisted by flying over research areas with the pilot to point out
areas where deer could be captured. A total of 57 deer were
captured and collared during six days in the Shawano area.

Warden Schraufnagel tagged fur, spoke on a monthly radio show on
WTCH, and spoke to a hunter safety class in Navarino. He also
conducted snowmobile and ice-fishing enforcement in February.

Warden Jim Horne, of Shawano, stopped by a Walleyes for Tomorrow
meeting that drew more people than anticipated. Horne answered

Warden Horne assisted in a helicopter deer research project. He was
impressed and surprised, as were most spectators, at how the
helicopter worked and how personnel was able to capture

Warden Horne inspected an expanded deer pen for a local deer
farmer. Horne made sure the new fence met requirements and there
were no wild deer inside it.

Warden Horne spent a lot of time on his snowmobile in an effort to
save patrol miles. Horne checked area lakes and trails.

District 12 – Green Bay area and Northeast Operations Marine

Wardens David Allen, of Kewaunee, and Mike Neal, of Sister Bay,
conducted landing checks along Green Bay in Door County due to a
good whitefish bite. They contacted numerous fishermen with full
limits or just shy of full limits. They also contacted several
groups who had overbagged. One man attempted to hide his “extra”
four fish. Another group had six fishermen and 70 whitefish. The
anglers tried to explain that one of their wives had left and the
“extra” 10 fish were hers. Wardens had been at the landing all
afternoon and had not seen a female leave the ice. The wardens also
found that two of the anglers had caught at least 34 of the fish,
14 over their limit. Citations were issued to all

Wardens Darren Kuhn and Chris Shea contacted an ice fisherman on
the Kewaunee River at Hwy. F who was fishing with four lines. The
man said his friend had run to the tavern for a couple of burgers
and would be back shortly. A short time later the friend came back
and said he knew he should have pulled his lines. The man who made
the burger run asked that he be issued any citations; he was cited
for fishing with unattended lines.

Warden Robert Stroess, of Manitowoc, issued six citations to a
Reedsville man for his involvement in “critter bashing” activities
during the fall of 2009 and 2010 (using bats or clubs to beat
raccoons and an opossum to death). The man also was trapping
without having completed a trapper education course or buying a
license. The D.A. also filed three felony charges against the man
for mistreatment of animals.

Warden Stroess completed a three-year investigation into the
hunting activities of a Two Rivers man, resulting in the seizure of
seven mounted deer and the issuance of 15 citations for shooting
extra bucks during the 2005 and 2007 archery seasons, as well as
hunting over illegal baits. The suspect shot at least four bucks
during the 2005 season and two bucks during the 2007 season, one of
which he tagged with a Michigan tag to cover up his crime.

Warden Stroess arrested an intoxicated snowmobiler after the
defendant’s companion – who also was intoxicated – was killed while
operating a second snowmobile.

Warden Chris Kratcha, of Sturgeon Bay, received a 3:30 a.m. call at
home from a Door County deputy who was on a traffic stop of three
males from the Luxemburg/Casco area who had shined the deputy’s
squad car and adjacent fields. The group of young males had a
loaded .22 rifle in the vehicle. The deputy was instructed to seize
the rifle, shells, and spotlight. The deputy also issued citations
for underage drinking, absolute sobriety, and shining another
vehicle. Kratcha issued 10 citations to the group that included
shining while possessing a firearm, uncased gun, loaded gun, no
license, and hunting within 50 feet of the road’s center.

Wardens Andy Lundin and Dave Allen, of Green Bay, Mike Disher, of
Calumet, and Bob Stroess, of Manitowoc, completed a lengthy
thrill-killing investigation. In total, 12 young men from three
counties were cited or charged for various violations. The activity
occurred mainly in southern Brown County over at least two years.
The men chased down and beat raccoons with baseball bats or golf
clubs and left the animals. Some of the men also were involved with
intentionally running down deer with vehicles.

Regional Warden Byron Goetsch, of Green Bay, worked on Lake
Winnebago during the opening weekend of the sturgeon-spearing
season. Compliance with the spearing regulations was good.

Conservation wardens were requested by Capitol police to assist
with the demonstrations at the Capitol during the state budget
process. Regional warden Goetsch observed as a division supervisor
for the Capitol’s interior security efforts while in Madison.

Warden supervisor George Protogere, of Green Bay, was deployed to
Madison to work a security detail at the Capitol for five days
during the recent protest.

Recreational safety warden Jeremy Cords, of Green Bay, completed
all 19 of the Northeast Region’s boat patrol audits in February.
Eleven audits for the northern half of the region totaled nearly
$183,000 in claims eligible for reimbursement. These patrols worked
1,974 hours and issued 217 citations. The remaining eight in the
southern half of the region totaled close to $194,000 in claims
eligible for reimbursement. These patrols worked 3,851 hours and
issued 387 citations.

Northeast Operations Marine Unit

No report available.

District 13 – Oshkosh area

Warden supervisor April Dombrowski, of Oshkosh, was deployed to
Madison to work a security detail at the Capitol for three days
during the recent demonstrations.

Warden Michael Disher, of Chilton, worked sturgeon-spearing
enforcement duties on Lake Winnebago during the 2011 season.
Citations and warnings were issued for possession of an undersized
sturgeon, spearing without a tag, loaning/borrowing a tag,
utilizing artificial light in a sturgeon hole, transporting an
unexposed fish, failure to identify an ice shack, and littering on
the ice.

Warden Disher conducted snowmobile and ATV enforcement on Lake
Winnebago and inland trails in February. Citations and warnings
were issued for operating unregistered machines, illegal operation
on a highway, failing to display decals, operating without required
headgear, and speed violations.

Warden Kyle Kosin, of Fond du Lac, and regional warden Goetsch
contacted a man who brought a sturgeon to a registration station
more than a half hour late. The man said his vehicle became stuck
and was pulled out. A call to the individual who pulled him out
revealed this individual was never stuck. The individual finally
informed wardens that he’d “lolly-gagged” around after spearing the
fish and ran out of time. A citation was issued.

Warden Kosin contacted a man alone in a shanty who did not have a
valid spearing tag. A check found that the individual did have a
license, but it was not with him. A citation was issued for failing
to display.

Warden Kosin contacted a man who brought a sturgeon to the
registration station late. The individual stated he speared the
fish at 10:45 a.m. and stayed on the ice until after spearing hours
were done. The man had no reason to bring the fish in late. When
asked if he’d read a spearing regulations booklet, the individual
stated he had never seen one in his life. A citation was

Warden Ben Nadolski, of Waupun, assisted the Fond du Lac County
Sheriff’s Department with responding to calls about vehicles going
through the ice on Lake Winnebago during the sturgeon season.

District 14 – Sheboygan area

No report available.

District 15 – Milwaukee area

No report available.

District 16 – Racine, Kenosha area

No report available.

District 17 – Madison area

Warden Nathan Kroeplin, of Madison, contacted a Madison trapper who
admitted that he had traps set for muskrats in Mt. Vernon Creek.
Kroeplin had observed a dead raccoon in a trap for at least five
days. The trapper said he had checked the trap within three days.
Kroeplin issued him a $263 citation for failing to check his

Warden Boyd Richter, of Janesville, assisted with a call about a
subject injured in a snowmobile accident on Lake Koshkonong. The
victim was driving a snowmobile across the lake with a young
passenger when the snowmobile tipped onto its side and ejected the
victim and passenger. The victim’s helmet came off, and the
victim’s head struck the ice. The victim suffered a head injury and
was bleeding from a laceration. A companion called 911 and reported
the accident, but the location was sketchy. Richter located the
victim and waited with him until EMS arrived.

Warden Richter was called to assist with vehicle “run-offs” on the
interstate in Rock County during a blizzard. Richter escorted a
husband and wife to a hotel after the couple became stuck in the
median. Richter also assisted a bus load of subjects traveling to
Pennsylvania for a wedding. The bus ran off the road, into the
median, when a semi passed it and went in the median ahead of

Warden Richter investigated a call about subjects shooting at geese
during the closed season on public hunting grounds along the Rock
River. Richter responded and located three subjects with a .22
rifle and 9 mm handgun. One subject was in possession of a
protected songbird the subject had shot with the rifle. The subject
also admitted to shooting at, but missing, a flock of geese on the
Rock River. Richter issued three citations for shooting a protected
species, hunting without license, and party to the violation of
hunting without a small-game license.

Wardens Richter and Mike Dieckhoff patrolled Rock County trails in
and issued several citations for operating an unregistered
snowmobile, operating a snowmobile without completing an education
class, and operating on the wrong side of a trail.

Warden Richter contacted a fisherman on Storr’s Lake who was
fishing with three tip-ups and a jig pole. One citation was

Warden David Walz, of Watertown, responded to a 911 call about an
injured snowmobiler lying unconscious near a trail after he rolled
his sled. The operator had consumed alcohol and was arrested (BAC

Warden Walz responded to an emergency snowstorm declaration by
assisting in checking the welfare and rescuing stranded motorists
with the aid of snowmobiles and trucks. Walz assisted the Jefferson
County Sheriff’s Department with a deputy in the truck by checking
on motorists and responding to a domestic disturbance

Warden Walz, with the assistance of ranger Lance Stock, went into
the Crawfish River in Milford and pulled a bald eagle out of the
water. It had been electrocuted by the power lines. An adult pair
of eagles had been fishing in the open water by the bridge all

District 18 – Poynette area

No report available.

District 19 – Dodgeville area

Warden Mike Nice, of Richland Center, and deputy Mike Williams
located a suspect who hunted deer during 2010 and registered two
deer while the suspect’s license was revoked. Wardens worked with
the local sheriff’s department and arrested the individual on a
warrant. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Rick DeWitte, of Cassville, observed a snowmobile with an
expired decal. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Joe Frost, of Dodgeville, Nice, and Williams assisted an
out-state agency with a case involving an elk that was shot with a
rifle during the archery season by a Wisconsin hunter and out-state
private property owner. The firearm was hidden after the kill. The
wardens contacted several witnesses in Wisconsin, located the
rifle, and sent it out for ballistics testing. Three elk were shot
illegally during the past five years.

Warden Martin Stone, of Fennimore, concentrated on snowmobile
enforcement near Muscoda and took enforcement action for snowmobile
violations. He also patrolled the Lower Wisconsin Riverway for
ice-fishing activity and began planning for a Learn to Hunt turkey

Warden Jeff King, of Darlington, responded to a fatal snowmobile
crash in Willow Springs Township in Lafayette County. The operator
became separated from his group and struck a tree. Another
snowmobiling group found the deceased operator the following
morning. Blood analysis showed the operator to be under the
influence of intoxicants.

Wardens Dave Youngquist, of Spring Green, and recruit Mac Hannon
patrolled snowmobile trails in the Spring Green area and issued
citations for no trail pass, expired registration, and no safety

Warden Nick Webster, of Green County, stopped one juvenile
snowmobiler four times within a little more than a month’s time.
The juvenile violated several laws multiple times: illegal
operation on a road, invalid registration, operation without a
transferring ownership, careless operation, and trespass.
Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Webster assisted with about 18 vehicles stuck on roadways in
Green County due to heavy snows and high winds from a severe storm.
Webster used the DNR snowmobile for all patrols after 11:30 p.m.
During the storm, Webster encountered average visibility of 0 to 10
feet, drifts averaging 4 to 5 feet, with many 8 feet and higher, as
well as wind gusts in excess of 55 mph.

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