NM: Archery in the Schools State Tournament draws near

More than 300 students from schools across New Mexico will
compete this month in the third annual National Archery in the
Schools State Tournament.

Male and female students will compete for team and individual
prizes, with the winning team earning a chance to compete in the
national tournament. Competition will be a “virtual” tournament,
with archers shooting at their own schools and submitting scores
online. Students will shoot 15 arrows at 80-centimeter targets 10
meters away, and 15 arrows at targets 15 meters away.

This is the third year the Department of Game and Fish has
coordinated the National Archery in the Schools program in New
Mexico. This year, teams from 47 schools are eligible to register
for the state tournament by the April 15 deadline and finish
competition by April 29.

It costs about $3,000 to outfit a school or organization with
bows, targets, backstops and other equipment to get a program
started. The Department splits the initial cost with participants
and provides training for archery instructors. Many schools
incorporate the program into existing physical education

Schools or organizations interested in participating in the
National Archery in the Schools program can find more information
on the Department website, www.wildlife.state.nm.us, or by
contacting Brian Guzman, (505) 231-4375 or


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