Top Ten Reasons Bird Hunting is Better than Deer Hunting

I love to eat venison. There is no better meat on the planet
than a whitetail deer’s tenderloin. That being said, I’ve never
really enjoyed deer hunting. When deer season opens in Minnesota
each November, I travel to a different state to chase birds. There
is no doubt all of you deer hunters are going to blast me for
today’s blog, but at least try and crack a grin.

Without further ado, here are the “official unofficial” Top Ten
Reasons Bird Hunting is Better than Deer Hunting (drum roll):

10. Sitting in a blind all day is BORING!

9. Hitting a flying bird takes more skill than shooting a buck
while it eats apples at your bait pile.

8. Deer camp smells like farts and stale beer.

7. If you can sleep, read a book or listen to your iPod while
you’re “hunting” . . . you are a deer hunter.

6. Bird hunters avoid being sprayed by skunks. Deer hunters pay for
bottles of skunk spray they apply all over their bodies.

5. Deer camp poker is never as much fun as pheasant camp

4. If you have a heater AND television in your blind . . . you are
a deer hunter.

3. Bird season lasts three months. Deer season lasts only two

2. If you spray yourself with urine from another animal . . . you
are a deer hunter.

And the number one reason why bird hunting is better than deer

1. Chicks dig bird dogs.

Now, if you have a venison backstrap in the freezer with my name
on it, I’ll take back everything I just said!

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