IL: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 6

Region I

A District 7 CPO conducted a coyote detail in Warren and Fulton
counties. The detail was in response to an annual coyote
competition in central Illinois.

While on patrol in Marshall County, the district sergeant talked
with a homeowner about some coyote hunters that she thought were
too close to her house. They were not but a short time later the
hunters were observed in another field. A surveillance position was
obtained and a stop was made on the pickup truck with two males
inside. An uncased rifle and an uncased shotgun were observed.
Citations were issued to the driver and passenger.

A Peru man will be charged with possession of a controlled
substance after a District 6 CPO was contacted by a Starved Rock
Lodge employee and given an empty cigarette pack that contained a
small bag containing a white powder that had been found in an
employee outdoor smoking area. After reviewing security video and
interviewing employees, a suspect developed. During an interview
with the suspect, he admitted that the white powder (heroin) was
his. The man claimed that he was a former addict and kept the drug
as a reminder of his addiction.

A District 1 CPO continued to work a Henry County illegal deer
hunting investigation. An additional charge is pending. Maryland
DNR Police are assisting in the investigation.

A District 1 CPO arrested a Prophetstown man wanted on a Whiteside
County warrant for possession of cannabis 30-500 grams. The subject
and his buddies were having a good day ice fishing the lower end of
Spring Lake on pool 13 of the Mississippi River in Carroll County,
with several “jumbo” yellow perch. The Prophetstown man did not
possess a Sport Fishing License, but did possess drug paraphernalia
and a small amount of cannabis, in addition to the $500 cannabis
warrant. The subject was taken off the ice and transported to the
Carroll County Jail.

District 1 CPOs arrested a group of coyote hunters between Thomson
and Savanna after observing them commit several wildlife
violations. Officers watched as the group used pickup trucks to cut
the running coyote off, and then shoot the coyote from the truck
window while in the middle of the roadway. Individuals charged were
from Savanna, Thomson, and Fenton. Several citations were issued
including use and aid of motor vehicle to hunt/take coyote, hunting
along the highway, discharging a firearm from the roadway,
transporting loaded/uncased firearms, and allowing minor child to
commit the same. Notices to appear for court dates were issued. All
coyote and firearms were seized.

Two District 7 CPOs worked a fishing enforcement detail in
Henderson County. After receiving a complaint of taking over-limits
of walleyes on the Mississippi River at Lock and Dam 18,
surveillance and checks were done on fishermen as they left the
river. Several boats were checked. The fishing success had
diminished from the prior days, and only a few small walleyes and
saugers were being caught. No violations were found with
approximately half of the fishermen licensed through Illinois, and
the other half through Iowa.

District 6 CPOs arrested a father and son from northern Illinois
for violations of the Wildlife Code after receiving information
from a local complainant/witness. The witness told officers that he
had observed one of the men pursuing a coyote on a snowmobile with
a firearm while the second was in a truck. Based on a vehicle
description and other information, the officers located the two
suspects. After an interview the father and son admitted to several
violations. The father was charged with unlawful taking of a
coyote, uncased and unloaded firearm on a conveyance, unlawful use
of a conveyance to take wildlife, unlawful use of a snowmobile to
harass wildlife, and hunting without permission of the landowner.
The son has charges pending for possession of a firearm with a
revoked FOID card.

A District 1 CPO responded to a snowmobile accident. The
inexperienced operator crossed the railroad tracks and lost control
of the snowmobile, striking the railroad crossing signal. The
signal base plate broke and was left leaning to the side. The
operator reported minor injuries to his shoulder but refused
medical treatment. The snowmobile cowling was significantly damaged
and there were a few mechanical issues. The railroad company later
responded to the scene and fixed the signal. No enforcement action
was taken.

Region II

A subject arrested for DUI on an ATV on Wonder Lake in 2010 pleaded
guilty and paid $1,100 in fines/costs. The State’s Attorney amended
the charge to an OUI watercraft.

Two subjects cited in October for taking migratory birds after
hours pleaded guilty and paid $210 in fines each.

A subject cited for renting boats without a license to do so and
un-numbered watercraft pleaded guilty and paid $412 in fines.

A CPO observed a parked vehicle along a seldom used road where
numerous dumping cases have occurred. The driver of the vehicle was
passed out behind the wheel, and both the passenger and the driver
exhibited signs of drug intoxication. A check of both subjects
showed the passenger was wanted on a warrant and the driver had a
valid license. The driver was taken into custody and charged with
driving under the influence of drugs after she admitted smoking
damiana and taking several prescription drugs related to her
bipolar disorder. A search of vehicle located six containers with
various substances related to smoking in them. The materials have
been sent to the crime lab for identification. The passenger was
taken to jail for the warrant.

A CPO arrested an ice fisherman on Wooster Lake for possession of
drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis.

A CPO arrested two fishermen on Kilarney Lake for possession of
drug paraphernalia. Additionally, one of the fishermen was arrested
for possession of cannabis and the other was issued a written
warning for failure to have his license in possession.

A CPO issued a fisherman a written warning for failure to release
an undersized northern pike on Round Lake. The fish was released
back into the lake.

Region III

A CPO investigated a personal injury snowmobile accident that
occurred in Livingston County. The operator sustained a broken
collarbone and concussion after being thrown from a snowmobile with
a stuck throttle. The operator estimated his speed at 90 mph and
was issued a citation for registration violations.

A CPO investigated a personal injury snowmobile accident that
occurred in McLean County. The operator was thrown from a
snowmobile and was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital.
The operator was issued a citation for registration

A CPO investigated a personal injury snowmobile accident that
occurred in Champaign County. The 16-year-old operator struck a
culvert and was transported to Carle Hospital and treated for
internal injuries. No enforcement action was taken.

A district sergeant and CPO assisted the Illinois State Police in a
suspected arson investigation. An Illinois Department of
Transportation snow plow that had gotten stuck and abandoned during
the winter storm had burned. Just prior to the truck burning,
subjects on snowmobiles were seen standing near the vehicle. The
sergeant used a snowmobile in an attempt to follow the snowmobile
tracks back to the operators’ location, but was unsuccessful
because of the large number of tracks.

After receiving a tip from a DNR fish biologist, CPOs conducted
surveillance on fishermen at Walnut Point suspected of taking
illegal size bluegills. After eight hours, they finally observed
the suspected fishermen take illegal fish. Citations were issued
for the violations.

A CPO assisted Illinois State Police District 21 during the recent
winter storm. Using a 4-wheel drive squad he was able to check on
and assist numerous stranded motorists.

The operator of a snowmobile accident a CPO investigated in late
December recently died of the injuries sustained after striking a
field tile/pipe. The accident occurred in Moultrie County.

Region IV

A CPO was researching outfitters on the Internet, when he found a
resident unlicensed outfitter in Adams County. After printing out
the website, he conducted an interview with the subject. The
subject was arrested for outfitting without a license and making
false or misleading statements in regards to his business.

A CPO located a second outfitter that did not have a nonresident
outfitter’s license in Pike County. After printing out the website,
he conducted an interview. The subject was arrested for outfitting
without a license, making false or misleading statements, and not
keeping required records.

A CPO recovered a dead bald eagle in Adams County that had been
struck by a vehicle.

Region V

A CPO completed a commercial inspection of a wild game and bird
breeder (hunting facility) and taxidermist. Only minor record
keeping violations were noted. Suggestions were made for

A CPO returned commercial fishing hoop nets to a widow of a
commercial fisherman. The fisherman passed away before all fines
and fees had been paid, so the nets had never been returned,
according to a plea agreement. The widow agreed to sign for the
nets, as her son still fishes commercially.

A CPO investigated an anonymous TIPS hotline report of a rural
Marion subject having two dead white-tailed deer the first weekend
of February in his driveway. The subject had hit the two young deer
while coming home from work with his truck. It had not caused much
damage to the truck, but did kill the two deer. He had last hit a
deer three years ago and was told road- killed deer did not have to
be reported by the police officer who filled out the crash report.
The subject was not aware of the law being changed. He was issued
two written warnings for failure to report a roadkill within 24
hours after the accident.

CPOs conducted a commercial inspection of a Class A game breeder in
Massac and Johnson counties. The facility offers “canned” hunts of
white-tailed deer that can range in the over 300 class whitetail

A CPO conducted an investigation of an out-of-state resident who
falsely obtained an Illinois driver’s license and a resident
hunting license and archery deer permit in the 2010 season. The
subject killed a 138-class deer and transported it back to his home
state committing a Lacey Act violation. The subject failed to tag
the deer immediately upon kill and committed unlawful taking of
white-tailed deer.

CPOs conducted inspections of hunters hunting snow geese. With the
high numbers of white fronted geese mixed in with the snow geese,
it is likely that many white fronted could be taken out of

A CPO conducted a commercial inspection of a commercial fish
license holder and found a discrepancy in retaining records for two
years. He was issued a written warning.

Two complaints were received regarding snow goose spreads shooting
dark geese and ducks. Neither spread hunted much due to weather. No
closed -season species were documented killed.

A CPO made contact with two Perry County hunters who were
identified by Springfield as possible violators during the late
winter deer season. One hunter was cleared of a violation after it
was determined that his teenage son accidentally entered the wrong
county of kill into the system. The hunter asked his son to call in
the kill while he field dressed the deer. The second hunter was
issued a written warning for checking in the doe he killed on a
Washington County permit in Perry County. The hunter had an
unfilled Perry County firearms permit at the time of kill. He used
the wrong permit when calling in to get the confirmation

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