West Virginia Trout Stocking Week of March 7 – 11

The following waters were stocked with trout the week of March
7, 2011.

Big Sandy Creek

Anthony Creek

Bullskin Run

Coopers Rock Lake

Blackwater River

Dunloup Creek

Clover Run

Buffalo Fork Lake

Evitts Run

Dog Run Lake

Cranberry River

Glade Creek of Mann

Horse Creek Lake

Curtisville Lake

Glade Creek of New River

Horseshoe Run

Deer Creek (Pocahontas)

Glady Fork

Lost River

Dillons Run

Hills Creek

North Fork of Cherry River

East Fork Greenbrier River

Hopkins Fork

Shavers Fork (upper)

Rhine Creek

Rich Creek

West Fork Greenbrier River

Chief Cornstalk Lake

Thomas Park Lake

Tygart Tailwaters

Edwards Run

Long Marsh Run

South Fork of Cherry River

Fort Ashby Reservoir

Middle Creek

Summit Lake

Greenbrier River

Mill Creek of Opequon Creek

Trout Run

Huey Lake

New Creek

Tygart Headwaters

Indian Creek

North Fork of Patterson Creek

Waites Run

Little River East Fork Greenbrier River

Rockhouse Lake

Warden Lake

Little River West Fork Greenbrier River

Shavers Fork (Bemis)

Williams River

Meadow Creek of Anthony Creek

Shavers Fork (lower)

Mill Creek of South Branch

South Branch (Smoke Hole)

Newburg Lake

Spruce Laurel Fork

North Fork of South Branch

Berwind Lake

Fall Run

Buffalo Creek (Brooke)

Fitzpatrick Lake

Cacapon Park Lake

French Creek Pond

Castleman Run Lake

Gandy Creek

Dry Fork (McDowell)

Jimmy Lewis Lake

Elk River

Laurel Fork of Holly River

Hurricane Reservoir

Laurel Fork (Randolph)

Kimsey Run Lake

Left Fork of Holly River

Knapps Creek

Little Beaver Lake

Middle Wheeling Creek Lake

Meadow Creek of New River

Opequon Creek

Milligan Creek

Poorhouse Pond

Pipestem Lake

Rocky Marsh Run

Red Creek

Spruce Knob Lake

Rollins Lake

Watoga Lake

South Branch (Franklin)

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