WI: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 5

District 9 – Black River Falls area

Wardens Robin Barnhardt, of Osseo, and Ken Thomson, of Fall Creek,
responded to a complaint that two hunters were bowhunting over
illegal bait during the final weekend of the bow deer season in
Jackson County. The wardens located the hunters and determined they
were hunting after hours over illegal quantities of bait and that
they were in possession of an untagged deer. Enforcement action was

Warden Barnhardt completed an investigation of an intoxicated
hunter from the 2010 gun deer season. An intoxicated hunter in
Trempealeau County fell from a tree and was airlifted to a hospital
for his injuries. The hunter’s blood-alcohol was found to be .20.
The case was referred to the Trempealeau County D.A. for

District 10 – Wautoma area

Warden Todd Wippermann, of Clintonville, was involved in
investigations in December regarding illegal road-hunting

Warden Ted Dremel, of Waupaca, attended a trial in Waupaca County
for a boat violation on the Wolf River. The subject was found
guilty, but no penalty was imposed by the judge.

Warden Dremel responded to a call about a vehicle that had gone
through the ice on Long Lake in Waushara County. No one was hurt,
and the vehicle has been removed.

Warden Jeff Knorr, of Fremont, investigated a call concerning
failing to tag deer. There was no violation, and the complaint
likely arose as payback from a dispute between neighbors during the
gun deer season.

Warden Bryan Lockman, of New London, contacted an intoxicated ice
fisherman who drove his snowmobile down a county road adjacent to
the Wolf River. The operator was arrested and cited for both

Warden Lockman contacted an ice fisherman who had left his tip-ups
out on a backwater of the Wolf River for over 30 minutes while he
left to go to a gas station.

Warden Mike Young, of Shiocton, contacted a subject who was
operating an ATV on the roadway. The subject was coming home from
work and stated he normally drove through the field but couldn’t
due to the snow. The subject stated he thought he could make it
without getting caught. The subject was issued a citation.

Warden Young issued a citation in a shooting-from-the-road
complaint. He also inspected and tagged fishers and otters.

Warden Nathan Ackerman, of Green Lake, talked with a trapper
concerning untagged traps found before the deer season. The subject
admitted to placing untagged traps. Enforcement action was

Warden Ackerman conducted snowmobile enforcement and saw a subject
traveling at a high rate of speed through town. The subject failed
to stop at a stop sign at over 20 mph, jumping the road.
Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Ackerman worked with the Green Lake Police Department to
contact a convicted felon who had registered deer during the gun
deer season for several years. The person admitted to possessing a

Warden Dave Algrem, of Wautoma, investigated a complaint about
illegal baiting and feeding of deer by a bowhunter trespassing on
an absentee landowner’s property. The hunter was cited.

District 11 – Peshtigo area

Warden Dave Oginski Jr., of Wausaukee, investigated a hunter who
was hunting after hours. Oginski contacted the hunter who was
hunting an hour late on the last weekend of the season with a
loaded crossbow and no backtag. Two citations were issued.

Warden Oginski saw two snowmobile tracks on Hwy. 180 on top of
fresh snow leading to where they were parked at a business. The
snowmobiles belonged to operators who he had spoke with earlier in
the week. One had fled during a contact and was warned. Oginski and
a sheriff’s deputy waited until the snowmobilers drove down Hwy.
180 again; one stopped and the other fled. After a short pursuit,
the operator was arrested for OWI, and criminal charges for fleeing
are still pending. Five other citations were issued.

Warden Oginski worked snowmobile enforcement with the Marinette
County Sheriff’s Department. During the patrol, an underage party
was located on Bagley Flowage. About 15 teens were getting ready to
throw a party. Three citations were issued, and all of the alcohol
was dumped out.

Wardens Matt Meade, of Crivitz, and Oginski worked snowmobile
enforcement in Stephenson Township. Several citations were issued
for snowmobile violations.

Wardens Meade and Joe Paul, of Lakewood, issued several snowmobile
speeding citations (night) in Oconto County.

Warden Paul and U.S. Forest Service Officer Matt Sheriff arrested a
subject for snowmobile OWI near Fanny Lake.

Warden Paul arrested a subject on Boot Lake for possession of an
undersized bass.

Warden Paul issued citations to two subjects involved in killing a
bear in the wrong zone near Lakewood. He also closed a case after a
subject was found guilty at trial of harassing fishermen on
Pickerel Lake in the Townsend area. The subject was fined.

Warden Mike Stahl, of Oconto Falls, checked ice fishermen in shacks
on Oconto Falls Pond where two juveniles were contacted in a locked
shack. It appeared one of them dropped something down the fishing
hole. They were turned over to Oconto Falls police for possession
of drug paraphernalia and a switch blade knife.

Warden Stahl worked the Kelly Lake fishing derby and issued one
citation for too many lines and one for unattended lines. One
subject failed to check a flag that was up for over 40 minutes and
eventually checked the tip-up from a truck, then drove off the lake
and onto a public road where he was stopped by Stahl and turned
over to deputies for OWI.

Warden Mark Schraufnagel, of Shawano, reports that a second party
responsible for shining and shooting a large buck north of Shawano
Lake was found guilty in court. The subject was fined over $2,000
and lost hunting, fishing, and trapping privileges for three years,
along with the confiscation of a rifle and scope.

Warden Schraufnagel worked ice-fishing and snowmobile enforcement
in January. Citations were issued for too many lines, unattended
lines, expired snowmobile registration, and illegally feeding

Warden Jim Horne, of Shawano, followed up on a complaint about a
young man shooting his second buck with a bow and having his father
tag it. Horne cited the father and seized the antlers.

Warden Horne received many calls after a fresh snowfall regarding
coyote hunters out with hounds. A large number of the complaints
were centered on trespass, complaints that were handled by the
sheriff’s department; the hunters were cited. Horne did respond to
a shoving match between a hunter and landowner, because a deputy
was not available.

Warden Horne attended two trials about illegal night hunting of
deer. Both defendants were found guilty and were revoked for three
years; their equipment was confiscated.

District 12 – Green Bay area and Northeast Operations Marine

Warden Chris Kratcha, of Sturgeon Bay, cited a Sturgeon Bay man
found to be transporting a loaded and uncased gun on the passenger
seat of his truck while hunting coyotes. The hunter was cited
$258.10 for the loaded gun and warned for the separate violation of
not having the gun cased.

Warden Kratcha checked two fishermen on Green Bay with 45 whitefish
– the bag limit is 10 per person. The fishermen claimed some of the
fish had been caught the previous day and by other people. A
citation was issued, and restitution was charged for the

Warden Darren Kuhn, of Kewaunee, spent a considerable amount of
time working snowmobile enforcement on Kewaunee County trails.
Multiple contacts were made, and several citations were issued.
Violations encountered included illegal road operation, expired
registration, noise violations, and operating without having taken
a safety class.

In January, warden David Allen worked snowmobile enforcement, where
most violations were for expired registration and loud snowmobiles.
Allen also made several ATV contacts in January. One consisted of
two ATVs being operated down a county highway until they could
drive off the road to go ice fishing. One of those ATVs also had
expired registration.

Wardens Robert Stroess and Ryan Volenberg completed an
investigation into an archery hunter who shot a 15-point buck
during mid-December after already shooting an 8-point buck with his
bow in November. The wardens received a complaint about the
violation, and then the suspect actually submitted his photo with
the deer to the local outdoors reporter who put the story about him
shooting the deer in the paper. The shooter apparently forgot to
mention that he had shot and tagged a buck earlier in the archery
season. The shooter was issued three citations totaling over $900
and will likely lose his bow. The tagger also was cited for loaning
his archery buck tag. The shooter was warned for possessing an
untagged deer, as he field-dressed the deer, dragged it home, and
hung it in the barn before finding the person with the unused
archery tag. The shooter brought the deer to a taxidermist and
fraudulently signed the name of the person who tagged the

Wardens Stroess and Volenberg completed an investigation into a Two
Rivers man who had exceeded his possession limit of trout by 26 for
a total of 36. He was issued a citation in the amount of $1,227,
which included restitution for the fish ($682.50).

Warden Andy Lundin, of Green Bay, conducted an investigation
regarding a raccoon left in a leg-hold trap. It was obvious the
raccoon had been in the trap longer than 24 hours. The trapper was
contacted and found to have forgotten about the trap being set. A
citation was issued.

While working snowmobile enforcement in Pittsfield, warden Lundin
stopped at a gas station and saw two males inside a vehicle in the
process of rolling a marijuana joint. The males were surprised when
they looked up and noticed Lundin standing next to their vehicle.
The case was turned over to the Brown County Sheriff’s

Warden Lundin investigated an illegally registered deer and found
that a man shot a deer with a bow and tagged it with his wife’s
tag. The wife had a mentor-only license and was not present during
the hunt. Enforcement action was taken.

Supervisor George Protogere responded to a fatal snowmobile crash
in Outagamie County. The investigation revealed the operator was
running illegally on a road when he struck a utility trailer that
was being pulled by a car. Speed and alcohol appeared to be factors
in the crash.

Outagamie Sheriff’s Department deputies and conservation wardens
worked together checking snowmobile registrations, operations, and
sound enforcement during the Outagamie Conservation Club snowmobile

Recreational safety wardens Jeremy Cords, of Green Bay, Jon King,
of Dodgeville, and Jeff Dauterman, of Antigo, are continuing their
work on a pilot program that would issue photo identification cards
to volunteer DNR instructors. A photo ID system was tested and the
format agreed on for future use in issuing photo ID cards to
volunteer instructors. The ID cards were sought out to uphold the
high standards of the instructor core, promote a professional
image, and identify instructors for their commitment to promoting
and ensuring a safer recreational experience for everyone.

Northeast Operations Marine Unit

No report available.

District 13 – Oshkosh area

Warden Jason Higgins, of Oshkosh, issued various snowmobile- and
ATV-related citations in January. Citations included expired
registration and illegal operation.

Wardens Higgins and Kyle Kosin, of Fond du Lac, while checking
snowmobilers and anglers on Long Lake, checked a female subject
fishing in a shanty with four tip-ups. The subject’s fishing
license was with her husband who’d departed 10 minutes earlier to
go check out snowmobiles at the races that were being held on the
other side of the lake. The husband was contacted by phone and
returned. The subject indicated he should have pulled the tip-ups,
but did not think of it. The wife was issued a warning and the
husband was issued a citation for fishing with unattended

Warden supervisor April Dombrowski, of Oshkosh, attended Sturgeon
for Tomorrow chapter banquets in Fond du Lac and Kiel. She provided
an update to the members on enforcement efforts for the 2011
sturgeon-spearing season, along with promoting the 2011 Sturgeon
Spawning Guard signup for this spring on the Wolf River.

Warden Michael Disher, of Chilton, investigated an illegal buck
that was shot on private land during the late bow season. The
shooter had a friend tag and register the deer. Enforcement action
was taken for loaned/borrowed tags, failure to immediately tag, and
registration fraud.

Warden Disher conducted snowmobile and ATV enforcement on Lake
Winnebago and inland trails in Calumet County. Citations and
warnings were issued for unregistered machines, failure to display
decals, failure to display a safety card, speed violations, loud
exhaust, stop sign violations, permitting underage operation, and
roadway violations.

Warden Kyle Kosin, of Fond du Lac, investigated illegal placement
of bait near the close of the archery season. Kosin found multiple
bait sites and illegal treestands on state land. Enforcement action
was taken.

Warden Kosin was working coyote hunters when he contacted a group;
firearms were found to be uncased in the vehicle.

Wardens Kosin and Jason Higgins, of Oshkosh, were working on Long
Lake during a snowmobile radar run. Citations for fishing with
unattended lines and operating ATVs without safety certificates
were issued.

Wardens Ben Nadolski, of Waupun, and Paul Nell, of Horicon worked
snowmobile enforcement with the Dodge County Sheriff’s Recreation
Patrol. Numerous warnings and citations were issued.

Warden Nadolski worked past and current complaints about fishing
with too many lines, fishing with unattended lines, and keeping
undersized walleyes and northern pike. Enforcement action was taken
throughout the month for undersized fish, unattended lines, fishing
with too many lines, and fishing without a fishing license.

Warden Nadolski observed a man drive his truck into a spring hole
on Little Green Lake. The truck stayed on the surface, but the
impact ripped off the front right wheel. Nadolski and numerous
fishermen helped the man get his truck to the nearest boat landing
so a tow truck could haul it away.

District 14 – Sheboygan area

No report available.

District 15 – Milwaukee area

No report available.

District 16 – Racine, Kenosha area

Warden Randy Dunkel, of Racine County, worked fishing enforcement
on Silver Lake in Kenosha with wardens Hirschboeck and Niemeyer.
Dunkel attempted to check a person in an ice shanty, but found the
shanty to be locked. Dunkel looked in the window and saw the only
person in the shanty reeling in a line. It was found that the man
was fishing with three tip-ups, an “automatic fisherman,” and a jig
pole. The fisherman was issued a citation for the line violation
and a warning for fishing from a locked ice shanty.

Wardens Dunkel and Nick Blankenheim worked snowmobile enforcement
in eastern Racine County during a radar run. They had contact with
many riders throughout the day and issued two citations for
registration issues and one citation to a person operating a
snowmobile in a reckless manner.

Warden Mike Hirschboeck, of Racine County, and supervisor Jen
Niemeyer investigated a fatal snowmobile accident in Mt. Pleasant.
The snowmobiler was trespassing along the railroad right of way and
hit a switch stand along the tracks. The deceased was found lying
on the ground by a train engineer who was operating a train through
the area. Speed and alcohol were contributing factors.

Warden Hirschboeck investigated a serious ATV accident in Kenosha
County. The operator was running on the road from a bar to a
residence, lost control on a corner, and crashed in the road. A
passerby found the operator unconscious in the middle of the road.
The operator later was cited for ATV OWI. The accident is under

Wardens Juan Gomez and Dunkel contacted an ATV rider on Lake
Shangri-la who appeared to be intoxicated. His PBT results were
.114. He was arrested.

Wardens Gomez and Jason Roberts worked fishing enforcement on Lake
Lorraine. Gomez issued one citation for fishing with too many
lines. He also issued five warnings for failure to display fishing
licenses. Roberts arrested an individual for being in possession of
marijuana. Gomez and Roberts checked several fishermen on Lake
Beulah. Gomez issued one citation for fishing without a license and
four warnings for failure to display fishing licenses. Gomez also
arrested an individual for being in possession of marijuana and

Warden Roberts, of Delevan, was working on his ATV on Lake Lorraine
and saw a tip-up toward the middle of the lake that had foot tracks
going back to a lake home. The tip-up remained unattended for about
30 minutes with a flag up. The fisherman eventually came to the
flag. Roberts asked for a license and the fisherman stated he did
not have it with him. Roberts escorted the man back to the man’s
home, where the man later admitted he lied about having a license.
Roberts issued citations for no license and unattended lines.

Warden Jason Roberts worked with deputy warden Katzenberg to
document the presence of duck blinds on Pell, Como, and Ivanhoe
lakes prior to the opening of duck season in late September.
Roberts found three blinds that had been left on the waters and had
not been removed. Citations were issued for failing to remove thee

District 17 – Madison area

No report available.

District 18 – Poynette area

No report available.

District 19 – Dodgeville area

Wardens Dave Youngquist and Dave Wood and recruit Mac Hannon
interviewed a subject from western Dane County regarding a
complaint about an untagged deer rack. The investigation revealed
illegal possession of the antlers. Enforcement action was

Wardens Youngquist, of Spring Green, and Hannon investigated a
complaint about a trapper who caught three incidental otters and
only reported one and took one home untagged and gave another to a
landowner. The subject also was found to have shot a deer the day
after Christmas and failed to tag it. Numerous citations were
issued for the untagged deer and the untagged otters.

Warden Nick Webster, of Green County, responded to a snowmobile
complaint regarding careless operation and illegal operation on the
roadway. Webster made contact with the suspects and warned the
subjects about operation without safety certificates, operation
without valid registration, careless operation, and illegal
operation on the roadway. About a week later, and again three weeks
later, Webster caught the same subject again and took enforcement

Wardens Mike Nice, of Richland Center, and Shawna Stringham, of
Viroqua, continued to work a deer investigation with the assistance
of the Vernon County Sheriff’s Department. It was determined an
individual and his girlfriend, who Nice and Stringham arrested and
revoked for shining and shooting deer in 2009, hunted and killed
two large bucks in the fall of 2010. The individual had his
girlfriend tag both bucks with her archery license and later sold
the large rack, which scored 174 inches, for $300.

Warden Nice concentrated on snowmobile enforcement in Richland
County and made numerous snowmobile contacts and issued two
citations for snowmobile registration.

Warden Rick DeWitte, of Cassville, received a call from a
Platteville farmer regarding two dead calves – one recent and one
10 days prior, which according to renters living on the property
was related to “some large, dark-colored wild animal running across
the field.” DeWitte met with the landowner and inspected the dead
calf. It appeared from evidence at the scene that dogs owned by the
renter were responsible. A representative from the USDA also
investigated and agreed that dogs were responsible.

Warden Joe Frost, of Dodgeville, contacted two men outside their
vehicle stopped along a road. As Frost approached, the driver
jumped into the vehicle and was frantically blowing into his
ignition interlock device to start the vehicle. Frost asked the
driver what had just happened and the driver said they had an
untagged deer in the back of the vehicle he had shot out the window
of the vehicle. They were going to take the deer to property they
had permission to hunt to field dress it so they wouldn’t get
caught trespassing. Citations were issued, and the deer and a rifle
were seized.

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