NV: Free Nevada duck stamp available to eligible hunters

Waterfowl hunters who purchased their 2010-11Nevada waterfowl stamp "privilege" online or at one of the new electronic point of sale sites, and would like to have the physical stamp to go along with it, can have one. And it won't cost them a cent.

Eligible hunters who would like a traditional stamp may request a free Nevada Duck Stamp when the hunting season for which they purchased their stamp privilege is over. The 2010-11 general waterfowl season ended in late January. To obtain their free stamp, a hunter must retrieve the appropriate order form from the NDOW website (www.ndow.org/wild/stamp/) and submit the completed form to the agency at the physical or e-mail addresses noted on the form. The completed form also may be hand-delivered or faxed. NDOW must receive the request for a 2011 Nevada Duck Stamp by March 31, 2011.

Applicants can expect to receive their stamp by the end of April. Only one free stamp per license year will be provided to the requester upon verification of eligibility. The stamp will be mailed to the requester through the United States Postal Service.

The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) protects, restores and manages fish and wildlife, promotes fishing, hunting, and boating safety. NDOW's wildlife and habitat conservation efforts are primarily funded by sportsmen's license and conservation fees and a Federal surcharge on hunting and fishing gear. Support wildlife and habitat conservation in Nevada by purchasing a hunting, fishing, or combination license. For more information, visit www.ndow.org.


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