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IL: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 5

Region I

A District 7 CPO responded to a citizen complaint near Peoria of
what appeared to be a deer being killed in the homeowner’s front
yard while they were not home due to the large amounts of blood in
the snow. The suspect deer hunter had wounded the deer on property
he had permission to hunt; however, the injured deer jumped the
fence and died on property the hunter did not have permission to be
on. The homeowner showed the CPO where the deer hunter had driven
through their front yard and loaded the deer into his vehicle
approximately 30 yards from their front door to their residence.
Upon further inspection, the hunter shot the deer from a treestand
that was illegally baited. Enforcement action was taken.

A District 1 CPO investigated a case of a subject taking an
antlered deer during the late winter antlerless-only firearms
season in Stephenson County. The investigation resulted in the
seizure of a 9-point deer rack that had been taken to the
taxidermist. One citation was issued.

A District 6 CPO, with the assistance of the local Sheriff’s
Office, arrested two individuals that were unlawfully hunting
white-tailed deer on private property during the late winter
firearms season. The CPO flushed both individuals out of the woods
to a county deputy where they were taken into custody. The
individuals were unlawfully hunting deer but failed to purchase any
license or permit required for hunting. One was hunting with a bow
and the other was hunting with a shotgun. Both individuals failed
to wear any blaze orange. The first individual was issued 11
citations: attempting to unlawfully take a white-tailed deer,
hunting without a license, hunting without a habitat stamp, hunting
without blaze orange, hunting without a deer permit, possession of
a firearm without a valid FOID (revoked), possession of ammunition
without a valid FOID card (revoked), unlawfully transporting an
uncased firearm, hunting without permission, criminal trespass to
real property, and failure to wear a seatbelt. The second
individual was issued 10 citations: hunting without a license,
hunting without a habitat stamp, hunting without a deer permit,
hunting without blaze orange, hunting without permission, criminal
trespass to real property, attempting to unlawfully take a deer,
operating a vehicle without insurance, defective windshield, and
failure to wear a seatbelt. The firearm and all hunting gear were

During the late winter antlerless-only season, a Region 1 CPO found
a bowhunter hunting a state-owned hunting area. This area was
closed to all hunters except firearms deer hunters with a site
specific permit. The hunter was not wearing the required blaze
orange. Enforcement action was taken.

A District 6 CPO, with the assistance of the Putnam County
Sheriff’s Department, charged two men involved with the illegal
taking of a deer. After receiving a complaint of a vehicle parked
in the roadway and hearing shots coming from the vehicle after
shooting hours, the CPO and deputy found a male subject parked on
the roadway with his lights off. He said his vehicle was broke
down. He was found to have an uncased and loaded shotgun in the
trunk. While interviewing the first subject, a second came walking
out of a field. He had a .22 caliber rifle in his possession. He
later admitted to shooting a deer from the vehicle after dark. Both
men were charged, and the shotgun and rifle were seized.

A District 6 CPO checked two men skinning two deer at a residence
in Putnam County. The deer had the heads removed. After
interviewing one of the subjects, he admitted to shooting an
antlered buck deer during the antlerless-only firearms

A District 6 CPO issued a Bureau County man a citation after he
attempted to kill geese after the season was closed. No geese were

In the fall of 2009, while conducting watercraft inspections, a
District 1 CPO found that some local boaters had been overcharged
while renewing/transferring their boat registration through a local
business. Further investigation into the business found more than
40 people had been overcharged. Numerous tax violations were also
found by the CPO. As the investigation continued, it became evident
the Illinois Department of Revenue was conducting a parallel
investigation on the business. Continuing with a joint
investigation, a request for charges was submitted to the Rock
Island County State’s Attorney’s Office. Though all possible
charges were not filed, the business was charged with 11 class 3
felonies for fraud and filing false tax documents. They were also
charged with nine class A misdemeanor counts of theft by deceptive

A District 1 CPO was called to investigate a coyote “nailed” to a
tree. The investigation did not find a violation with the coyote.
However, the hunter was cited for using another hunter’s deer tag.
The hunter admitted he wanted to continue to hunt for “bucks.” A
deer was seized as part of the investigation. The hunter also
agreed to remove the coyote from the tree.

A District 6 CPO arrested a male subject ice fishing at Shabbona
Lake State Park. He caught and kept over the limit of crappies for
the lake. He was given a citation for unlawful take over the limit
of crappies.

A District 7 CPO received a call of individuals hunting deer from a
vehicle. The CPO spoke with the complainant and got a description
of the vehicle and a possible suspect. After interviewing the
suspects the officer got a full confession. The subjects admitted
to shooting at a doe, with a .22 riffle, from their vehicle. The
officer did not locate any dead deer. The subjects will be charged
after the investigation is complete.

Region II

A subject arrested for DUI on an ATV on Wonder Lake in 2010 pleaded
guilty and paid $1,100 in fines/costs. The State’s Attorney amended
the charge to an OUI watercraft.

Two subjects a CPO cited for taking migratory birds after hours in
October pleaded guilty and paid $210 in fines each.

A subject cited for renting boats without a license to do so and
un-numbered watercraft pleaded guilty and paid $412 in fines.

Region III

No reports

Region IV

No reports

Region V

A CPO was checking hunters at the Union County refuge controlled
hunt area and a resident hunter was cited for possessing over the
limit of allowed shells and a second hunter was issued a written
warning for possessing over the limit of allowed shells. A
non-resident hunter was cited for possessing over the limit of
allowed shells. A second non-resident hunter was issued a written
warning for possessing over the limit of allowed shells.

A resident hunter was cited for possessing over the limit of
allowed shells at Horseshoe Lake FWA controlled hunt area. A second
hunter was issued a written warning for possessing over the limit
of allowed shells.

Two hunters were caught in excess of one drake mallard at Horseshoe
Lake. The violation was discovered by site personnel. Charges will
be referred to USFWS.

A CPO is monitoring commercial fishing activity from out-of-town
and non-resident commercial fishermen on the Mississippi River.
River patrol detail will be scheduled to monitor their

District 16 conducted waterfowl enforcement details on the public
hunting areas at Horseshoe and Union County public waterfowl
hunting areas for the last week of duck season. Wrong shot size (F
shot), and possession of too many shells were discovered during the

A CPO investigated a hunter for unlawful possession of deer by a
Kentucky resident. After four hours of questioning he admitted to
hunting in Illinois and taking possession of a 13-point and 8-point
rack. He didn’t have an Illinois permit or license. He transported
the racks across state lines and used his wife’s Kentucky tag on
the 13-point rack to take to a taxidermist. He was charged with
several violations in Illinois and Kentucky.

A CPO responded to complaint of hunting without permission. The
caller had coon hunters on his property. After meeting with the
hunters later that night, it was determined they had permission to
hunt adjacent property, but not the two other parcels they were
caught on. No enforcement action was taken.

A CPO was providing a deer salvage tag to a local resident and
noticed a subject on an ATV driving on the road. The ATV operator
noticed him and quickly turned around and left at a high rate of
speed. The CPO was able to follow the tracks in the snow to his
house and found out where he had gone. About 15 minutes later he
found him walking down the road. He was issued a citation.

A CPO responded to an area north of Renaud Hunting Club and on a
private commercial club. The owner leased an area to a group of men
from out of town. The CPO observed the area where he could clearly
watch the hunters. He observed one hunter shoot a mallard drake at
5:34 p.m., shooting hours ended at 5:11 p.m. The duck was seized
and the case will be sent to the USFWS for referral.

A CPO cited an East Moline hunter for taking a doe during the late
winter season in a county closed for deer hunting. The hunter
turned himself in after learning the county was closed for

A CPO is investigating a timber buyer in a wrongful cutting

A district sergeant responded to a hunting without permission
complaint. Two hunters were hunting waterfowl without permission.
Upon his arrival, the landowner had made contact with the hunters
and did know the hunters. No enforcement action was taken.

A CPO investigated a complaint of a deer hunter hunting on private
property without permission in Johnson County. The subject was
later located at his residence in Williamson County. After
interviewing the subject, the CPO issued him citations for hunting
without permission and using a shotgun while only having a
muzzleloader permit. The subject was issued written warnings for a
blaze orange violation and not having a habitat stamp. This same
subject was arrested in the 2009 season for hunting white-tailed
deer by use of bait.

A CPO responded to a complaint of unlawful taking of white-tailed
deer in Williamson County. The deer in question was proved to be
legally taken, however, another deer head was found to have not
been reported to the DNR for a salvage permit.

A CPO responded to complaint at Pyramid State Park regarding an
early entry complaint. The hunters were located and cited for the
violation. The hunters entered a freelance area an hour and a half
before hours.

A CPO inspected a Red Bud hunter while leaving the woods on his
4-wheeler, a compliance check was conducted on the firearm deer
hunter. The hunter had a cased but loaded 12-gauge shotgun on the 4
wheeler. The hunter was cited for transporting a loaded firearm on
motor vehicle.

A CPO, at the request of the Perry County Assistant State’s
Attorney, cited an Arnold, MO hunter for failing to purchase a
non-resident archery buck tag. The hunter purchased a non-resident
antlerless tag and killed a four point buck. The case originated
from a TIPS complaint that was reported in October of 2010.

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