Wednesday, February 8th, 2023
Wednesday, February 8th, 2023

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Idaho fish and game news is now available

The February issue of Idaho Fish and Game News is now

This issue covers urban wildlife – the animals that take up
residence among us and some of the issues that go along with that.
What attracts them, how they can become a public safety risk, and
what to do to keep urban wildlife from becoming nuisance wildlife.
It also covers what residents can do when animals become a problem,
and what to do when larger animals wander into town.

Fish and Game News is available at license vendors and Fish and
Game offices statewide. It is also available online at

In addition to Fish and Game News, the March issue of Fish and
Game’s Wildlife Express will help Idaho students learn about urban
wildlife. The issue will explore why wild animals live in our
communities and how we can live with them. Students will also learn
about the adaptations of nocturnal and diurnal animals, and what to
do when they see these animals. A mini-poster of the tracks of
common urban wildlife is also included for students to record their
neighborhood wildlife sightings. It’s a chance to see the “wild”
side of city life.

On the same topic, students from Kari Merkley’s fifth-grade
class at Riverside Elementary School in Boise, are featured actors
in this month’s Dialogue for Kids on Idaho Public Television.
“Urban Wildlife” airs at 2 p.m. /1 p.m. MT/PT, Tuesday, March 15.
The show is a live science program during which students and
teachers can call in or e-mail questions on a topic to experts on
the set.

“Urban Wildlife” explores questions like what brings wildlife
into town? Should we feed them? How can we enjoy urban wildlife?
What can go wrong? How do humans balance their need to live
somewhere with animals that want to live in the same space?

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