Saturday, January 28th, 2023
Saturday, January 28th, 2023

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Ice fishing not advised over much of Iowa

Ice conditions are deteriorating over much of Iowa, leaving only
the far north counties where ice fishing is still happening. Even
in these northern counties where the ice thickness had been over
two feet a few weeks ago, the access to lakes is becoming more
difficult as snow melt and runoff is beginning to open some of the
edges, and anglers who were once driving on the lake are now
walking out.

“There is still ice, even in central Iowa, but I would not advise
going out on it,” said Mick Klemesrud, with the Iowa Department of
Natural Resources. “Ice fishing is still going on along about Hwy.
18 and will for another week or two, but the reports I’m hearing
are that it is getting more difficult to get on to the ice and that
usually means that the season is coming to a close.”

Anglers still going out on the northern lakes should look out for
weak spots, black ice and avoid areas with slush or water on top of
the ice that could create an unsafe situation.

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