Sunday, January 29th, 2023
Sunday, January 29th, 2023

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Hanging your Bird Dog above the Fireplace

While flipping through a recent bird hunting periodical, I
encountered an advertisement for dog head urns. That’s right;
there’s a company selling taxidermy replica heads of your favorite
breed of bird dogs with a quail or pheasant in its jowls and inside
your pup’s ashes are stored for posterity. Check out the photos by
following this link.

Call me a traditionalist, but I favor the classic bird dog
portrait over a fireplace as a way to memorialize a beloved pup. In
fact, Iowa artist Kreig Jacque’s sketch of my shorthair, Trammell,
already hangs in my living room and Tram is only 4 years old. I’ve
considered giving a dog portrait as a Christmas gift before, but
I’ve never thought about it with enough time in advance. Maybe this
will be the year!

Here’s a little info from Kreig on one-of-a-kind dog

Portrait Format: Unframed pencil and painting portraits are
created on a 17″ x 22″ format. (Size and format may vary depending
on the expectation of the client.)

Timing: The time that it takes to create the original piece of
art primarily depends on the amount of detail (subject matter,
background, etc.) that the client wishes to include in the
portrait. All of these specifics need to be considered in the
turnaround time. Typically, a single dog pencil portraits takes
four days to complete. The paintings may take anywhere from two
weeks to a month for completion. Again, the time will vary
depending on the amount of detail the client chooses as well as
scheduling constraints.

What’s needed for the portrait: The more images that the client
can supply as references, the better. Every dog has its own
disposition and way of showing emotions that are particular to that
dog and his or her handler that will show up in these images. Being
able to include these components is what helps to make the portrait
so personal to each individual client.

Cost: The cost of the portraits vary depending on the time,
subject matter, background, size, and detail that the client wants
to include in the portrait. Typically, one dog pencil portraits
will be $400 and the painting of the same stature will be $800.
These quotes are based on a basic hunting scene including one

If you’d like to contact Kreig with other questions, you can
reach him at

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