Sunday, February 5th, 2023
Sunday, February 5th, 2023

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IL: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 3

Region I

A District 7 CPO continued to investigate a deer poaching case in
Henderson County. The case involves the illegal taking of a
13-point buck.

A District 1 CPO along with the Region 1 captain and Ogle County
Sheriff’s Department investigated a fatal hunting accident in Ogle
County. The tragic accident occurred when three friends were
squirrel hunting. The 14-year-old shooter shot at a squirrel but
did not have a good hold of the shotgun which caused him to lose
control of the gun. While trying to regain control over the
shotgun, he accidentally shot a second time hitting the 17-year-old
victim in the back fatally wounding the victim. No charges have
been filed.

District 6 CPOs assisted the Illinois State Police and the Boone
County Sheriff’s Department with patrols of Caledonia, following a
devastating tornado.

A Region 1 CPO investigated the unlawful possession of an American

A Region 1 CPO assisted a Marshall County deputy with a complaint
of occupants of a vehicle shining deer at night. Three subjects
were detained and questioned about an illegally tagged deer.
Arrests were made for conservation violations and drug

A District 7 CPO continues working various deer tagging violations
from the firearms deer season.

A District 6 CPO investigated the complaint of theft when an Ottawa
hunter had a ground blind stolen from property he was

A District 1 CPO was called out by the Mercer County Sheriff’s
Department. One of the deputies apprehended three subjects in a
pickup truck who were shining, transporting uncased loaded guns,
and hunting raccoons. They requested the CPO’s assistance in the
investigation and the interview of the subjects. The Mercer County
Sheriff’s Department towed their vehicle and transported all three
subjects to jail. At the conclusion of the interviews, the
following charges were filed against the individuals involved:
unlawful transportation of a loaded uncased firearm in a motor
vehicle, two counts – accessory to transportation of a loaded
uncased firearm in a motor vehicle, two counts – unlawfully shining
and use/aid of motor vehicle to hunt raccoons, and unlawfully
hunting without a valid hunting license. Their rifles, ammunition,
and shining equipment were seized.

Region II

A CPO cited two pheasant hunters at the Chain O’ Lakes State Park
for hunting with lead (toxic) shot.

A CPO cited two ice fishermen on Dutch Creek for fishing without a
license and possession of drug paraphernalia. One of the fishermen
was additionally cited for possession of cannabis.

A CPO cited a pheasant hunter at the Chain O’ Lakes State Park for
unlawfully shooting over the roadway. The hunter nearly shot the
CPO’s squad as he was driving through the park.

A CPO cited a pheasant hunter at the Chain O’ Lakes State Park for
transporting an uncased shotgun in his truck.

Region III

A CPO responded to a radio dispatch from Vermilion County regarding
a driver and his passenger using drugs while driving down the road.
The CPO was near the area and able to stop the vehicle. The
occupants of the vehicle were arrested for unlawful possession of

A CPO arrested a Missouri resident and Effingham County resident
for multiple deer hunting violations over the second firearms deer
season. The CPO encountered the subjects at a deer camp and
uncovered numerous permit and deer hunting violations.

A CPO arrested a Vermilion County subject for numerous firearms
deer hunting violations. Acting on a complaint, he found a hunter
firearm deer hunting without any permits. The subject had already
killed and was still hunting the area.

A CPO arrested a family from Leroy that he encountered during
firearms deer season. After checking the only hunter in this group
who had not filled his deer tag, the CPO discovered that the family
had not checked in any of the deer they killed during the first
season. Further checks found that the family had not checked in any
of their deer kills for the past two years.

A CPO arrested a group of hunters for road hunting around the
outside road of Moraine View State Park.

Region IV

A CPO observed a vehicle spotlighting in Jersey County. After
stopping the vehicle, he found two subjects in possession of a
loaded firearm and with open alcohol.

A CPO observed a vehicle for 30 minutes driving around fields in
Pike County. Upon stopping the vehicle, he found two subjects in
possession of two loaded shotguns with no cases.

A CPO located a hunter in Jersey County hunting deer by the aid of
bait, with an unplugged shotgun, in possession of another person’s
permit, and with no blaze orange hat.

A CPO located a Georgia hunter in Adams County with no deer

A CPO located four hunters in Brown County hunting deer with the
aid of bait.

A CPO stopped an ATV on the roadway in Schuyler County. The
operator was suspended.

A CPO took a theft report in Calhoun County. The subject had $2,000
worth of duck hunting equipment stolen from his private club.

A district sergeant located a West Virginia subject in Pike County
that was outfitting without a license.

An investigation in Sangamon County involved a DNR employee, his
wife, son and daughter. Some of the violations are untagged deer,
not checking deer in, using other people’s permit to tag deer and
falsifying DNR records. Numerous sets of deer antlers were seized.
The investigation is continuing as the son and daughter do not live
in the area. During second firearms deer season a CPO and his
sergeant were on patrol and noticed a vehicle parked near woods.
They waited for the hunter to come to his vehicle. When he arrived
his hands were bloody and the CPO asked for his deer permit. The
hunter stated the deer was not tagged. He was “fishing” around in
his pocket for the deer permit. The CPO found his daughter’s
permits also in his pocket. During a field interview, it was
discovered the hunter, along with his daughter and son were filling
the wife’s/mom’s permits and that his son killed a nice 8-point
buck first season but did not check it in. The investigation is
continuing with more interviews to follow.

A deer hunter shot at a house with a deer slug in Sangamon County.
The deer slug entered the house through the dining room wall
striking a wooden craft bench and ending up on top of the dining
room table. The female occupant had just left the dining room
seconds before the house was struck. The CPO responded to a 911
call of a house being shot with what was believed to be by a deer
hunter. Upon the CPO’s arrival, the deputy had located a deer
hunter in the driveway of a house across the street and several
hundred yards down with an untagged deer in the back of his truck.
The hunter stated he shot twice at his deer. The deer had two holes
in it. The CPO had the hunter show him where he was standing when
he shot and the location of the deer. The hunter’s story did not
make any sense. The CPO went to the house which was shot. The deer
slug entered the house through the dining room wall striking a
wooden craft bench and landing on the dining room table. The female
occupant of the house stated she was standing at the dining room
table 30 seconds prior to the shot. She left the room because her
husband was working on the kitchen and needed her to help. The CPO
returned to the hunter where he confessed to shooting a third shot
at a doe missing it. This shot was in the direction of the
complainant’s house. He was issued appropriate citations and will
make restitution for the damage.

Following up on license questions, District 10 CPOs discovered a
group from Louisiana had failed to tag their deer. The group had
just returned from town with several containers of bait. The group
first denied placing bait, but one container was open. A search of
the hunted stands revealed that bait had been used. Appropriate
citations were issued.

A Sangchris bowhunter had multiple treestand violations. A search
of harvest records and an interview led the hunter to also being
cited for harvesting a respectful buck before harvesting a doe on
the state site as required.

During a patrol of Sangamon County, an officer located harvested
deer on a property near Loami. Neither deer had required tags. The
owner was contacted and he admitted to harvesting the deer the day
before. Citations were issued.

While patrolling Sand Ridge State Forest Area in Mason County, two
deer hunters were checked. One of the hunters was a non-resident
who was hunting with a resident over-the-counter permit in a site
specific permit required area. He was issued appropriate citations
and warnings for the violations.

While patrolling Cass County, a stop of a truck with two subjects
in blaze orange and in an area known for road hunting, resulted in
a subject being cited for hunting without a habitat stamp. The
subject had admitted to just finishing a deer drive with a large
group and was getting ready to start another drive.

While patrolling Mason County, two subjects were checked entering
the field in the afternoon. One of the subjects was found to be
hunting with an unplugged shotgun. Appropriate citation was

Region V

A CPO caught a subject illegally “shining” a field with a spotlight
in Jefferson County. After making the stop; the CPO found a loaded
rifle and pistol.

District 14 CPOs worked waterfowl enforcement details during the
opening weekend of waterfowl season in the south zone. No waterfowl
hunting accidents were detected

A CPO opened a investigation of a outfitter and commercial
waterfowl operation without license or permits.

A CPO is investigating several hunting violations that occurred
over the opening weekend of firearm deer season. Several out of
state hunters are involved.

A CPO responded to a hunting without permission complaint in the
Cache River area by Perks. Rabbit hunters were hunting with beagles
and the dogs got onto the Corzine property bordering USFW. He found
the hunters and issued a warning each for hunting without

A CPO was checking waterfowl hunters at U.S. Forest Service
property south of McClure when he discovered a 15-year-old boy from
Missouri hunting without a hunting license. The guardian of the
group said WalMart in Cape said they didn’t need a license under 16
in Illinois. He then went to WalMart and spoke to them and
corrected the mistake.

A CPO issued two citations to duck hunters for shooting after legal
hours in state court.

A CPO and District Sergeant assisted another CPO in an
investigation of a fatal hunting deer accident. One cause of the
accident was the failure to properly attach the safety strap and
the failure to attach the climber properly as per directions.

A CPO is assisting another CPO on a hunting accident that occurred
in Union Co. The accident is still under investigation. It appears
the ratchet strap failed causing the fall however the strap was not
replaced as per instructions and was 5 to 10 years old. Upon being
apprehended, the two men stated the land owner had given them

A CPO investigated suspicious “fresh graves” in Shawnee National
Forest discovered by deer hunters. The subject showed the CPO
diggings which appeared like freshly dug and filled graves.
Flagging in nearby trees revealed GPS coordinates laid out in a
grid around these digs. Upon further inquiry these graves turned
out to be archeological excavations done a short time ago by
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. The subject and his
hunting buddies are very relieved.

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