Snow Goose Hunt… the good, the bad, and the ugly

Official plans are in the works. Fellow Illinois Outdoor News writer Kristen Monroe and I will be heading to Missouri in March for our first attempt at hunting snow geese. In this case, I'm sure I can speak for both of us….we are amped for this opportunity!!!

The good news about our upcoming snow goose hunt is that the Missouri spring season has no limit on the amount of snow geese one can harvest, allowing us two entire days for some stellar hunting!

As if anything could sound more fun, a trip to Cabelas prior to our hunt is definitely in order! New rubber boots, waders, and my favorite item, a Winchester Super X2 is on my shopping list!

The bad is the reason for the good. Snow geese are so plentiful that when they fly up to the Canadian tundra for their breeding season, they quite literally pick the tundra grasses clean, leaving behind destroyed habitat and a muddy mess!

And then we have the ugly… one very short month for practice! I will use every chance I can to shoot clay targets in my back yard, even despite the recent blizzard that has left us with more than enough snow!

That said, I would be much obliged for any tips or pointers for hunting snow geese that our readers can muster up, and I'm sure Kristen is in complete agreement! Success on this hunt is very important to us!!

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