Wednesday, February 8th, 2023
Wednesday, February 8th, 2023

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PA: Ice action consistent in most parts of the state Issue: 3


Presque Isle Bay (Erie County) -Ice fishing was generally slow in
recent weeks, with anglers catching small perch and crappies in
Misery Bay. The main channel was subject to the occasional ship
coming through and breaking up ice. Anglers were icing steelhead in
the marina at Walnut Creek and off the Walnut Creek wall.

Eaton Reservoir, aka Bull Dam (Erie County) – Numbers of northern
pike up to 28 inches were iced on big shiners and suckers on this
246-acre reservoir in mid-January.

Lake Pleasant (Erie County) – Large bluegills were reported on this
small natural lake in recent weeks.

East Basin, West Basin ponds (Erie County) – State trout stockings
are slated for Feb. 10.

Allegheny Reservoir, Allegheny River (Warren County) – A smattering
of walleyes was iced on the reservoir, with Wolf Run Marina
yielding a 27-inch, 7-pounder Jan. 16. The reservoir also yielded a
few nice perch and average-sized northern pike. Jim Swanson, of
Russell, caught a 36-inch northern pike in the river.

Chapman Dam (Warren County) - A state trout-stocking was performed
Jan. 19.

Lake Wilhelm (Mercer County) – Numbers of bluegills and crappies
were iced in recent weeks, with the larger crappies hitting on
minnows in 18 to 22 feet near the dam. Bluegills were hitting on
maggots and waxworms.

Shenango Lake (Mercer County) – Ice anglers were catching crappies,
mostly on ice jigs tipped with waxworms or maggots, near Golden Run
and the Celery Farm. Chuck Sari, of Franklin, and his son, Kevin,
caught 100 crappies and bluegills, including 50 keepers, Jan. 15.
Kevin’s biggest crappie was 15¼ inches. They also released a dozen
white bass. All were caught on small maggot-tipped jigs.

Allegheny River, French Creek (Venango County) – Iced-up banks and
slushy spots put the kibosh on fishing in recent weeks.

Kahle Lake (Venango County) – Big perch and a few largemouth bass
were reported on ice jigs.

Pymatuning Lake (Venango County) – The best crappie and perch bites
were on the north end around Tuttle Point and Manning Launch, with
crappies reported up to 13 ½ inches. The south end was yielding
walleyes, including many sub-legals, from the Jamestown swim beach
to the dam.

Justus Lake (Venango County) – A state trout-stocking was performed
Jan. 19.

Canadohta Lake (Crawford County) – A nice crappie bite was

Sugar Lake (Crawford County) - Chuck Papinchak, of Cochranton, iced
perch, 10 to 11 inches, jigging spoons without bait. Though
targeting perch, he also caught an occasional bluegill and bass,
including one 20-inch largemouth.

Glade Run Lake (Butler County) - A state trout stocking is slated
for Feb. 15.

Lake Arthur (Butler County) – Ice fishing pressure tapered off this
week, but nice numbers of mostly small bluegills and the occasional
crappie and small perch were reported. The bass bite remained
steady, but yielded fewer large sizes than during “first

Harbor Acres Lake (Butler County) – Recently stocked trout,
including 15 to 18 inchers, were iced in recent weeks.


Raccoon Lake (Beaver County) – A state trout stocking is slated for
the main lake Feb. 16.

Allegheny River (Allegheny County) – Saugers were reported by the
few anglers fishing near Highland Park in recent weeks.

Laurel Hill Lake (Somerset County) – Some panfish and a few trout
were iced in recent weeks.

Lake Somerset (Somerset County) – A few small panfish were iced on
this 253-acre impoundment, where water levels were lowered last

Cranberry Glade Lake (Somerset County) - A few legal-sized northern
pike and bass were iced on this 112-acre impoundment in

Highpoint Lake (Somerset Lake) – A few legal northern pike and some
perch were iced in recent weeks.

Youghiogheny Lake (Fayette County) – Perch, keeper walleyes, and a
few nice-sized channel catfish were iced in recent weeks.

Duman Dam, Lake Rowena (Cambria County) – State trout stockings are
slated for Feb. 16.

Canonsburg Dam (Washington County) – A state trout stocking is
slated for Feb. 16.

Mammoth, Donegal lakes (Westmoreland County) – A state trout
stocking is slated for Feb. 15.

Upper, Lower Twin lakes (Westmoreland County) – A state trout
stocking is slated for Feb. 16.

Deep Creek Lake (Maryland) – Ice anglers reported nice catches of
perch, walleyes and pickerel.


Spring Creek (Centre County) – Low, clear conditions were reported
Jan. 21 and water was in the low 40s. Nymphs and small to mid-sized
streamers were working.

Penns Creek (Union County) – Water was clear and lower than normal
and in the 30s as of Jan. 21. Basic streamers and nymphs were

Little Pine Lake (Lycoming County) – A state trout stocking was
slated for Feb. 22.

Bradford City No. 3 Reservoir (McKean County) – A state trout
stocking is slated for Feb. 22

Lyman Run Reservoir (Potter County) – A state trout stocking is
slated for Feb. 23.


Shawnee, Koon, Gordon lakes (Bedford County) – A small area of open
water remained on Shawnee earlier last month. Small crappies, perch
and bass were reported. Koon also had open water, but the Growden
Run and Evitts Creek cove areas were ice covered and yielding
bluegills, crappies, perch, bass and trout. The panfish were
hitting small jigs tipped with waxworms or maggots, and the bass on
big shiners.

Canoe Lake (Blair County) – Nice-sized crappies and some bass were
being iced mid-month. A state trout stocking is slated for Feb.

Susquehanna River (Cumberland County) – The hot spots, literally,
were the York Haven hydro dam and Brunner Island warm-water
discharge just south of the Red Hill Dam, where walleyes and bass
were reported. Silver-colored Rat-L-Traps were nabbing

Letterkenny Reservoir (Franklin County) - Anglers are icing trout,
panfish, and a few perch, with small jigs and live bait

Cowans Gap, Meadow Grounds lakes (Fulton County) – Trout, perch and
crappies were hitting on small minnows and jigs at Cowans Gap,
while Meadow Grounds was yielding bass, perch and panfish.

Juniata River (Juniata County) – Anglers were targeting the Narrows
and Mifflintown access areas for walleyes with ¼-ounce jigs tipped
with minnows or twister tails mid-month.

Little Buffalo State Park Lake (Perry County) – Panfish and trout
were being iced on small ice jigs tipped with waxworms or small
jigs tipped with small minnows.

Lake Redman, Lake William (York County) – White perch and catfish
were hitting on small bronze jigs and live minnows.


Hunters Lake (Sullivan County) – A state trout stocking is slated
for Feb. 22.

Mauch Chunk Lake (Carbon County) – Numbers of pickerel were being
iced in mid-January.

White Deer Lake (Pike County) - Large bluegills were reported
through the ice in mid-January.

Hidden Lake (Monroe County) – Numbers of pickerel, including a
29½-incher, were reported in mid-January.

Quaker Lake (Susquehanna County) – A state trout stocking was
slated Feb. 23.


Kaercher Creek Dam (Berks County) – A state trout stocking is
slated for Feb. 17.

Lake Ontelaunee (Berks County) - Anglers iced some nice panfish,
northern pike in mixed sizes, and a muskie in mid-January.

Marsh Creek Lake (Chester County) – Perch and bluegills were being
iced mid-month, with bright-color jigs tipped with minnows and
mealworms the ticket.

French Creek, Pickering Creek, East Brandywine Creek and West
Valley Creek (Chester County) – High flows with some shelf ice were
reported mid-month, along with left-over trout and little to no
angling activity.

Struble Reservoir (Chester County) – Ice anglers were catching
crappies straight out from the dock about 200 feet from shore in 5
to 7 feet of water. Mealworms were productive, fished a foot off
the bottom on a jigging rod or tip-up.

Little Lehigh Creek (Lehigh County) – A few anglers targeted the
fly-fishing-only section with black Wooly Buggers, and the deeper
pools upstream of the hatchery with small minnow-pattern crankbaits
and mousie grubs.

Lake Ontelaunee (Lehigh County) – Muskies and northern pike were

Antietam and Deep Creek lakes (Lehigh County) – Yellow perch and
rainbow trout were being iced in the middle of January.


Minsi Lake (Northampton County) – Largemouth bass up to 20 inches
and pickerel, 20 to 25 inches, were iced on shiners rigged to
tip-ups. Panfish, including pumpkinseeds, perch and bluegills. were
hitting waxworms jigged over weedbeds.

Bushkill, Monocacy, Saucon creeks (Northampton County) – Trout were
hitting in the early afternoon and evenings through mid-January.
Midge imitations in various colors down to size 24, olive CDC
Emergers in size 22, and the occasional Blue-Winged Olive Dun were

Locust Lake (Schuylkill County) – Trout were hitting small jigs and
minnows and bright-color paste baits.

Tuscarora Lake (Schuylkill County) – Perch, bluegills and a few
trout were hitting near shore and around submerged trees and other

Compiled by Deborah Weisberg

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