MN: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 5

District 1 – Baudette area

CO Jeff Birchem (Baudette) spent time checking anglers and
snowmobilers on Lake of the Woods. He also followed up on a
wetlands violation.

CO Jeremy Woinarowicz (Thief River Falls) checked area anglers and
monitored snowmobile trails. An evening patrol on the Red River of
the North yielded enforcement contacts for angling with extra
lines, minor consumption of alcohol, and possession of drug
paraphernalia and marijuana.

CO Angie Warren (Thief River Falls) worked snowmobile activity on
area trails and waterways. COs Warren and Woinarowicz handled a
call about a coyote with mange in a dog house. A call about a
bobcat killing chickens was received and appropriate action was

CO Brice Vollbrecht (Blackduck) responded to a call about a dog
caught in a snare. The dog managed to free itself before the
officer arrived.

District 2 – Bemidji area

CO Dan Malinowski (Fosston) assisted with the investigation of and
response to two snowmobile crashes. One resulted in a death. A male
stopped to warn the rest of his group about a hazard and was struck
by one of the other sleds.

CO Tim Gray (Bagley) checked anglers and snowmobilers. Complaints
of wanton waste were investigated.

CO Chris Vinton (Perham) investigated several TIP calls. Snowmobile
activity remains high, and the trails are in good condition. The
officer investigated a complaint regarding a vehicle stuck on a
minimum-maintenance road that is used as a snowmobile trail in the
winter. The occupants, including a young child, were not prepared
for the cold weather and were several miles from maintained roads.
The officer, with assistance from snowmobilers, was able to get the
people to a warm, safe place.

CO Joe Stattelman (Detroit Lakes) attended a meeting about minnows
and invasive species.

CO Gary Forsberg (Pelican Rapids) checked anglers, snowmobilers,
and predator hunters. A TIP call involving fishing was

District 3 – Fergus Falls area

CO Tricia Plautz (Henning) responded to a call about an injured
deer, only to find the deer had been dead for several weeks. A snow
plow had turned up the deer. Plautz responded to a snowmobile
accident in which one rider ventured off the trail 30 yards and
found himself in the open water of a creek. There were no injuries,
just a very cold snowmobiler.

CO Paul Nelson (Elbow Lake) spent time checking snowmobilers on
area trails. Several complaints about snowmobile trespass have been
received and worked. Complaints of snowmobilers chasing foxes and
coyotes also have been taken.

CO Jeff Johanson (Osakis) continued checking angling and spearing
activity on area lakes and assisted the Todd County Sheriff’s
Office with fish house break-ins. Time also was spent patrolling
Carlos State Park and checking predator hunters.

CO Tony Anderson (Morris) focused enforcement efforts on ice
anglers and snowmobile activity. Anderson worked complaint areas
for people trespassing with snowmobiles.

District 4 – Wadena area

CO Paul Parthun (Lake George) continued working on investigations
from the firearms deer season and also checked anglers on special
regulation lakes.

CO Sam Hunter (Park Rapids) assisted a trapper in getting two dogs
out of traps.

CO Greg Oldakowski (Wadena) responded to several snowmobiler
trespass calls in the area. Officer Oldakowski also resolved
several equipment issues during the week.

CO Mark Mathy (Cass Lake) continued to check anglers and
snowmobilers. Ice is still slushy and unpredictable. Two different
trucks plowing snow on lakes went partially through the ice because
of weak ice. Officer Mathy attempted to assist a motorist with a
flat tire. Unfortunately for the motorist, his driver’s license had
been cancelled. The driver was charged accordingly, and the vehicle
was towed.

CO Duke Broughten (Longville) spent the week monitoring angling and
snowmobiling activity. Anglers are having a hard time finding fish,
with slush and snow depths still making it difficult to travel on
the ice. Enforcement action included snowmobile and angling

CO Jeff Halverson (Staples) worked ice fishermen and snowmobilers
at the Lincoln Lakes ice-fishing contest. Enforcement contacts were
made for unregistered snowmobiles, driving ATVs on county roads,
and angling with extra lines.

CO Shane Siltala (Water Resource Enforcement Officer) met with DNR
personnel this week to review open public water violation cases. He
was able to close out several cases due to the completion of a
satisfactory restoration.

District 5 – Eveleth area

CO Dan Starr (Tower) responded to a call in which three
snowmobilers had fallen through the ice. Upon further
investigation, three snowmobiles were stuck in the slush, and the
owners wanted the DNR to help get them out.

CO Don Bozovsky (Hibbing) reports a call about two deer stuck in a
ditch full of water was handled. With the help of a sheriff’s
deputy, the caller, and his friend, the deer were removed from the
water. One was able to run away, while the other (which was near
death) had to be warmed in a garage and later was successfully
released. A snowmobiler, who nearly hit the officer on his sled,
was stopped after several miles and after reaching speeds of over
70 mph on treacherous stretches of trail. He provided no argument
and was cited for careless operation.

CO Matt Frericks (Virginia) reports area snowmobile trails were
patrolled. Numerous citations were issued for operating an
unregistered snowmobile to people who “just bought the sled a few
days ago.” While patrolling through Cotton, CO Frericks pulled over
to do some paperwork. The owner of a local restaurant quickly
walked up to the CO and asked him to not park in her parking lot
because it was bad for her business.

CO Mark Fredin (Aurora) received a complaint about a wolf coming
into the edge of town and attempting to take a small dog.

District 6 – Two Harbors area

CO Marty Stage (Ely) received a complaint about a wolf under a
sauna. The wolf would not leave when disturbed. He was suffering
badly from mange and was cold and emaciated. Mange is a
“density-dependant” affliction that canines and other animals can
get from being close together or in conditions where there is a
population abundance. Fleas, that carry a mite, move from animal to
animal. The mite then causes the animal to scratch its hair off.
Many canines die or barely survive the cold Minnesota winters. It
is common to find wolves, coyotes, and foxes holed up in barns and
under decks when they are in such poor condition.

CO Mary Manning (Hovland) checked area lakes; slush is plentiful.
The officer patrolled snowmobile trails and answered calls about
snowmobile registration. CO Manning also checked cross-country ski
passes, handled equipment maintenance issues, and helped a lost
person find his way back to his cabin.

District 7 – Grand Rapids area

CO Thomas Sutherland (Grand Rapids) worked snowmobile activity
during the week and took enforcement action for snowmobiling over
the speed limit and without current registration.

CO Sarah Sindelir (Grand Rapids) checked anglers this week.
Enforcement action was taken for fish house violations and
snowmobile registration violations.

CO Randy Patten (Northome) checked anglers, patrolled area
snowmobile trails, finished a wolf depredation complaint, worked on
firearms safety proposals, and investigated calls about illegal
work in public waters, the illegal taking of a deer, and untagged

Water Resource Enforcement Officer Tony Arhart (Grand Rapids)
checked anglers and dark house spearing activities on infested
waters. Enforcement action was taken for shelter license and
identification violations. A stuck motorist was observed walking
from slush with slip-on type shoes. Arhart also spoke at the Lake
Winnie resort owners meeting about invasive species enforcement and

District 8 – Cloquet area

CO Jeff Humphrey (Cromwell) reports working ice-fishing and
snowmobile enforcement. CO Humphrey also assisted a local trapper
with a large timber wolf caught in a snare.

CO Scott Staples (Carlton) attended a local appreciation banquet
for area safety instructors. Enforcement action was taken for no
reflectors on fish houses, angling with multiple hooks, and angling
without a license.

CO Kipp Duncan (Duluth) spent most of his work week on snowmobiling
enforcement. This included checking area lakes for winter fishing
and patrolling area trails for snowmobiling violations.

CO Randy Hanzal (Duluth) spent lots of time patrolling by
snowmobile during the week. Please be aware that large, slushy
areas are showing up on area lakes. Assistance was given to two
people who became stranded after their snowmobile fell through one
such spot.

Lake Superior Marine Unit

CO Keith Olson (Lake Superior Marine Unit) attended ice rescue
training with the U.S. Coast Guard and the Duluth Fire Department
along the shores of Lake Superior. Multiple calls were received
about injured deer showing up at deer feeders.

CO Matt Miller (Lake Superior Marine Unit) checked snowmobilers and
ice anglers. Cross-country ski passes were checked with moderate
compliance found.

District 9 – Brainerd area

CO Nikki Shoutz (Pine River) reports many anglers and fish houses
were checked with fairly good compliance. Enforcement action was
taken for no license on fish houses left unoccupied overnight, no
ID on fish houses, and angling with extra lines.

CO Cary Shoutz (Crosslake) reports a cougar reportedly was seen in
the Crosslake area but scampered away before a photograph could be
taken. It was reported the cougar was monitoring deer movement near
a feeding station.

CO Jim Guida (Brainerd) received complaints regarding coyote
hunting on private lands without permission, as well as operating
snowmobiles across private lands.

CO Tim Collette (Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area) checked
coyote hunters, anglers, and snowmobilers. Calls were taken
regarding coyote hunters chasing a timber wolf, and of a group of
anglers using too many tip-ups.

CO Brent Speldrich (McGregor) patrolled area trails during the
annual Tamarack vintage snowmobile ride. The ride included more
than 400 vintage sleds registered and another couple hundred newer
sleds. Officer Speldrich also completed two wetland investigations
that have been ongoing, and issued restoration orders.

CO Randy Posner (Brainerd) worked on snowmobile enforcement issues
this week. Some of the violations observed were expired
registration, speeding, and trespassing on agricultural property.
Posner also focused on litter complaints on the ice and reports of
dogs chasing deer.

District 10 – Mille Lacs area

CO Scott Fitzgerald (Malmo) reports checking fishermen on Lake
Mille Lacs. A patrol was done on area snowmobile trails.
Enforcement action for the week included various snowmobiling and
fishing violations.

CO Bret Grundmeier (Hinckley) responded to several calls regarding
car-hit deer and a couple calls from landowners reporting deer that
appeared to be injured or unhealthy. A couple calls also were taken
involving timber wolves getting hit by motorists.

CO Jim Tischler (Water Resources, Brainerd) checked minnow dealers,
minnow retailers, and anglers in the Brainerd area with emphasis on
invasive species regulation compliance.

CO Mike Lee (Isle) took a complaint about a gray wolf hanging
around dwellings in the city of Isle. The wolf could be suffering
from mange or looking for easy food. Officer Lee and employees of
the USDA are monitoring the situation.

CO Dustie Heaton (Willow River) worked snowmobiling activity. She
also checked anglers on area lakes. Enforcement action was taken
for no license in possession. Heaton assisted CO Humphrey in a
release of a gray wolf that accidentally was caught in a snare.
Heaton also received a call about a horse carcass that appeared to
have been processed.

District 11 – Albany area

CO Mike Martin (St Cloud) checked anglers and snowmobile operators
in the local counties. Officer Martin provided an on-camera
interview for a local station on carbon dioxide in fish houses and
assisted Stearns County deputies with a felony warrant on a local

CO Paul Kuske (Pierz) investigated a complaint about a dog chasing
a deer and conducted an inspection of the aeration system operating
on Platte Lake.

CO Robert Haberman (Little Falls) checked fishermen on local lakes
and rivers. CO Haberman also participated in a snowmobile work crew
and made several contacts on the trail and assisted with a
broken-down snowmobile. CO Haberman also checked coyote hunters who
were posting a road and explained to them the dangers of shooting
from the roadway.

CO Keith Bertram (Sauk Centre) reports that an angler delayed
opening his shelter door when the officer knocked. CO Bertram was
later advised to enter and observed two lines in use as well as a
third line from a rattle reel. CO Bertram also noticed a coil of
line down a fourth hole. The angler tried to burn his two extra
lines off with a lighter. When CO Bertram pulled the coiled line
out of the fourth hole, the line from the third hole was tangled
around it. Both hooks and minnows were retrieved, and a citation
was issued.

District 12 – St. Cloud area

CO Mitch Sladek (Big Lake) worked fishermen on area lakes. He
issued written warnings and summonses for angling without fishing
licenses, failure to display fish house licenses, and no fish house
license. He also assisted the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Department
with a snowmobile accident and followed up on a possible poached

CO Rick Reller (Buffalo) checked anglers and snowmobile activity in
Wright County. Several complaints were investigated, and
enforcement action was taken for leaving litter on the ice and
leaving lines unattended in fish houses.

CO Brandon McGaw (Mora) reports time was spent attempting to locate
some pen-raised deer that escaped their pen.

CO Brian Dobbick (Cambridge) checked ice anglers and snowmobilers
throughout the week. A presentation was given to a group of Cub
Scouts, and the law portion of a snowmobile safety class was taught
in Braham.

District 13 – West Metro area

CO Kevin Neitzke (Ft. Snelling) patrolled Lake Minnetonka and
Medicine Lake for fishing and snowmobiling violations with CO

CO Adam Block (Prior Lake) spent the week working angling and
snowmobile activity. Fish shelter compliance is still poor on area

CO Steve Walter (Waconia) coordinated a District 13 work detail on
Lake Waconia during the vintage snowmobile event. Anglers were
checked on special regulation lakes with complaints worked on
anglers double-tripping for panfish.

CO Aaron Kahre (Minnetonka) checked fishermen on Lake Minnetonka
and area lakes. He also gave a presentation to local law
enforcement agency on snowmobile regulations. CO Kahre also took
part in a work crew in Carver County.

CO Thor Nelson (Bloomington) investigated calls regarding a
reported poached deer, dumping, and nuisance animals. He spent most
of the week on angling snowmobile and ATV enforcement.

District 14 – East Metro area

CO Vuthy Pril (ELCOP) checked mainly ice anglers around the metro
lakes and patrolled for snowmobiling activity. Violations included
no identification on fish shelters, no reflectors on fish shelters,
no fishing license in possession, and possession of

CO Patrick McGowan (Hastings) patrolled Dakota and Washington
counties for snowmobile activity. CO McGowan also trained on an
airboat for anticipation of possible flooding this spring.

District 15 – Marshall area

CO Matt Loftness (Marshall) reports snow depth on the lakes varies
from lake to lake, so caution should be used by ice fishermen
driving on the ice. Enforcement action was taken for snowmobile
registration and operation violations.

CO Craig Miska (Ortonville) received numerous complaints about
predator hunters on snowmobiles chasing coyotes. Numerous predator
hunters were checked. A snowmobile enforcement detail was worked
with neighboring officers.

CO Doug Lage (Marshall) reports that aeration inspections continue.
A coyote-hunting tournament was held in the area, with firearms
transportation being an issue.

CO Ed Picht (Montevideo) reports an angry coyote hunter called to
complain about other coyote hunters. The caller said that he likes
to call coyotes; however, the vast majority of other hunters drive
around and shoot into groves to get a coyote to run to the road.
The hunter is concerned that someone will get injured because
bullets have flown over his head when he was out trying to call in
a coyote.

District 16 – New Ulm area

CO Jim Steffen (Willmar) spent the week checking anglers,
snowmobilers, and ATV riders, as well as coyote hunters. Snowmobile
activity has been busy on weekends with the good snow base.

CO Eric Schettler (Fairmont) investigated complaints of trespass
regarding coyote hunters. Complaints were followed up on regarding
deer depredation and how to deter them.

CO Wayne Hatlestad (Litchfield) followed up on a litter violation,
an abandoned vehicle on a lake, and various big-game issues.

CO Mike Gruhlke (Jackson) worked a snowmobile detail with the
Jackson County Sheriff’s Department on the Des Moines River from
the Iowa state line to the Cottonwood County line. Officer Gruhlke
patrolled through Kilen Woods State Park and observed several
sleds. Gruhlke also assisted with a wildlife nuisance call about
deer in a machine shed – again.

District 17 – Mankato area

CO Chris Howe (St. Peter) spent much of the week on angling and
snowmobile enforcement. Howe was first on the scene of a personal
injury snowmobile accident. The officer saw two snowmobiles in the
road ditch and followed them to observe their riding. Within a
quarter mile, one of the snowmobiles hit a low spot in the ditch
and then hit a drift, sending the rider and machine airborne. The
rider received a ride to the hospital via ambulance.

CO Brent Ihnen (Waseca) attended a CWD meeting in response to the
recent finding in the state.

CO Julie Siems (Faribault) reports working mostly angling and
snowmobile enforcement. A meeting was attended regarding CWD

CO Phil George (Mantorville) taught a snowmobile enforcement class
to area law enforcement officers. He reports the trash is starting
to build on area lakes. He also took a TIP call about a person
shooting a deer during the closed season; the investigation

District 18 – Rochester area

CO Tom Hemker (Winona) reports spending time checking snowmobiles
and fishermen. He also checked predator hunters. He observed a
stuffed coyote in a field that was unattended.

CO Kevin Prodzinski (Zumbrota) reports working another week of
snowmobile and fishing enforcement as well as attending several
meetings on big game. With the first confirmed case of CWD,
numerous calls and questions have been fielded. CO Prodzinski
reminds people to check the DNR web site for the latest and most
detailed information on CWD.

CO Mitch Boyum (Rushford) reports having multiple complaints about
shed hunters and coyote hunters trespassing. Some enforcement
action was taken and others are still under investigation.

CO Scott Moran (Wabasha) reports an investigation was started after
a deer was shot from Hwy. 60 one mid-afternoon near West

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