MI: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 3


CO Brian Bacon and Sgt. Marc Pomroy set up surveillance on two
anglers fishing on a remote section of an Iron County lake, and
upon checking the fishermen, tickets were issued for fishing with
more than three lines each, undersized fish, and no license.

CO Brian Bacon and Sgt. Marc Pomroy contacted the operator of an
ORV on a Dickinson County lake who was transporting more people
than the machine was designed for, and they had no helmets and no
registration. Enforcement action was taken.

CO David Miller and Sgt. Steven Burton checked a remote lake on the
east end of Baraga County. Five anglers were checked, which
resulted in one being ticketed for fishing with five tip-ups, and
one for fishing without a license.

CO Brett Gustafson and Sgt. Steven Burton spent several hours on
two arrests regarding a group of Wisconsin anglers fishing Lake
Gogebic. After ascertaining two of the three subjects didn’t have
licenses, the COs transported each subject to the ATM in Bergland
to post bond on their tickets. After the arrests were complete, the
COs had to pull the party’s broken ORV and fish shack off the


CO John Wenzel worked an ongoing problem area for recreational
trespass. He was able to locate and ticket one subject for driving
an ORV around a locked gate. The incident involves an area in which
the ORV operators access the ice of Lake Michigan through private
property rather than driving a quarter mile up the county road to a
public access route.

CO Kevin Postma encountered two subjects hunting small game.
Neither of the two hunters had a small-game license and neither
were wearing hunter orange. Enforcement action was taken.


While patrolling Antrim County during the late antlerless season,
CO Andrea Albert and Sgt. Mike Borkovich observed a subject
dragging a doe with a family member’s tag on the deer. A hike into
the snowy woods revealed that the deer had been shot over a bait
pile from a blind. CO Albert warned the two subjects for loaning
and borrowing tags and ticketed one of the subjects for hunting
over bait.

While patrolling Antrim County snowmobile trails, CO Steve Speigl
overheard radio traffic regarding a personal injury rollover
vehicle accident with a subject trapped inside. CO Speigl was first
on the scene and provided first aid and security until Emergency
Medical Services (EMS) and fire personnel arrived.

CO Steve Speigl observed a subject operating a snowmobile on the
Charlevoix High School athletic fields. CO Speigl walked out to
contact the subject who fled the area. After a successful tracking
effort, the operator was ticketed for illegal operation in a closed

While at the field office, CO Michael Feagan observed a snowmobiler
go by, operating on a state highway. The operator was not wearing a
helmet, and a 4-year-old passenger also was not wearing a helmet.
CO Feagan followed and stopped the snowmobiler, and issued a ticket
for careless operation.

CO Matt Theunick and Sgt. Greg Drogowski followed up on a
road-hunting, recreational trespass complaint, in which the
landowner obtained a vehicle description and license plate number.
Interviews with the vehicle occupants were conducted, and
confessions regarding transporting a loaded firearm and
recreational trespass were obtained. Warrants will be sought.

CO Matt Theunick contacted a subject burning illegal materials, who
CO Michael Feagan and Sgt. Greg Drogowski had been attempting to
catch in the act for several months. The subject would pile up, and
then burn, furniture, household materials, and construction
materials at a location that was not his residence. Both CO Feagan
and Sgt. Drogowski responded to the scene, as the subject’s stories
began to differ from the evidence obtained during the previous six
months. The subject admitted to burning several large piles of
illegal materials and was ticketed for illegal disposal of solid
waste and open burning.

CO Eric Bottorff patrolled Burt Lake, contacting several anglers,
and issuing tickets for too many lines and snowmobile violations.
One subject who had no helmet and an expired registration on his
snowmobile had been issued a careless operation ticket on his
snowmobile only a couple weeks earlier by CO Michael Feagan.

CO Mark DePew was patrolling on Otsego Lake when he located an ice
shanty that had blown over and scattered litter and debris across
the ice. There was no name and address on the ice shanty. CO Depew
was able to locate a receipt in the litter and tracked down the
owner, who admitted to fishing all season without a fishing
license. He was ticketed for his violations and was directed to
clean up the litter.

CO Mark DePew received a complaint about people keeping short
splake on Clear Lake. While watching the anglers, he observed two
subjects catch numerous fish. CO Depew contacted the subjects and
checked the catch, noting they had four short fish. When asked, the
anglers stated they thought the size regulation was 10 inches. CO
Depew informed them the fish were 9 inches and issued tickets for
their short fish.

CO Bill Webster located illegal snares around Fletcher Floodwater
that recently had been checked. CO Webster set up surveillance on
the location, and when the trapper checked the snares, the CO
contacted him and ticketed him for not having operable


Sgt. Robert Torres responded to a complaint about a deer being
taken within the village of Kingsley after the close of the archery
season. Upon investigating the complaint, it appeared a deer was
taken but no longer was at the residence. Sgt. Torres did observe a
bait pile consisting of hay and corn behind the residence. During
an interview, the resident admitted to placing the bait out, but
denied taking a deer over it. Enforcement action was taken for the
baiting violation, while the possible illegal deer investigation

CO Steve Converse noticed the smell of burnt marijuana after
stopping to speak with the occupants of a vehicle being driven down
a narrow two-track road in Manistee County. CO Converse discovered
that the vehicle was unregistered and lacked insurance. Along with
the traffic violations, two of the passengers were arrested on
outstanding arrest warrants.

CO Steve Converse worked a bait flight with tribal officers from
the Little River Band in Manistee County. When CO Converse was on
the ground after the flight he proceeded to check on a couple of
the observed illegal bait sites. At one of the sites, CO Converse
contacted a subject actively dumping shelled corn in a field. At
another site, a second subject was contacted hunting over bait.
This subject previously had been arrested in 2008 for illegal deer
baiting. Both subjects were ticketed for the baiting

CO Steve Converse located a subject illegally hunting deer with the
aid of bait. During the contact, CO Converse observed fresh blood
and deer hair near the stand. When questioned, the subject stated
his friend had hunted the blind the previous day and was
successful. After questioning the friend, it was determined that a
deer was taken illegally over the bait by a 13-year-old.
Enforcement action was taken for the baiting violation.

CO Mike Wells observed a vehicle parked adjacent to posted private
property. CO Wells observed open gun cases in the vehicle and
waited until the subjects exited the woods. CO Wells then contacted
the subjects and determined that they were hunting antlerless deer
during the closed season. The subjects also admitted to trespassing
on the private property. Tickets were issued to address the hunting

COs Jeff Ginn and Brian Lebel responded to a complaint about a
blood trail in a subdivision. City police officers were able to
follow the blood trail and footprints to a residence, where for
some time the homeowner refused to answer the door. COs Ginn and
Lebel were able to convince the subject to come outside where he
was questioned. The subject admitted using a crossbow to shoot a
deer over a lighted bait pile behind the house. Three additional
illegally taken deer were recovered from the garage. The subject,
who has three prior DNR violations on his record, was ticketed for
the poaching activity. All deer, along with the crossbow, were
seized from the scene.

While working a routine snowmobile patrol in Lake County, CO Angela
Greenway stopped two sleds for apparent registration violations.
Both snowmobiles were without trail permits and one subject was
operating on a suspended license. Enforcement action was taken for
the snowmobile violations.


CO Chris Bowen located a snowmobile injury accident in a remote
area and was first on the scene. The snowmobile operator broke her
leg when she lost control of her machine while crossing a creek and
crashed into a tree.

CO Brian Engelhard was on patrol when he observed a dark plume of
smoke coming from the rear of a salvage yard. Subsequent interviews
indicated that a fire may have started when the owner of the
salvage yard was cutting out a frame from a mobile home. CO
Engelhard documented a large fire consisting of a mobile home,
insulation, plywood, and a boat. Although the owner claimed he had
accidentally started the fire, he allowed it to burn from morning
until mid-afternoon without attempting to suppress it until CO
Engelhard arrived. Charges are being sought through the prosecuting
attorney’s office for unlawful disposal of solid waste.


CO Nick Atkin responded to a recreational trespass complaint and
located three minors fishing. All of the minors were in possession
of alcohol and two were fishing without licenses. Enforcement
action was taken.

CO Chad Foerster received a complaint regarding a subject possibly
shooting at deer and failing to retrieve them. The CO patrolled the
area and located the subject driving. Further investigation
revealed that the subject had a loaded firearm in his motor
vehicle. Enforcement action was taken, and the subject was educated
on several laws of hunting and safety issues.

CO Chad Foerster received a phone call from a local deputy who was
investigating a recreational trespass complaint when he found a
deer that had been shot. The CO arrived on the scene and was
briefed on the investigation. The CO interviewed the subject and
got a confession on the trespass issue. The subject also confessed
to shooting and tagging a buck illegally earlier in the year. Both
the current deer and the processed deer were seized, and
enforcement action was taken on both incidents.

CO Quincy Gowenlock received a call from Gratiot County about a
stopped vehicle. The driver was intoxicated and uncooperative and
was placed under arrest for operating while impaired. The passenger
also was uncooperative. Further investigation revealed fresh blood
dripping from the trunk. The trunk was opened and found to contain
blood, hair, and corn, but no deer. The CO then interviewed the
passenger who started talking. The passenger told the CO that he
and two other passengers and the driver were driving around
shooting deer. The passenger said that he and the other two
passengers each shot a doe. The CO asked the passenger where the
other two subjects were. The passenger said they were retrieving
the deer when the deputies pulled up and they were now hiding in
the woods. Several days later CO Gowenlock met with all four of the
subjects who confessed to killing the deer. All four were issued
tickets for taking deer illegally and possessing loaded firearms in
a motor vehicle.

CO Phillip Hudson responded to a trespass complaint, and during the
investigation located an untagged deer in the subject’s garage. The
subject admitted to shooting the deer and later purchasing his deer
license. The complainant was not willing to press charges for
trespass, but the CO took enforcement action for taking a deer
without a license.


Sgt. Jeff Rabbers wrapped up an investigation regarding subjects
fishing along a closed trout stream in Dwight Lydell Park during
the fall salmon run. Based on video footage provided by park staff,
the subjects were located and confessions were obtained. A warrant
was issued for one subject for fishing a closed stream, fishing
without a license, and for catching salmon by illegal methods –
their hands.

Sgt. Jeff Rabbers assisted several law enforcement agencies on
parolee residential searches for weapons in response to determining
that the subjects had purchased firearms deer-hunting licenses. Two
arrests were made for weapons violations, as well as a marijuana
grow operation that was located hidden in a residence. Charges also
are pending for a deer-tagging violation.

While on patrol for hunting activity in an area where numerous
complaints have been received for trespass activity, CO Cary Foster
located a vehicle with a gun case and followed tracks along an old
railroad bed. Contact was made with a deer hunter who denied
trespassing along the river. CO Foster had the subject follow him
as they entered onto the complainant’s property to identify more of
his tracks. A confession was obtained, and the subject was

CO Gary Raak responded to a shots fired complaint in which a
witness observed a subject in a vehicle shoot multiple times at
deer prior to shooting hours. The subject’s vehicle was located
along with a loaded muzzleloader and a second subject in a field.
Enforcement action was taken for the loaded firearm, including
confiscation, and charges will be requested for the trespassing
incident. No deer were located.

COs Chuck Towns, Mike Mshar, and Patrick McManus conducted
snowmobile patrols along the Allegan County trail systems and
ticketed several subjects for no registration or trail permits. CO
McManus also ticketed a subject for towing three children, between
the ages of 3 and 8, 11 miles along county roads in a sled with no
helmets and an unregistered snowmobile. The operator said he just
wanted to go to the store to “get some chew.” The children’s mother
was called to the scene to safely transport the children

CO Patrick McManus was patrolling Barry County when he observed a
subject standing along a road. After a short period of questioning
the subject admitted to being involved in a deer drive. CO McManus
searched on foot and located two hunters on the property hunting
without licenses during the late antlerless season.

CO Mike Mshar investigated a complaint of a subject shooting a mute
swan during the late waterfowl season. The swan was not recovered,
but the subject was ticketed for hunting without a waterfowl
license and failing to tag a deer during the deer season.

CO Mike Mshar conducted a taxidermist inspection and located a tag
purchased at 10 a.m. on Nov. 15, and validated that day. His
investigation determined the deer had been harvested at 7 a.m. The
subject was ticketed for taking deer without a license.

CO Mike Mshar investigated a complaint with CO Steve Mooney in Van
Buren County during the firearms deer season regarding a deer shot
and left in a field at night. While the COs were at the scene the
following morning, the subjects returned and were detained and
interviewed by CO Mshar. Warrants were issued for the two subjects
with charges that included taking game from a motor vehicle,
shining while possessing a weapon, a loaded firearm in a motor
vehicle, and taking deer during the closed hours.


CO Mark Papineau received a call from a subject that there were
three subjects trespassing on his property. The three subjects had
an ORV and a small boat that they were dragging with
waterfowl-hunting gear. The subjects drove through the
complainant’s property and launched the boat onto a lake on the
complainant’s property. CO Papineau contacted the subjects and
noted several ORV, marine, and hunting violations. The subjects
were escorted off the property, and enforcement action was

CO Linda Scheidler received a complaint about deer baiting. The
complainant saw the hunter enter the woods, lay down his gear near
an empty plastic bait bag, then spray scent on the trees
surrounding the bait. The hunter sat down by his gear and the
complainant approached him about trespassing. Immediately after the
hunter left the area, the complainant took photos with his cell
phone and e-mailed them to the CO. Enforcement action was

CO Ben Lasher wrapped up a joint investigation with Indiana
authorities in which a juvenile shot an overlimit of bucks in
Indiana. The juvenile was related to a subject in Michigan who owns
a taxidermist shop. The rack of the 10-point buck the juvenile shot
was brought into Michigan to be mounted. CO Lasher conducted
interviews and seized the rack, which will be turned over to
Indiana authorities.

COs Brandon Kieft and Mark Papineau responded to a complaint of
possible deer poaching in Oakland County. When the COs pulled up a
driveway, they observed an untagged antlerless deer hanging in the
garage. As they approached the door of the house, the homeowner
came out holding a butcher knife, surprised to see the COs. Further
investigation revealed blood all over a bait pile of sugar beets in
the back yard. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Brandon Kieft was checking a vehicle along the side of the road
when he noticed a bag of corn in the bed of the truck. He followed
footprints in the snow to a hunter who was sitting in a treestand
over a bait pile of corn. After the hunter exited the treestand and
saw CO Kieft, he dropped his head and looked toward the ground. CO
Kieft recognized the hunter as someone he had ticketed for a
baiting violation a couple of years earlier. The subject was issued
a second baiting ticket and was ordered to clean up the bait.

CO Kris Kiel and PCO Michael Drexler contacted three anglers coming
off the ice. One subject was carrying a heavy bucket of fish; a
closer check revealed 75 perch. The angler claimed his friend had
placed some of the fish in the bucket the previous day. A call was
made to the friend who said he put about six fish in the bucket.
The subject was issued a ticket for the overlimit.

CO Todd Szyska responded to a complaint about a subject who was
catching small perch and throwing them on the ice and not
retrieving them. When contacted, the subject would not admit doing
it. He then told CO Szyska that he put some of the fish on the ice
the previous day. Witnesses told CO Szyska the subject was putting
the fish on the ice because he did not want to keep the small fish
and he did not want to keep catching them. There were 55, 1- and
2-inch perch on the ice. Enforcement action was taken.

While patrolling in Davison Township, CO Mark Papineau observed a
deer on top of a vehicle in a driveway, and he could not see a kill
tag. The CO pulled in and observed a large pile of shelled corn
next to the vehicle. No one was home, and the CO looked around in
the back yard and found a large pile of bait with blood on it. As
he was getting back into his vehicle, a vehicle pulled in and a
woman informed CO Papineau that her dad shot the deer two days
earlier in the back yard. After getting the subject’s name, the CO
checked the license system and found the subject had not purchased
a hunting license in two years. The subject was not home. A
follow-up interview is planned, and enforcement action will be

While patrolling in northern St. Clair County, CO John Borkovich
observed a large group of deer grazing on both sides of a desolate
road. One of the deer was a 4-point buck. The CO left the area for
a few minutes then returned to work surveillance on road hunters in
the area. Before the CO could get set up, a van came slow rolling
down the road and stopped near the buck. CO Borkovich pulled up
behind the van, and just as he was about to stop the vehicle, the
CO observed a muzzleloader rifle come out the driver’s window
pointing toward the buck. CO Borkovich activated his emergency
lights and there was no response. He then activated his siren and
the firearm quickly disappeared into the vehicle. As CO Borkovich
approached the passenger side of the vehicle, the driver said, “Hi,
John.” The CO contacted the two occupants of the vehicle who were
laughing. The CO secured the firearm and recognized the pair. He
explained this was no laughing matter. The driver told the CO that
just before he stuck the firearm out the window he told the
passenger, “I bet you that John Borkovich is watching us right
now.” The CO asked him that if they thought the CO was watching
them, why would they still do it? The driver admitted he was in the
wrong, but stated the opportunity was too good. Enforcement action
was taken.

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