Treestand Safety: Record Deaths in Alabama

Falls from treestands have traditionally been a leading cause of
hunting accidents, but with a record four fatalities this deer
season and 14 treestand-related accidents just in Alabama alone,
that state is urging hunters to be more careful out there. Good
advice for elevated deer hunters everywhere.

In six of the recent Alabama accidents, the nylon strap securing
the treestand to the tree broke and caused the hunter to fall to
the ground. The nylon straps broke due to dry rot as a result of
being left in the woods for periods as long as several years.

According to N. Gunter Guy Jr., Commissioner of the Alabama
Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR), proper
treestand safety precautions including inspecting all treestand
equipment could have saved more lives this year. “We value the
lives of all Alabamians and encourage hunters to ensure they make
it home safely by testing their safety equipment before and after
each hunt.”

These few simple hunting safety tips are life

Inspect your safety harness, stand and tree before each

Always wear and use a full body harness anytime you are climbing,
sitting, or descending from an elevated position.

Always pull your gun or bow up with a pull up rope. Firearms should
be unloaded, action open, and safety on.

Inspect all safety devices when you take down your treestand at the
end of the hunting season, including the full body harness and
devices securing the treestand to the tree. Re-inspect everything
again before the next hunting season.

For more information about safe hunting tips and an in-depth
video on treestand safety visit the hunting section of


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