Sunday, February 5th, 2023
Sunday, February 5th, 2023

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WI: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 2

District 1 – Ashland area

A case was settled regarding a subject who was cited by warden Amie
Egstad, of Bayfield, for not having his dog licensed while using it
for bear hunting. He was fined, and DNR licenses/privileges were
revoked for one year due to prior DNR offenses.

A subject who had been revoked for three years for deer violations
bought fishing licenses and applied for a bear permit during his
last year of revocation. He is now revoked again for one

Warden Lance Burns, of Gordon, investigated a case of an untagged
deer observed by Douglas County deputies while on a call. The deer
was gone, along with the suspect, upon the warden’s arrival. Burns
and deputies obtained a statement from a witness. Numerous charges
will be filed.

District 2 – Cumberland area

Wardens Jesse Ashton, of Luck, and Chris Spaight, of Grantsburg,
checked several ice fishermen. Two citations were issued for no
fishing licenses, and one citation was issued for fishing with too
many lines.

Warden Ashton spent much of December tagging furs. He also
responded to snowmobile, trapping, and night-hunting

Warden Russ Fell, of Rice Lake, interviewed a convicted felon about
registering a deer during the season. Fell issued the subject a
citation for a group deer-hunting violation.

Warden Spaight received information on the last day of the
muzzleloader season about a hunter who had shot at a deer off a
county highway and onto private property where he did not have
permission to hunt. Spaight also received a second call on the same
hunter/vehicle prior to making contact with the suspect. Spaight
worked with the Burnett County Sheriff’s Department to complete the
investigation, which included pending charges for a felon in
possession of a firearm as well as fish and game violations.

District 3 – Park Falls area

Warden Otto, of Antigo, cited a person for transporting an uncased
crossbow. The subject also was arrested by the Langlade County
Sheriff’s Department for possession of marijuana and was
transported to jail.

Warden Otto completed an investigation on illegal baiting during
the deer season, when he found several illegal feeders and baits on
private land with cameras facing the baits. A hunter who was a
guest at the location was contacted and cited. The landowner was
cited for placing illegal feeders and baits.

Warden Ron Nerva, of Tomahawk, responded to a call about snowmobile
tracks going into an open hole in the Tomahawk River. There was a
helmet that had frozen into the ice. There were no tracks leading
away from the hole. The Tomahawk Fire Department found the stolen
snowmobile in 15 feet of water. The operator was not found and no
one is reported missing in the area.

Warden Nerva tagged numerous bobcats in December, and worked on
court cases from prior arrests.

Warden Dan Michels, of Park Falls, seized a large buck shot by a
bowhunter during the December antlerless season. The hunter stated
that he figured since the unit he was hunting in did not have any
antlerless tags available, it would be OK to hunt bucks. The deer
was confiscated, and a citation was issued.

Warden Michels confiscated two antlered deer shot with archery
equipment during the December antlerless-only season.

Warden Nick Nice, of Medford, investigated a buck with a 25-inch
spread that was shot during the antlerless season. The deer was
seized, and citations were issued.

Warden Peters, of Merrill, contacted an archer hunting without a
valid license. Peters located the subject who was hunting over a
corn pile. Citations were issued.

Warden Peters worked snowmobile patrol with the sheriff’s
department’s recreational deputy on Christmas day. Peters contacted
two fishermen fishing with too many lines on Lake Alice. Citations
were issued.

District 4 – Woodruff area

Warden Kelly Crotty, of Florence, reports that he issued citations
for camping on state land in an unauthorized location (after an
earlier warning was issued to the same subject), fishing without a
license, operating an ATV without valid registration, and hunting
coyotes without a license.

Warden Brad Dahlquist, of Crandon, in December issued citations for
fishing without a license and trapping without a license. Dahlquist
assisted GLIFWC warden Roger McGeshick with an investigation
regarding a tribal member in possession of a possible illegal
bobcat pelt. Enforcement action was taken for a registration

Warden Tim Ebert, of Minocqua, worked hunting, fishing, and
snowmobile enforcement. He received several calls about hunters
shooting bucks during the antlerless deer season in December.

Warden Jim Jung, of Rhinelander, assisted with a Managed Forest Law
leasing investigation and conducted several interviews with DNR
Ranger John Gillen. Warden Jung submitted reports to the court
regarding criminal charges against two Rhinelander individuals who
were caught shining deer while in possession of a firearm,
possession of a concealed weapon, and obstruction of a conservation

Warden Tim Price, of Eagle River, received a hotline call about an
antlerless deer that had been shot in the St. Germain area in a
buck-only unit. Warden cited one subject for harvesting the deer
illegally. The subject shot the deer from his bedroom window with a
bow, without a required backtag. Wardens Price and Rich Thole
investigated a call in the Eagle River area where they issued
several citations for unattended lines.

Warden Mike Sealander, of St. Germain, found anglers fishing with
too many lines.

Warden Rich Thole, of Boulder Junction, responded to a call about a
deer that was stuck between two deck rails at a Boulder Junction
home. An antlerless deer that was wedged between the deck rails at
her hips was struggling to get out. With a wrench provided by the
landowner, Thole removed one of the deck rails and freed the

Warden Thole issued citations to six bowhunters in December. Two
were hunting past hours on state property. Both were hunting over
too much bait. Thole investigated a complaint about a shot heard
near Oxbow Lake in Presque Isle and located a deer hanging in a
shed that was not registered. The deer was shot during the archery
season a few weeks, but the hunter stated he ran out of time to
register it. Thole also located an untagged bobcat in the subject’s

District 5 – Lower St. Croix area

Warden Bill Wrasse, of Durand, was asked to help a stranded duck
hunter on the last day of the season. The hunter had launched his
boat on the Chippewa River near Hwy. 35. The river was not frozen
and had many ice floes. The hunter had motor problems and was
stranded on an island. He was unable to walk back due to the high
water and ice. Wrasse used his “mud boat” to help the hunter.
Wrasse was able to transport the stranded hunter off the

Warden Wrasse issued a citation to an area deer farmer for
non-compliance with his deer farm fence. DATCP had reported that
this farmer had not kept up with his CWD (disease) monitoring

Warden Wrasse investigated a landowner in a hunter interference
case from November. The owner kicked off some hunters who were
legally hunting deer on open Managed Forest Land. Enforcement
action is pending.

Warden Paul Sickman, of Hudson, cited a hunter for shooting a
pheasant from a road.

Warden Sickman also took enforcement action on several goose
hunters for failing to validate and report Canada goose

Wardens Brad Peterson, of Ellsworth, and Wayne Flak, of Menomonie,
completed a deer-poaching and coon “bashing” case in the Elmwood

Warden Peterson investigated a boat that sunk in its slip at the
Harbor Bar on the Mississippi River due to heavy snowfall. Several
other boats were listing due to the snow; they were cleaned off and
remained afloat. The boat was lifted and pumped out without any
pollution issues.

Warden Jim Cleven, of Colfax, found that an illegal deer-hunting
incident that he investigated was recently closed by the St. Croix
County Circuit Court. On March 6, 2010, three males had shined and
shot a deer from a vehicle, then possessed and butchered the deer.
The shooter was found guilty of illegal deer hunting and was fined
$1,000 and lost all DNR privileges for three years, his rifle was
confiscated, and the venison was seized. He also had shot from a
road at a different location and was fined $217. The two
accomplices were fined $418.75 and $450 and lost their DNR
privileges for one year each.

District 6 – Eau Claire area

Warden Scott Bowe, of Cornell, followed up on an issue from the gun
deer season. A tagged, unregistered antlerless deer was discovered
unattended in the back of a pickup. The tag was for a unit that did
not adjoin the unit where the deer was discovered. Several attempts
to contact the vehicle owner and the tagger at the time were
unsuccessful. Bowe seized the deer and tried to contact the hunter
(who had several warrants for his arrest) whose tag was on the
deer. Bowe eventually contacted the parties and enforcement action
was taken.

Warden Cody Adams, of Chippewa Falls, spent time completing reports
on an illegal deer-poaching case from November. More than 22
criminal and civil forfeiture citations were issued to a group of
people who had shined and shot several deer in the Chippewa County

Wardens Adam Hanna, of Clark County, and Paul Leezer, of Marathon
County, conducted a taxidermy audit that resulted in enforcement
action for failure to maintain taxidermist records and possession
of an untagged bobcat. The action was taken based upon a previous
audit conducted by Leezer a couple of years ago in which the
deficiencies were addressed with the taxidermist. A criminal charge
of possession of untagged deer was forwarded to the Clark County

Warden Hanna contacted a bowhunter who was hunting on public
property during the muzzleloader season without any blaze orange or
backtag displayed.

In December, warden Hanna issued citations exceeding $14,000 to
chronic illegal junk yard offenders. In both cases, no measures had
been taken to protect waters of the state from automotive

Warden Hanna received a call about an injured trumpeter swan near
Hwy. 73. Hanna enlisted the help of several citizens who assisted
in the capture of the swan. The swan had an injured wing and was
taken to the Raptor Education Group in Antigo for treatment.

Warden Scott Thiede, of Eau Claire, investigated a call about a
turkey being shot while it roosted in a tree in a residential area.
An investigation revealed that a guest of a homeowner shot the
turkey using a .22 rifle. The shooter did not have a license or
tag. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Thiede checked two men who had slid down a steep bank of
deep snow to fish open water along the Eau Claire River. The
anglers were in possession of an undersized walleye. One of the
anglers was fishing without a license. Enforcement action was

District 7 – Wisconsin Rapids area

While checking ice fishermen on Lake Wausau, warden Ben Herzfeldt,
of Schofield, contacted two subjects pulling a portable shack off
the ice; both were very intoxicated. Both had been fishing and one
did not have a license. The subject without a license with him
verbally identified himself; however, Herzfeldt found that the
information he gave the warden was not correct. The subject then
began to walk away, stating Herzfeldt was going to ruin his life.
The subject fell to the ice and began kicking and screaming.
Herzfeldt placed the man under arrest and was assisted by the State
Patrol in getting the man off the ice. The subject was scheduled to
check himself into jail for an OWI conviction later that

Warden Herzfeldt completed an investigation from the fall regarding
a deer that was shot over an illegal bait pile. Herzfeldt found
that an archery hunter trespassed and shot a doe over an illegal
bait pile, and also killed another doe in a regular unit and put a
herd-control tag on it. Enforcement action was taken for hunting
over bait and for killing the doe without a unit-specific tag, and
the individual was told to pick up carcasses he had dumped while

Warden Paul Leezer, of Wausau, delivered a black bear head and hide
to a taxidermist in the Mosinee area. The bear had been harvested
illegally in Marathon County. The bear will be mounted and
displayed at the Mead State Wildlife Area near Milladore.

Warden Leezer stopped a snowmobiler for illegal operation on a
county highway. The snowmobile operator had not taken a snowmobile
safety class as required by law. Enforcement action was

Warden Mike Rader, of Wausau, received a call about subjects
shooting turkeys near Spencer. Upon investigation, Rader found one
subject had shot and wounded a turkey with buckshot while rabbit
hunting and left it in the woods. An investigation revealed that
the subject did not possess a valid turkey tag and also shot at
songbirds during the rabbit hunt. Enforcement action was

Warden Rader received several complaints about illegal deer feeding
and baiting in the Wausau area. Enforcement action was taken
against a homeowner, and the other cases are under

Wardens Barry Meister and Jon Scharbarth, both of Stevens Point,
were able to locate a person feeding deer who has been doing it for
about 20 years. The subject was feeding in a feeder on the ground.
A citation was issued, and the feed was cleaned up.

While checking a group of coyote hunters out pursuing a coyote,
warden Scharbarth made contact with two hunters who had loaded
firearms in their vehicles.

Warden Scharbarth took enforcement action against some ice
fishermen for not having fishing licenses and for fishing with too
many lines.

Warden Barry Fetting, of Marshfield, received a call from a citizen
who reportedly observed an otter trying to escape a trap one day
and lying dead at the trap two days later. Fetting collected the
otter and spoke with the trapper. The subject admitted that the
trap was set for mink and muskrats and that he forgot the trap
while retrieving others in the area. Enforcement action was

Wardens Fetting and Stewart Smith, of Wisconsin Rapids, tagged fur
at a tagging night at the Central Wisconsin Sportsman Club near
Marshfield. The wardens inspected and tagged numerous pelts of
otters, bobcats, and fishers.

Wardens Smith and Scharbarth investigated a incident in which a
hunter was struck in the finger by a muzzleloader round that
ricocheted off of a tree after striking a deer. The victim never
received medical treatment, as the round barely broke the

District 8 – La Crosse area

Warden Bob Jumbeck, of Alma, collected three otters and one bobcat
in December due to incidental catches by local trappers.

Warden Jumbeck worked snowmobile enforcement due to a heavy
snowfall early in December, resulting in several violations:
operating on a roadway, and operating without valid safety
certificate and without valid registration.

Warden Mike Cross, of Prairie du Chien, delivered citations to four
people involved in a major poaching case and set up two new outlets
for snowmobile trail passes.

Warden Henry Bauman, of Onalaska, issued a citation to a deer
hunter for transporting an illegal deer. Bauman also arrested a
Galesville septage hauler who was wanted on three warrants out of
La Crosse County and four warrants out of Monroe County for unpaid
environmental-related citations issued by Bauman. The suspect
posted cash bond totaling $4,904. Bauman issued a citation to a
snowmobile operator for operating without valid registration in the
West Salem area.

Warden Bauman issued a citation to a deer hunter/landowner in
Trempealeau County for interfering with hunting after the hunter
placed and loudly played a boom box in the woods to interfere with
his neighbor’s gun deer hunt during the gun deer season.

Warden Shawna Stringham, of Viroqua, seized two bucks shot during
the antlerless season. Warden Dale Hochhausen, of Stoddard,
investigated ag damage and hunting deer from the road

District 9 – Black River Falls area

Warden Robin Barnhardt, of Osseo, investigated a case involving a
convicted felon who had been registering gun-killed deer for
several years in Trempealeau County. The investigation determined
that the suspect had been hunting deer with his bow during the gun
deer season, and then registering his bow-killed deer as gun kills
each year since 2007. The archery deer season is closed during the
gun deer season. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Barnhardt worked snowmobile enforcement in Trempealeau
County in December. Citations and warnings were issued for
snowmobile safety, registration, and snowmobile speed

Warden Wade Romberg, of Friendship, issued citations in December
for hunting deer without a valid tag, illegal baiting, snowmobile
violations, ATV violations, and fishing violations.

Wardens Romberg and Bill Miller, of Adams County, contacted an
individual and issued citations for allowing an underage person to
operate an unregistered snowmobile. The snowmobile was not
registered and had different registration decals attached, and the
operator had not taken a snowmobile safety class as required. The
owner of the snowmobile was cited by Miller for the same two
violations last February.

Warden Eric Grudzinski, of Mauston, continued investigation into a
deer case from November involving two illegal deer. One of the
suspects has been arrested, and two other suspects had to be
contacted. Evidence shows that both deer were shot with a rifle
during the closed season.

Warden Matt Weber, of Necedah, contacted a hunter who had shot a
buck over an illegal corn/apple bait during the archery season.
Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Mark Little, of Tomah, issued citations for fishing without
a license and failing to register a snowmobile during

Warden Matt Modjeski, of Sparta, investigated deer-poaching case
involving shooting from a roadway during the muzzleloader season in
Monroe County. An investigation revealed the hunter, who shot from
his backyard, had used a muzzleloader to harvest an 8-point buck.
Modjeski did not find any road, license, or group deer-hunting
violations. However, the hunter was a convicted felon and could not
possess a firearm. Modjeski also found the hunter shot and
registered a muzzleloader-killed buck in 2009. A Monroe County
deputy seized the muzzleloader, arrested the hunter for felony
possession of a firearm, and transported him to the jail.

Warden Modjeski worked archery, ice fishing, gun deer, and
snowmobile enforcement. Several warnings were issued. Citations
were issued for operating a snowmobile without valid registration
and operating a snowmobile without a valid safety

Warden Modjeski attended a hearing for a former Monroe County
resident who was found guilty of numerous environmental violations
between 2006 and 2009 that included open burning, air pollution,
stormwater pollution, and illegal handling of solid waste, PCBs,
and hazardous waste. The violator was ordered to pay over $48,000,
including attorney’s fees and DNR sampling costs.

Warden Modjeski investigated a hotline complaint about two deer
shot with a firearm on the east side of Jackson County; the deer
were tagged with archery carcass tags. Modjeski contacted both
hunters and seized one of the deer. His investigation revealed the
deer was shot in a regular deer management unit, but was tagged
with a herd-control/EAB deer management carcass tag because the
hunter failed to purchase a regular unit tag. In addition, the deer
registration form was intentionally completed with incorrect deer
management information. Citations were issued for the

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