IL: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 2

Region I

A Utica man was charged by District 6 CPOs for hunting over a
baited area, unlawful feeding of wildlife and hunting without
permission. The man told the officer that he was feeding the deer
to keep them healthy and to grow big antlers.

A District 7 CPO observed several ATVs leaving a farm field ridden
by hunters in blaze orange. Three of the hunters failed to unload
their firearms prior to putting them in their gun cases. All three
were issued citations for transporting loaded firearms on an

A District 7 CPO observed a 16-year-old hunter with a loaded
muzzleloader more than one half hour after sunset deer hunting in
McDonough County. He was accompanied by his father. The youth only
had Schuyler County deer tags, a camo blaze orange hat, and no
valid FOID card. His father’s FOID status was revoked. The son was
issued a citation for hunting after hours, the father for accessory
to deer hunting without a valid permit. Warnings were issued for
the other violations. The firearm was seized as evidence.

A District 7 Officer received a complaint of a subject illegally
baiting deer. The officer found the subject hunting over the baited
area and in possession of an untagged deer. The officer interviewed
the subject and got a confession that the subject had been using
another person’s deer tags in previous years. The subject confessed
to harvesting three antlered deer in 2009, two 8-pointers and a
10-pointer. The subject had two of the deer mounted.

A District 1 CPO arrested a subject for taking an antlered deer
without a valid tag. The subject received a second citation for
using his daughter’s tag on the deer. The six-point buck was seized
and a $250 civil penalty was issued.

District 1 CPOs responded to a complaint of hunting without
permission. The CPOs located the hunter on the property and he had
shot one deer and was tracking another. This same hunter had
previously been warned by one of the CPOs not to be on the
property. The hunter was cited for hunting without permission, no
permit in possession while hunting, failure to immediately tag
deer, and attempting to take deer without valid deer permit. The
deer was seized and donated to the Sportsmen Against Hunger
program. Also seized was a 12-gauge shotgun, one treestand, one
grunt call, and one either sex permit. The hunter was arrested for
criminal trespass and was transported to the county jail.

Two District 6 CPOs cited a hunter and his 22-year-old son. Both
hunters had untagged deer that had been moved, and both hunters had
unplugged shotguns.

A District 6 CPO cited two 15-year-old juveniles for operating an
ATV on the roadway. One of the ATVs had popped a wheelie. The
juveniles stated that they knew it was illegal. The juveniles
stated that their parents knew what they were doing it. The parents
were previously warned that it was illegal.

A hunter was cited for hunting deer over a baited area and hunting
deer without a plugged shotgun.

It was reported that during the firearms deer season two
individuals (wearing camouflage) were dropped off near the
Vermilion River and entered the woods. Upon checking for illegal
hunting, a District 6 CPO and sergeant saw the individuals were
camping on the property instead of hunting. A male was found in
possession of a tin container with “Cannabis” stamped on the lid.
The container contained a small amount of cannabis. He was also in
possession of a glass pipe with burnt residue that he attempted to
hide. A bottle of alcohol was nearby. The other male wearing
camouflage admitted that a bottle of alcohol was his, but stated
that it was just used for cooking. The bottle of Arbor Mist was
seized. The two individuals were taken to a local Police Department
and charged.

District 7 personnel and the USFWS conducted a roadside game check
in Fulton County. The four-hour detail resulted in 100 vehicles
being inspected for compliance with fish and game laws. Written
warnings were issued for a variety of fish, game, boating and
vehicle code violations. Citations were issued for possession of
cannabis and paraphernalia, wanted on warrant, no valid driver’s
license, loaded and uncased firearm, falsification of deer permits.
Waterfowl violations for transport/tagging were handled by the

A District 6 CPO stopped a vehicle that was traveling slowly down a
rural roadway in an area known for illegal hunting. The CPO pulled
alongside the vehicle and talked to the driver. The driver admitted
to looking for deer. The CPO asked to look for weapons. As the CPO
was walking to the vehicle, the front passenger partially opened
the door and made movements on his right side. The CPO opened the
door and noticed the passenger holding two beer bottles. The front
passenger and the rear passenger admitted the bottles were theirs.
The CPO checked the vehicle for more alcohol and weapons. No other
open containers or weapons were found. The passengers were cited
for open alcohol. Additionally, the front passenger was taken to
jail as he was wanted on a $50,000 warrant.

A District 7 Officer received a complaint of subjects hunting
railroad property without permission. The officer located the
subjects and cited them for hunting without permission.

A District 7 CPO conducted an investigation into an out of state
hunter outfitting in McDonough County. Several hunters were checked
and interviewed along with other witnesses. The hunter had
subleased the farm from an Illinois outfitting company. He was
exchanging favors in his home state for opportunities to hunt on
the farm and had also accepted payments of $1,000 each from three
hunters for week long hunts. He was issued a citation for
outfitting without an Illinois outfitter permit and advised that he
would have to secure a permit prior to any additional paying
hunters being able to use the farm.

An archery deer hunter was found to be hunting without hunting
license, habitat stamp, or a deer permit by a District 7 CPO.

Region II

CPOs arrested three subjects for hunting without permission. The
subjects used to have permission from the previous landowner to
hunt, knew the property had been sold, but decided that there were
too many deer on the property and decided to take the chance and
hunt anyway.

A jury convicted a Wonder Lake resident arrested on the charges of
aggravated operation of a watercraft while under the influence of
alcohol, and aggravated operation of a watercraft with a BAC above
.08%, (BAC .179%) resulting in the death of a 21-year-old

CPOs cited the operator of a rental boat on the Fox River for
insufficient PFD’s (personal flotation devices). The operator
stated he rented the boat (with expired registration) from a
business/bar. The CPOs interviewed the business owner who had no
boat rental license, and expired registration on all six boats. He
was cited for un-numbered watercraft, no boat rental license, and
no Fox Waterway user sticker.

CPOs arrested an individual at the Chain O’ Lakes state park for
possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams and possession of drug
paraphernalia. The subject walked into the gate house where one CPO
was with a strong odor of burnt cannabis on his breath and
clothing. When questioned, the subject stated “Do you think I would
be stupid enough to smoke marijuana and then walk in here?”

Region III

A CPO responded to a TIPS complaint of hog confinement waste
pouring into a dry creek bed in rural Cumberland County. The
investigation revealed that the transfer of the waste from one
holding lagoon to another resulted in the overflowing of the lagoon
and the waste accumulated in the dry streambed. The waste leak was
stopped and as much waste as possible was removed from the
streambed. The owner of the facility was cited for pollution of a

A CPO investigated a gunshot wound incident at the Hand Trap Range
at the Shelbyville State Fish & Wildlife Area. The victim from
Peru, Ill., shot himself in the right leg with a .22-caliber pistol
in his waistband while posing for a picture. The man was
transported to a Decatur Hospital and is expected to survive. One
of the other persons present with the victim was cited for
transporting uncased firearms in a vehicle.

A district sergeant and CPO responded to an in-progress complaint
of two ginseng harvesters digging ginseng on private property
without permission of the landowner in rural Coles County. One of
the men was found to not have a required wild ginseng harvester’s
license and he was also wanted on an active Coles County arrest
warrant for failure to appear on a drug paraphernalia charge. The
men were from Chrisman and Henning, and one was on parole from the
Department of Corrections and one was on probation out of Edgar

Region IV

A CPO was patrolling Montgomery County working archery deer
hunters. During his patrol he arrested two subjects hunting baited
areas. One subject was hunting over cracked corn and a salt block
and the other was hunting over “C’mere Deer” and corn.

A CPO responded to a call of coon hunters running dogs during the
closed season in Montgomery County. The CPO located the subjects
and found them in possession of a rifle and one freshly killed
raccoon. The subjects received several citations, and the rifle and
raccoon were seized as evidence.

CPOs were patrolling Montgomery County looking for coon hunters and
potential deer poachers. They observed four subjects hunting coons
and set up surveillance with night vision equipment. The subjects
harvested a raccoon and headed back to their truck. The officers
were ready to make contact with the subjects when they drove onto
the road but instead they drove out into a cornfield and began
shining the field. Another vehicle was then observed and they too
began shining the fields with lights.

A CPO responded to a call involving a farmer shooting from a
combine. The CPO made contact with the farmer and found him in
possession of a .30-06 rifle loaded and uncased in the combine. The
farmer illegally shot a coyote, doe, and a 10-point buck with the
rifle from the combine while shelling corn.

A CPO and district sergeant interviewed a subject, identified by a
bowhunter, for shooting at deer from a vehicle with a rifle in
Randolph County. The subject not only confessed to the incident in
question, but also admitted to being involved with a poaching spree
during the summer. This information was part of an investigation
being conducted involving a “Thrill Killing” spree near the Turkey
Bluff area. The subject admitted to being part of the killing of at
least nine deer in one evening.

Region V

A CPO arrested a convicted felon who shot a deer but only had the
head and antlers. The subject left the deer in the field because he
had all he wanted off the deer.

A district sergeant handled a hunting accident in Fayette County.
Nine subjects were conducting a deer drive. A deer jumped up, ran
between and behind the hunting party members in thick brush. One
subject shot at the deer after he thought it passed the other
person to his left. The slug entered the victim’s head just below
the right ear, travelled behind the skull and spine and lodged in
the muscles on the left side of his neck. The victim is expected to

A CPO arrested two guys hunting without permission in Union County.
One had no valid permit and he had just moved back three weeks ago
and had a resident permit.

A CPO cited a Florida hunter in Pope County without a license in
possession and no habitat stamp.

A CPO responded to a fishing complaint, fishing without permission
at Burning Star No. 5 Mine. Two citations written, and all fish
were released back to the water.

A CPO responded to a timber complaint. A Jackson County landowner
assumed that a neighboring timber cut had come onto his property
and cut small trees and tore up his gravel road with a skidder.
After an investigation, it was found out that it was the USFWS fire
crew that had cut small trees on his property for a burn protection

A CPO arrested an Alexander County man for unlawful transportation
of a bow.

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