Cries For Gun Control Don’t Go Far Enough

Congressman Peter King, a New York Republican, wants to make a
law that keeps anyone with a loaded firearm 1,000 feet from a
Federal official. C’mon Peter. Do you really think that is

Consider that every year between 30 and 50 people are killed or
injured by Christmas tree fires. I think it a good idea if we
extend this law to say that a Federal official cannot come within
1,000 feet of a Christmas tree.

And what about swimming pools. Every year there are over 300 deaths
– mostly children – and over 2,000 hospital emergency room visits
attributable to these concrete ponds. I think it would be unwise
not to include pools in this law and keep Federal officials at
least 1,000 feet away from any open water.

Mud has been a problem lately, killing over 600 people in Brazil.
Now I know that congressmen and women are good at wallowing in
smelly brown stuff. Heck, they spew it from their mouths at regular
intervals, but that’s not deadly mud. So wouldn’t it be a good idea
to include mud in this law, Peter, and keep Federal officials at
least 1,000 feet away from this potential killer?

Every year about 40,000 people end up six feet under from a vehicle
death. When you consider how dangerous a motor vehicle is it makes
you wonder if we shouldn’t keep a Federal official at least 2,000
feet away from one of those killing machines.

My prediction last week that lawmakers would come out of the
woodwork – or in their case, the slime – to push a bunch of new
anti-gun laws because of the Arizona shooting was an easy call.
These opportunists are pushing laws to downsize magazines (clips)
and some want to bring back the useless laws that were around
during the Clinton era.

It’s all a waste of time, energy and money. If we wish to shift the
focus of our energy from the tragedy to a remedy that will keep
this from happening again, we need to point our sights (there I go
with that inflammatory language) at the shooter and only the
shooter. He is alleged to be paranoid schizophrenic and violent in
nature. It’s too bad our politically correct friends in Congress
find it appalling to blame an individual for his actions and choose
to hide this fact by decoying their actions with lots of extra
emphasis on gun control.

Fortunately I don’t see the existing Congress kowtowing to these
idiotic arguments that more gun control means less gun crime. Just
think what might have happened though, if this tragedy had happened
while Obama had the Democrats in control. They say that timing is
everything. It is in this case.


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