Thursday, February 9th, 2023
Thursday, February 9th, 2023

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Open letter to Jeff Foiles: Was it worth it?

What’s the difference between Jeff Foiles and Paris Hilton? Not
much if you ask me! They’ve used and abused their money and status,
and now it’s gone and backfired on them! Yet in my opinion, the
biggest difference is that Miss Hilton is, for the most part, only
doing harm to herself. Mr. Foiles, on the other hand, is tampering
with quite literally the future of entire species! Worse yet, every
time I open a hunting publication, I’m blasted with another story
of a professional hunter/guide being convicted of illegal

I seriously wonder what is wrong with these people who call
themselves sportsmen!  It’s the same as stealing from a store or
business. The prices are driven up, and it’s the law-abiding folk
who suffer. Worse, though, is taking from wildlife what is beyond
the legal limits. These limits are set in place for important
reasons obviously too complex for lesser-minded individuals to
understand! It doesn’t matter if it’s one bluegill over the daily
limit, or shooting a giant buck when you’ve already filled your
tag. The thoughtless individuals who break the law give the rest of
us a bad name. Not to mention that when you overtake from the
delicate balance of our ecosystems, you stand a chance that you
won’t ever be able to get it back!

I’d like to call upon any individual, who has been convicted of
acting with complete disregard for wildlife in all its forms, and
ask them one lone question. Was it worth it?


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