DNR, locals set to submerge trees in northern Wisconsin lakes

MADISON, Wis. (AP) – The Wisconsin Department of Natural
Resources, property owners and conservationists are getting ready
to add more underwater trees to four northern Wisconsin lakes.

Fish, frogs and other aquatic wildlife use submerged trees for
food and cover, but DNR officials say fewer trees are falling in
the lakes. The agency says more shoreline lawns have meant fewer
trees and shoreline property owners tend to clean up fallen

The so-called “Fish Sticks” project calls for the DNR,
property owners and conservation groups to anchor fallen trees to
shore in Upper St. Croix Lake in Douglas County and in Upper Eau
Claire, Shunenberg and Devils lakes in Bayfield County. When ice on
the lakes melts, the trees will sink.

Work is expected to begin this month.


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