IL: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 26

Region I

A District 7 CPO and USFW officers worked the opening weekend of
the central waterfowl zone. While observing hunters from a private
blind, they observed a subject pursuing a crippled duck. The
subject stopped his boat and exited without loading his shotgun.
The subject then walked up to the blind that the officers were in
and began walking around. An officer exited the blind and
approached the subject. The officer explained that the subject was
hunting without permission. The officer checked the shotgun and
observed it was loaded. The officer explained that the gun needed
to remain unloaded until the motor has been shut off. The officer
also observed a watercraft number display error. The subject was
cited and released.

A District 6 CPO responded to a hunting without permission
complaint in Boone County. A landowner reported to the Boone County
Sheriff’s Department seeing two archery deer hunters out of his
kitchen window dragging a white-tailed doe out of his 5-acre woods.
The investigation revealed one of the archery deer hunters had
arrowed the doe from a neighboring 80-acre field but the deer ran
into the 5-acre wooded property before expiring. Not only did the
two hunters not obtain permission to retrieve the deer from the
complainant, they were caught dragging the deer out of the area
untagged. The complainant, who was a former hunter himself,
requested warnings be issued instead of citations to the two men
for unlawful hunting without permission. The hunter who harvested
the deer was also issued a citation for failure to tag his deer
immediately upon kill as required.

A CPO wrapped up a month-long investigation. Two Whiteside County
men were arrested on multiple hunting and other violations. One
subject left a disturbing telephone message on a property owner’s
phone. This subject then set up a treestand and was hunting on the
landowner’s property. The second hunter was hunting a baited area.
The area was baited with a product known as “Deer Cocaine,” salt
and a liquid molasses mix known as “Stump Licker.” The second man
harvested two deer off this area. The first man was charged with
hunting without permission of owner, hunting without a habitat
stamp and telephone harassment. The second man was charged with two
counts of unlawful taking of deer over a baited area, hunting over
a baited area and driving revoked. A Mathews bow and arrows and two
treestands were seized during the arrest in the field.

A District 7 CPO worked a trespassing complaint where a subject’s
photographs were taken by a trail camera. No charges of trespassing
were filed, but one of the subjects was cited for not having a
valid deer hunting permit, hunting license or habitat stamp. An
8-point buck was confiscated as evidence.

A District 6 CPO observed two men snagging from a boat on the
Illinois River. The men were apprehended and charged with snagging
in waters closed to snagging. Additionally, the operator of the
boat was charged with insufficient number of personal flotation
devices on board the watercraft and for operating the vessel
without registration.

A District 7 CPO received a TIPS complaint in 2008 of an individual
baiting deer. The officer was unable to apprehend the subject but
continued to search for the subject’s stands. While working this
year, the officer located the area and discovered an area
containing 20 piles of corn and two salt blocks. The officer
arrived at the location periodically until one morning he located
the subject hunting. The officer observed the subject take buckets
of corn and sweeten all the piles. The officer waited and made
contact with the subject when he was walking back to his car with
the buckets in his hand. The subject was issued citations for
baiting and hunting over bait.

A CPO arrested an archery deer hunter hunting over a baited area
and took enforcement action.

A CPO investigated a reported cougar sighting near Morrison
Rockwood State Park. The report stated there was a trail camera
picture taken. It was determined the person who reported the
sighting was trying to discourage other hunters from hunting the
area so he would have better success. The picture turned out to be
a fake downloaded from the Internet.

Region II

A CPO arrested a subject at the Volo Bog Natural Area for hunting
white-tailed deer without a non-resident hunting license or habitat

A CPO cited an archery deer hunter in Lake County for unlawfully
using a crossbow without a permit.

A CPO cited a waterfowl hunter in McHenry County for hunting with
an unplugged shotgun.

A CPO cited two waterfowl hunters for hunting after legal shooting
hours and wanton waste after receiving a TIPS complaint.

A CPO cited an archery deer hunter for hunting over bait.

A CPO cited two subjects in Lake County for hunting deer by the aid
of bait. One subject was also trapping squirrels.

A CPO cited a Michigan resident for falsification of application
for three resident archery deer permits, no hunting license, no
habitat stamp, and hunting deer without permits in

A CPO responded to a landowner complaint of an archery deer hunter
hunting without permission. The landowner posted a letter on the
deer stand days earlier informing the hunter he was illegally
hunting on his property. The hunter returned to the area to remove
the deer stand, but brought his bow and decided to hunt one more
time. The landowner was hunting 50 yards away and called DNR after
seeing the hunter in the deer stand. A citation was issued to the

A CPO cited a pheasant hunter at the Chain O’ Lakes State Park for
hunting with toxic shot where non-toxic shot only is allowed.

Region III

A CPO arrested a subject for unlawfully possessing a firearm while
his FOID privileges were denied.

A CPO arrested a hunter who was wanted on a $2,500 warrant out of
Champaign County.

A CPO arrested a Macon County hunter for the unlawful taking of
deer, hunting over bait, and archery hunting white-tailed deer
without a valid permit.

A CPO arrested two Macon County subjects for unlawful possession of
crack cocaine. The CPO arrested the subjects while working near
Lincoln Trail Homestead State Park in Macon County.

A CPO arrested three Macon County females for unlawful possession
of cannabis and paraphernalia. The CPO observed the group smoking
cannabis while working in Spitler Woods State Park in Mount

CPOs arrested a Maroa resident for numerous deer hunting
violations. The subject was arrested for unlawfully taking more
than two bucks and unlawfully tagging of deer with archery permits
during the firearms deer season.

Region IV

CPOs responded to a report of a missing archery hunter in the
Coffeen Lake Management area in Montgomery County. The hunter had
called relatives at 5:40 p.m. the evening before and stated he had
shot a deer and was going to track it. This was the last contact
the family had with the hunter and when he did not return the next
morning, they called Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. The
officers assisted with a search of the area and the hunter was
located. Unfortunately, the hunter was found deceased. All
indications suggest he had a heart attack.

A CPO and an intern responded to a TIP complaint in southeast Bond
County. The complainant stated that a subject had killed a deer and
another subject was tagging it with their tag. The complainant also
stated he was on scene and the incident was ongoing. The CPO
arrived on scene and found the complaint was between family members
and was over a deer that one family member had shot several years
earlier. The CPO quickly became a referee and had to gain control
of the family feud. He was able to settle down both parties without
incident. No enforcement was taken.

A CPO handled an interesting situation. He had located the
carcasses of two large bucks dumped in a creek in Monroe County.
The head and cape of both bucks was the only parts of the deer that
had been removed. The CPO pulled the carcasses out of the creek the
best he could so he could determine the cause of death. As luck
would have it, the district sergeant called the CPO and the officer
told his sergeant what he was doing. The district sergeant then
told him about two bucks found dead with their antlers locked
together on the Kaskaskia River. He went on to tell the officer
that another CPO had made contact with the hunter that found them
and issued him a citation for moving the racks without first
notifying an officer. The CPO, feeling the deer had not been
poached, tagged the deer for the hunter so he could get them
mounted. This same hunter just so happened to live just a half mile
away from the dump site. The CPO, armed with this information, made
contact with the subject and he admitted to dumping the carcasses
in the creek.

A CPO was patrolling the Lenzburg area in St. Clair County one
evening working archery hunters. He located two hunters trespassing
on private property, no hunting licenses, no habitat stamp, and no
deer permits. One subject also had an active warrant. This subject
was taken to jail and their hunting equipment was seized, and they
were given several citations apiece.

A CPO made a return visit to a subject in Monroe County he had
inspected with a game breeder’s permit a couple of years ago. The
CPO had issued the subject written warnings for not keeping the
appropriate records. In this case, the subject did not have any
records. This visit found the subject had made a feeble attempt at
keeping records and that he had not renewed his game breeder’s
license since the last inspection. No warnings were issued on this

Region V

A CPO received a complaint from a landowner of trespassing in
Alexander County. He arrived and found a truck backed down a boat
launch area (private) into Clear Creek. There was a large sign that
said “Keep Out” at the launch. He asked the owner what he wanted
done with the two subjects. Owner said he wanted them charged. He
issued a citation to each subject for criminal trespass.

A CPO is investigating a man in Pulaski County who had shot a
bobcat at night near his barn. The man is claiming that the bobcat
appeared to be in a strike posture; therefore he shot and killed

A CPO caught a White County bowhunter hunting over bait, no hunting
license, no habitat stamp, and no valid deer permit. The CPO issued
the appropriate citations and seized the hunter’s bow.

A CPO is investigating hunters who are only taking skull caps from
harvested bucks and leaving carcasses at kill sites.

A CPO cited a bowhunter for hunting on a POH tag on property he
does not own, lease or rent.

A CPO caught a subject shooting at a deer from a roadway above a
creek in Franklin County. The subject was issued appropriate

A CPO investigated a complaint of hunting without permission in
Pope County involving two male subjects. It was found that the two
subjects were cousins and had been told several times in the past
to stay off of this private property that the landowner lived in
another county. The two went onto the property with the intent of
shooting a white-tailed deer with a .223 rifle and they succeeded.
They apparently loaded the deer into the younger cousin’s truck and
did not put the tailgate up. After getting back onto public road
they developed truck problems and noticed the deer had fallen out
of the bed of the truck. They walked home and decided to retrieve
the deer the next day if the landowner was not around. Late morning
they returned to the private property with the other cousin’s small
car. They drove around the locked gate to the back of the property
where the deer had fallen out of the truck the night before. They
stated they saw some deer so the other cousin shot a small buck
with his cousin’s .223 rifle. Both subjects were charged with
unlawful taking of white-tailed deer by use of a rifle, accessory
of taking white-tailed deer by use of a rifle and hunting without
permission. They were also issued several written warnings, and the
rifle was seized.

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