WI DNR Snow & Outdoor Report: Dec. 16

Another winter storm last weekend blanked most of the state with
an additional 6 to as much as 20 inches of snow, with the central
portion of the state receiving the heaviest snowfall. The far
southeast portion of the state received the least amount with only
a couple of inches or less reported. Snow depths now range from an
inch or two in the far southeast, to 18 to 20 inches in west
central Wisconsin. The far north and northeast has a bit less snow,
with about 8 to 16 inches on the ground.

The new snow allowed snowmobile trails to open in more than two
dozen counties across the state, with the most trails open in the
south central, northwest and northern areas of the state, according
to the Department of Tourism Snow Conditions Report (exit DNR).
Last week’s snowstorm started as freezing rain and slush, which
brought down tree branches in many areas. Many local snowmobile
clubs are actively working to clear and groom trails and more
trails could open this week, especially if the state receives more
snow. Remember, trails are opened on a local level, with clubs and
county snowmobile coordinators determining when trails can open.
Using trails before they are officially open is trespass and could
result in trail damage and the loss of trail easements with private

Many state parks and forests have been grooming and tracking
cross-country ski trails, with conditions ranging from fair to


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