MN DNR offers a variety of books for holiday gifts

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has a
variety of books available this holiday season. Outdoor topics
range from bird feeding to landscaping, nature appreciation to

The works of Carrol Henderson, DNR Nongame Wildlife Program
supervisor, are top sellers among books of its kind in

Henderson’s “Wild about Birds: The DNR Bird Feeding Guide” includes
tips on 44 types of food and offers woodshop basics for
construction of 26 different feeders, that will help increase the
number and species of birds using their feeders.

“Woodworking for Wildlife,” which has just been revised, has more
than 300 color photographs and 30 designs for wildlife nest boxes.
The book, authored by Henderson, includes diagrams for building
bird houses, next boxes and platforms to attract wildlife. It
provides the latest information on how to attract everything from
bluebird, chickadees, purple martins, wood ducks to bumblebees,
toads, owls and woodpeckers.

“Landscaping for Wildlife” is packed with color photos and
diagrams that show how to attract wildlife to your property using
inexpensive, easy-to-follow landscaping plans.

“Restore Your Shore” is a multimedia CD-Rom that offers
innovative solutions to common shoreland problems, includes
worksheets and forms to design/implement your design plan using a
customized plant list from an extensive searchable database of more
than 400 native plants.

The “Traveler’s Guide to Wildlife in Minnesota” was co-authored by
Henderson, Andrea Lee Lambrecht and the DNR nongame wildlife
specialists. The Traveler’s Guide, written for novice and veteran
wildlife watchers alike, features 120 special places to observe and
photograph wildlife in Minnesota, with easy to read maps, and
information about facilities and recreational opportunities about
each site.

The books and CD-Rom can be ordered from bookstores and online

They are also available from the Minnesota’s Bookstore in St.
Paul and can be ordered on line at or by calling
651-297-3000 or toll-free 800-657-3757.


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