Ice and Anterless Deer: WI DNR Report

Most of Wisconsin received its first significant snowfall of the
year in the last week. Heavies snowfall was in the northwest part
of the state with heavier snow also along the western border of the
state. The northeast received just a dusting and still has no to
minimal snow cover. Snow depths ranged from a foot in Iron County,
to 4 to 6 inches in western counties, to 2 to 4 inches through
central, southern and southeastern Wisconsin.

With cold temperatures, ice-up was progressing rapidly across
the state. Northern lakes have 4 to six inches of ice. Ice is
forming on lakes are in central and southern Wisconsin, with some
smaller lakes and bays having 2 to 4 inches of ice, but many larger
lakes still having open water or minimal ice cover. There were a
number of reports of early ice anglers going through the ice this
week, including a truck that went through 4 inches of ice on Mirror
Lake, an ATV that went through the ice on Lake Koshkonong and an
angler going through the ice on Monona Bay in Dane County….

A four-day antlerless deer hunt runs from
Thursday through Sunday this week. The hunt is open statewide, but
most activity will take place in herd-control and regular deer
management units that had antlerless permits available. Skiers,
hikers, tree-cutters and anyone else venturing out this weekend is
strongly encouraged to wear blaze orange or other brightly colored


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