The Huntress says Hello!

Hey everyone! My name is Keri Butt, and I’m pumped to be a part
of the new and improved Illinois Outdoor News website!

A lifetime resident of northern Illinois, my drive in life comes
from two things: my family, and hunting. Life as I now know it has
not always been this way. Ten years ago, I’m ashamed to say that I
was nothing short of materialistic and my only drive consisted of
the one to the shopping mall!

Thanks to my husband, Brian, it all changed with his hunting
videos. I hated when he’d pop them in at night, but at some point
they got to me. One day, I found myself watching an Archer’s Choice
DVD while he was at work!

Now, eight years later, my obsession, my craving, is bow hunting.
Hunting has transformed my life in ways unimaginable. It has
brought an awareness of what really matters in life to me, and to
those I share my days with.

I’ve had the privilege of writing for IODN for about a year now,
and I’m excited for this new opportunity to swap gear advice,
hunting stories and anecdotes with its readers!

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