Saturday, February 4th, 2023
Saturday, February 4th, 2023

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Results in for Ohio’s Fall Turkey Season

Ohio’s fall wild turkey season ended November 28 with 1,336
birds killed during the seven-week season. Ashtabula County led the
state with 75 birds taken, according to the Ohio Department of
Natural Resources (ODNR), Division of Wildlife. Last year, 2,180
birds were taken.

“The decline in the fall turkey harvest we observed from 2009 to
2010 was not unexpected. Acorn mast crop failures like we observed
in 2009 typically result in increased hunter success and higher
fall turkey harvests because turkeys feed in open areas, such as
agricultural fields and pastures,” said Wildlife Biologist Mike
Reynolds. “Bumper acorn crops like we’ve experienced in 2010 often
lead to reduced hunting success and harvests because turkeys are
feeding on acorns in the forest, and are often widely scattered and
difficult for hunters to locate.”

The fall turkey season which ran October 9 through November 28,
allowed hunters the choice of pursuing a bird with a shotgun,
muzzleloading shotgun, bow or crossbow. Hunters had 48 counties in
which to pursue a wild turkey of either sex.

Before the start of this fall’s hunting season, Ohio’s estimated
wild turkey population was around 230,000. As many as 20,000
people, not counting private landowners hunting on their own
property, enjoyed Ohio’s fall wild turkey season.

The top 10 counties for fall turkey harvest were: Ashtabula-75,
Licking-57, Trumbull-56, Knox-55, Coshocton-54, Highland-52,
Tuscarawas-49, Clermont-48, Ashland-46 and Geauga-45.

Hunters who wish to share their success can submit a photo of
themselves and the turkey they killed this year to


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