Monday, February 6th, 2023
Monday, February 6th, 2023

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For Bowhunters, December Goes by in a Flash

“It’s been a long December,” as the Counting Crows sing in one
of my favorite songs. Only thing is, for bowhunters, December seems
to go by in a flash.

I know that I can’t hang up my bow just yet. There’s still a season
to be hunted and I have tags to fill. After a few years of holding
out for a quality buck, and passing on does early in the season
only to have them avoid me later in the season, I took a doe the
second weekend of the Zone 2 firearms season.

Fresh meat in the freezer does alleviate some of the pressure, but
there are quality bucks roaming the private land I have permission
to bowhunt. They show up on the trail cameras at all hours of the
day and night.

Only problem is that it is dang cold out there. I’m no wimp, but
it’s tougher to sit there and survive the cold when the woods are
quieter and the noises you make are louder.

Add to that all the time constraints and pressures of being a
father of two young children (not to mention the usual holiday
hustle) and its tough to find the time to sit in the woods for a
few hours. It’s also a tough proposition for a modern father to
pitch to a modern mother.

My wife will probably tell me that I need to go so she doesn’t have
to put up with me staring longingly at the deer in the lawn every

Thus is the nature of the beast.

What is it about the finality of December as the last opportunity
to hunt makes it loom so large? Deadlines, priorities and
commitments be dammed. I’ll be out there at least one or two more

Bowhunting is a long season that began way back in September, but
the next September is still a longer ways off. Get out there and do

There’s still reason to believe that maybe this year will be better
than the last. 

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