Deer done, pheasant pursuit resumes

You’ll recognize my name, and maybe my face, if you’re regular
readers of New York Outdoor News, from the pages of my husband
Steve’s regular column. But I doubt he asked me to write this blog
to give me “equal time,” especially since I only have 250-300

So I’m hoping to use this space and time to share ideas and
information, not necessarily from a woman’s point of view –
although, being a woman, that’s kind of a given, now that I think
about it. I don’t want to pound away at the gender issues; I think
women should be in the outdoors because they like to be in the
outdoors, not because they are women And when I’m out there, I’m a
hunter or a fisherman, not some cobbled-together word like
fisherperson… that’s just a lot harder to type, anyway.

This week, the big news around the house is Steve’s deer, a
beautiful 10-pointer taken in Pennsylvania and now destined for our
wall. That’s good news not only for Steve, but for me and our two
youngest Labs, who can now return to the pheasant fields for New
York’s newly extended season. Pheasant hunting was my first foray
into the outdoors with Steve and it will always be fun. These are
the days when I wished we lived in South Dakota, if only for the
pheasants. Having one spot in the whole county for put-and-take
birds is a bit of a bummer. While Maddie will work hard for the
bird, it was Ben, now 14½, who was the real pheasant hunter. I
still miss hunting behind him. Hailey has never really found her
stride and just runs around. We’ve vowed the next generation of
Piatt Labs will be a bit more excited about the hunt.

Remember, too, that small-game season continues in New York well
after deer season closes, so take some time an enjoy this winter!
It will be gone before you know it…. thank goodness!

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