Two deer with one shot? Youngster bags three with two shots

As a kid quail hunting, I always though it was the coolest thing
to witness my dad or an uncle down two Bobwhites with one shot. But
taking down two deer with a single blast?

According to a report in the Belleville News Democrat, Camron
Vielweber, a 14-year-old hunter from Belleville bagged three deer
with just two shots.

Vielweber told the newspaper that his luck started in October,
when during a youth hunt in Pike County, he shot and killed an
8-point buck, a respectable size.

Then on Nov. 20, he was hunting with his dad when he spied four
does from a tree stand Vielweber shot one with his 12-gauge
shotgun, and the pellets passed through and killed that animal
before fatally wounding a doe right behind it.

Chris Parciak of Curt Smith’s Outdoors in Belleville was quoted
inthe newspaper saying that downing two deer with one shot happens
occasionally. He says his brother has done it twice.

 TWICE???? Not sure I buy that, but Vielweber’s story seems

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