IL: Cuffs and Collars Issue 24

Region I

A Region 1 CPO received a complaint about someone placing bait on
their property. The CPO took samples of the mineral and the pile of
corn. The CPO posed as a hunter and finally caught the individual
hunting over the baited area. The individual stated that he did not
check to see if the bait was gone before hunting white-tailed deer.
The individual was cited for hunting over a baited area and
unlawfully making food available for white-tailed deer. He was
encouraged to apologize to the neighbor whose property he
unlawfully baited to avoid a trespassing charge. He has a mandatory
court appearance.

A District 7 CPO handled a report of a sinking watercraft on the
Illinois River. Two subjects were on board and jumped in the water
when the watercraft began to sink. The CPO assisted Peoria County
in rescuing the subjects who were later transported to a hospital.
The watercraft was towed to shore, and an investigation revealed
the watercraft sank because the owner had patched the fiberglass
hull himself. The operator was arrested for operating under the
influence, and the passenger was arrested for unlawful

A District 6 CPO issued a wildlife rehabilitator a citation for
failure to keep accurate records and two written warnings after she
was found to not have her records up to date. The rehabilitator
attempted to hide three squirrels that she had at her residence and
gave other various reasons for the CPO to not inspect her place of
business. Eventually the rehabilitator cooperated and said she had
the squirrels and had just “forgotten” to add them to her

A District 6 CPO made an arrest of a male subject for removing an
artifact from a designated nature preserve. The arrest occurred in
the Starved Rock Nature Preserve when the male subject was caught
trying to remove a fossil from the preserve.

Two District 1 CPOs and the Region 1 captain, along with Ogle
County deputies and the Castle Rock site Superintendent, responded
to a call of a lost bowhunter in Castle Rock State Park late one
night. A search was conducted that night and again at first light
the following morning. The hunter was located the following morning
walking along the road without injury.

A CPO stopped an automobile with a 3-year-old girl standing on the
front passenger seat while outstretched through the open front seat
passenger window within Rock Cut State Park in Winnebago County.
The driver presented a photocopy of a faxed insurance card where
the coverage dates looked altered. The officer phoned the fax
number on the sheet which returned to a College of Medicine in
Rockford, not a fax modem. A second phone call to the local
insurance agency confirmed the coverage had expired the previous
year. A field interview conducted to the driver under Miranda
Waiver revealed the female driver knowingly altered an expired
insurance card and then photocopied it so the alterations were not
so obvious. The driver was cited for falsifying an insurance card,
operation of an uninsured motor vehicle and failure to secure a
child less than age 8 in a seat belt or child restraint.

A District 7 officer checked an out-of-state deer hunter and his
son in McDonough County during the youth firearms deer season. The
officer observed the 13-year-old did not possess a valid hunting
license, a blaze orange cap and a gun case in the vehicle. The
father stated that hunting laws in Georgia were different. The
officer educated the individuals and issued three written warnings
for the violations.

CPOs followed up on a complaint of a subject catching and keeping
undersized walleyes at the Steel Dam along the Rock River in Rock
Island County. The suspect left the area prior to their arrival.
They followed up on the vehicle description provided by the witness
and met the suspect at his residence. He was cleaning fish in his
kitchen and advised he only had striped bass. One CPO observed two
dead walleyes in his sink. He advised he forgot about the walleyes
because the larger one was legal and the smaller one was given to
him. The smallest walleye was 11⁄4 inches under the minimum size
restriction. The CPO seized his illegal walleye and issued him a
citation for his violation.

While patrolling for illegal night time hunters, District 1 CPOs
observed a pickup truck driving through a field along a creek.
Contact was made with the subjects after a short surveillance after
they had stopped their truck along the Elkhorn Creek in Whiteside
County. Subjects were fishing and tending illegal untagged bank
poles. One subject did not possess a fishing license. The other
did, along with drug paraphernalia and cannabis. Appropriate
enforcement action was taken

A Region 1 CPO checked an archery deer hunter in Knox County who
did not have his hunting license nor deer permits on his person. He
had left them in his vehicle. He was issued written warnings for
license not in possession and for deer permit not signed/in

A District 6 CPO responded to a hunting without permission
complaint along the Sugar River within Winnebago County. The
investigation revealed two waterfowl hunters had navigated off of
the main channel of the river into a backwater slough. They were
hunting ducks and geese without the permission of the landowner and
were in violation. Under the definitions of backwaters in the state
Administrative Rules, permission must be obtained by the landowner
before accessing backwaters on private property when engaged in the
activity of hunting.

Region II

A CPO arrested two subjects for hunting deer over bait and for
hunting deer without permission of the landowner. The subjects had
multiple baited stands on the property and have been hunting
without permission for a few years.

CPOs arrested two individuals fishing from a boat on Wooster Lake
for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis.
The operator of the watercraft was also arrested for OUI-Drugs,
insufficient personal flotation devices, and issued a written
warning for license not in possession.

CPOs cited a waterfowl hunter on Deep Lake for hunting while in
possession of lead shot.

CPOs arrested two subjects for unlawfully hunting deer with a .22
rifle and a shotgun. They had shot a doe.

During preseason scouting, a CPO checked a known trouble spot in
Kane County, and discovered 18 treestands and 18 bait piles,
ranging from three tube feeders, mineral blocks, deer cocaine,
molasses pits, and apples. The first day he watched and noted who
was hunting and the second day he pulled seven guys from their
stands. Each was cited for hunting over bait in addition to one
subject who was hunting within 100 yards of an inhabited dwelling
without permission. Afterwards, not more than a mile from that
location, he cited another subject hunting over bait. He issued a
total of eight wildlife citations during opening archery

A CPO cited a West Chicago resident for engaging in the business of
passenger for hire without a license. The woman was advertising on
Craigslist that she would take passengers out on the Chain O’ Lakes
in her pontoon boat for $50 per person.

Region IV

A CPO checked a turkey hunter earlier this spring. After a
four-month investigation and the assistance of Indiana DNR, the
hunter was charged with falsifying his residency.

A CPO investigated an individual for falsifying his residency to
obtain an outfitter license. With the assistance of Georgia DNR,
the individual was charged with falsifying his residency.

While working teal hunters on Carlyle Lake, a CPO found several
violations. The violations ranged from a shotgun capable of holding
more than three shells to failure to maintain separate bag limits
and possessing another hunter’s birds while in the field.

A CPO performed a traffic stop on a timber truck in Montgomery
County. He inspected the driver’s paperwork and found he had not
completed the required paperwork to legally haul logs.

A CPO, while patrolling the Mississippi River, found several
subjects out pre-fishing for a catfish tournament scheduled for the
upcoming weekend. He checked several boats and found a multitude of
equipment violations. One subject was found to not have a fishing
license, and two subjects were found using illegal cast nets to
catch bait.

A CPO was patrolling the Mississippi River from a jon boat with an
intern. They were checking fishermen below the Low Water Dam near
Chouteau Island when they found a subject in possession of an
endangered pallid sturgeon. The sturgeon was released unharmed, and
the subject was issued a citation.

While patrolling Madison County during youth firearms deer season,
a CPO found five subjects hunting without the required blaze orange

A CPO located some baited deer stands in Madison County prior to
archery season. He had been checking the area since the opening day
but had not found anyone on the stands. He checked the area during
the youth firearms season and observed an adult with two youths
hunting over the baited area.

A CPO worked a trespassing complaint near Dupo. He and an intern
met with the complainant and located the illegal stands. The
subject was later observed hunting from one of the stands and was

A CPO was working the youth deer season, and he encountered two
subjects hunting without the required blaze orange clothing.

A CPO, acting on a tip, arrested a subject archery hunting over
bait. The subject had corn, mineral blocks, and an automatic feeder
filled with alfalfa pellets out for the deer.

Region V

A CPO caught a White County bowhunter hunting over bait, no hunting
license, no habitat stamp, and no valid deer permit. The CPO issued
citations and seized the hunter’s bow.

A CPO received an e-mail from the region captain on July 15. The
e-mail requested that he investigate an incident that occurred in
April of 1989. The complaint was about a man who found a human
skeleton in Fort Massac State Park. The man reported the find, and
the skeleton with three uniform coat buttons were moved to
Springfield. The man decided to keep a few artifacts before the
authorities arrived – a button and two coins. The man supposedly
showed this button to another local in the summer of 1989. After 21
years, the witness decides to tell another man who reported it to
DNR archaeological office. The complaint was about a Lewis and
Clark medallion and musket balls this man supposedly took off the
skeletal remains. The CPO retrieved one button and two coins as
this is what the man said he took. There was nothing else according
to his statement. Items were confiscated and placed into an
evidence locker.

A district sergeant and CPOs assisted the Union County Sheriff’s
Department in locating six individuals lost in the Bald Knob
Wilderness Area. Three adult males, two adult females and a small
child had started hiking around 3 p.m. They called 911 at around
7:45 p.m. stating that they were lost. They had no water and no
light to aid them in getting back. CPOs went in on foot and by ATV
to search the area. The group was located at approximately 10:45
p.m. and all brought out safely.

A CPO is investigating hunters who are only taking skull caps from
harvested bucks and leaving carcasses at kill sites.

A CPO cited a bowhunter for hunting on a POH tag on property he
does not own, lease or rent.

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