Wednesday, February 1st, 2023
Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

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Thorp teen shoots a rare piebald white-tailed buck

Thorp, Wis. — Like every bowhunter, Justin Rosemeyer, 15, will
never forget his first buck taken with a bow. But the buck the
Thorp teenager killed on Oct. 16 was extra special.

“He’s a lot whiter than he is brown,” Rosemeyer said. “He has
specks of brown on the top of his back and the top of his

Otherwise, the buck is almost entirely white.

A deer with this coloration is referred to as a “piebald.” Piebald
animals have partial pigmentation in their bodies and have varying
amounts of whiteness. They typically have normal-colored eyes,
noses, and hooves. Estimates vary, but piebald animals may occur as
often as once in every 1,000 animals.

Albinos are much rarer than piebalds. Albinos have no pigmentation;
they are entirely white, except for their pink eyes and

Piebalds are legal game in Wisconsin, but albinos are

Rosemeyer first learned of the unique deer months earlier.

“Around this spring, people started seeing it and talking about
it,” he said.

But the deer seemingly disappeared during the summer and early

“I told my dad we aren’t going to see it until hunting season,”
Rosemeyer said.

Then, in mid-October, the buck resurfaced.

“We had him on our trail camera a couple of times,” Rosemeyer said.
“He showed up three days in a row.”

Rosemeyer said he wasn’t specifically hunting for the piebald buck.
Still, the thought of shooting him did cross his mind.

“We decided if we saw him, we would shoot him,” he said.

Rosemeyer was hunting from a ground blind on his father’s

“It was getting about the time that you’d think they weren’t
coming,” he said. “Then I heard a deer.”

The unusual white and gray deer appeared.

“The wind picked up,” Rosemeyer said. “The deer stopped. It started
walking away and I didn’t think it would come in.”

However, the deer did come in and stepped into an opening.
Rosemeyer drew his bow and took a 12- to 15-yard shot.

“He did kind of a loop and started running straight away from me,”
Rosemeyer said. “It took off out of sight.”

Rosemeyer’s dad picked him up. He changed clothes, ate supper, and
then he and some family and friends returned to look for the

The hunting party easily found the deer. The buck of a lifetime had
gone less than 100 yards.

“I was really excited and I couldn’t believe that I shot him,”
Rosemeyer said. “We had a lot of visitors come to see it.”

Rosemeyer has been hunting since he was 12, and although this
wasn’t his first deer, the 8-pointer is a very special one.
Rosemeyer will have a full body mount made of the buck.

Rosemeyer wishes to thank those who helped him recover his deer: Al
Wisniewski, Richard Rosemeyer, Cody Krzyzanowski, Andrew Rosemeyer,
Caitlin Rosemeyer, and Mike Rosemeyer.

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