Illinois Cuffs & Collars – Issue 19

Region I

A CPO cited a fisherman for possessing a short walleye on the
Mississippi River.

A District 7 CPO assisted Ontario conservation officer by serving
summons to four Fulton County residents for possession of an
over-limit of walleyes and making false statements to an officer.
All four subjects are to appear in court in Ontario this

A sergeant and CPOs went into Illinois Canyon and located several
people and young children who had climbed into a restricted area to
swim and drink beer. One subject took off and was caught by CPOs
who were walking into the canyon from the bottom. They were all
issued citations and evicted from the park. While escorting the
group out, CPOs received a call of a subject who had broken his leg
in the lower area and then a couple minutes later a another call of
a 15-year-old who had taken off from his parents and was going to
harm himself or someone else. Due to the number of intoxicated
subjects and their criminal histories, CPOs were unable to respond.
Another CPO was contacted at home and asked to come to work early.
Just as he located the missing 15-year-old, he received a call of a
subject who had just gone through the Marseilles Dam. The CPO and
sergeant responded. The subject was operating his PWC when it died
on him. He attempted to restart it and was unable to keep it
running. The strong current was pulling him closer to the dam, so
his buddy (who was also on a jet ski) attempted to tow the jet ski.
After the jet ski almost flipped, the individual unhooked from the
jet ski and dove into the water. The individual was sucked through
the dam and popped up 45 yards downstream. Amazingly, he was able
to make it to the shore where he refused medical treatment. The jet
ski was also pulled through the dam, but was in poor condition when
it was recovered. A couple of hours later a CPO was called to a
subject who had just jumped off the I-180 Bridge.

A District 1 CPO investigated a boat accident near Byron. One boat
was jumping the wake of the lead boat 20 feet behind the boat as
the lead boat shot a heavy stream of water from his jet boat
hitting one of the occupants in the face. The occupant was knocked
into the windshield of the boat hitting her head and neck. She was
transported by ambulance to the hospital where she was treated and
released for severe neck and shoulder strain. Both operators were
charged with careless operation.

A district sergeant was called out late at night to Sheridan for a
missing person who had been swimming with a group of kids in a sand
pit. Upon arrival he interviewed the kids who determined where the
subject was last seen. Ottawa River Rescue was contacted and the
19-year-old male subject was located within one hour of dragging

While completing watercraft safety inspections from a boat launch
along the Kishwaukee River in Winnebago County, a CPO observed a
woman paddling to the launch in an unregistered raft carrying a
second female passenger. A boat safety inspection revealed the boat
to be unregistered. Face-to-face communication with the operator
about the violation led the CPO to suspect the person to be under
the influence of alcohol. Failed field sobriety testing and a
portable breath test reading above .08% B.A.C. confirmed the CPO
deductions. The woman was charged with O.U.I. – Watercraft, O.U.I.
– Watercraft above .08% B.A.C. and unlawful operation of an
unnumbered watercraft. The operator blew into the department’s
intoximeter which displayed a breath-alcohol reading of .214%, more
than twice the legal limit allowed by statute.

Region II

A CPO cited a Gurnee man for possession of short fish. The
individual, who had on two previous occasions dumped fish while
being pursued by a CPO, was caught at Lake Carina with three
undersized largemouth bass. The fish measured 6 inches, 61⁄2 inches
and 7 inches. A 15-inch minimum length limit applies on the lake.
The man was trying to stuff the fish into a plastic jug when he saw
the CPO approach.

A CPO arrested two individuals at the Chain O’ Lakes State Park.
One subject was arrested on a $5,000 outstanding warrant,
possession of cannabis more than 2.5 but less than 10 grams, and
drug paraphernalia. The second subject was arrested for possession
of cannabis more than 30 grams.

Officers broke up a large gathering of people that spilled over
into Illinois Beach State Park after a funeral in Zion had turned
violent earlier in the day. The funeral was for a young man who had
been murdered. One subject was maced and arrested. He was charged
with mob action and possession of cannabis.

A CPO investigated a hit and run minor property damage incident at
Des Plaines Conservation Area. A family returning from boating on
the Kankakee River found damage to their tow vehicle in the parking
lot. Evidence suggests that another vehicle pulling a trailer cut a
corner too sharply resulting in the trailer striking the victim’s

A CPO arrested a subject for illegal transportation of alcohol and
later found out that the subject had provided false information
belonging to her sister. The sister provided information as to the
suspect and the CPO was able to utilize Driver’s License photos on
LEADS to determine who the actual violator was. CPOs located the
subject at her residence and served her with the illegal
transportation charge, added the charge of providing a false
identity to a police officer. The violator was also wanted on a
warrant out of Grundy County and admitted that this was the reason
she provided false information, adding that she wasn’t a bad
person, just really drunk at the time. She was transported to the
Grundy county jail for the warrant.

A CPO was on patrol in rural Grundy County when a vehicle nearly
t-boned his squad car. The driver was a juvenile that was not
properly licensed and unfamiliar with the area and was distracted
by very loud music within the vehicle. The driver did not see a
stop sign and entered an intersection at a fairly high rate of
speed, became airborne, nearly struck the CPO’s squad, landing on
the other side of the intersection. Appropriate charges were

CPOs arrested two individuals for OUI while working the Chain O’
Lakes boat race. The first subject was an 18-year-old male who was
trying to find a place to swim on Pistakee Lake. He had a BAC of
0.158% and was charged for OUI and consumption of alcohol by a
minor. He subsequently had a no-bond warrant out of Kendall County
and was transported to jail. The second subject was trying to dock
his boat at the Chain O’ Lakes State Park boat ramp. After two
attempts he was able to bring the watercraft alongside the pier.
The subject was highly intoxicated and arrested for OUI. His BAC
was 0.328%. He informed the officers that he was not driving

Region III

A CPO arrested a Charleston man on charges of possession of
cannabis and drug paraphernalia while completing a boat inspection
at the public ramp at Lake Mattoon.

CPOs arrested three Vermilion County persons at Mill Creek Lake.
Two persons were arrested for minor consumption of liquor and one
was arrested for gift of liquor to minors.

CPOs arrested a Mattoon man for OUI at Lake Shelbyville. The man
recorded a BAC of .184%.

A district sergeant arrested a Newman man in Walnut Point State
Park for driving while suspended.

CPOs are investigating a boat accident on Mill Creek Lake in Clark
County. An Indianapolis, Ind., area woman was reportedly bow riding
on a rental pontoon boat at the lake and was knocked into the lake
by a boat wake and was struck by the front of a pontoon on the
front of the vessel and injured. The investigation is continuing in
this case.

Region IV

A CPO was patrolling Frank Holten State Park when he observed three
subjects sitting in a parked vehicle drinking what appeared to be
beer. The doors were open, and one subject was sitting on the edge
of the door frame drinking a beer and there were food containers on
the ground at her feet. He made contact with the subjects and found
two of the subjects were wanted on warrants, one for disorderly
conduct and the other for felony forgery out of St Louis County.
The subjects were arrested for alcohol in a restricted area,
littering, and driving with a suspended license.

A CPO was driving in Alton when he observed a subject pull up to an
intersection on a go-cart. The CPO stopped the subject and asked
what he was doing and the subject replied he was just taking some
movie rentals back to the store. The appropriate action was

A CPO was patrolling Horseshoe Lake State Park when he observed a
vehicle exceeding the posted speed limit. He stopped the vehicle
and the driver did not have a license or valid insurance. The
driver did state she had a license in Mexico. The vehicle was
towed, and the appropriate charges were issued.

A CPO was patrolling Horseshoe Lake State Park near Bend Road. He
observed a vehicle disobey two road closed signs on Eagle Park Road
to reach Route 203. He stopped the vehicle and questioned the
driver. The driver stated she did not have a license on her person
but did have insurance. After two unsuccessful attempts at
identifying the subject, the CPO advised the driver he would have
to transport her to the county jail to determine her identity. The
subject then produced a driver’s license. The subject was wanted on
a warrant in St. Clair County for battery. She was also found in
possession of crack cocaine. She was transported to Madison County
jail pending felony charges.

Region V

A CPO assisted the Williamson County sheriff with a suspected child
abduction from the Crab Orchard Refuge campground. The child and
suspect abductors-family members of the complainant were located in
Herrin. The child was fine and a follow-up investigation into the
circumstances of this incident is ongoing by Williamson County
Sheriff’s Office.

CPOs are investigating a boat capsizing at Crab Orchard NWR. The
boat was anchored when a strong storm came in and the boat took on
water over the stern and sank. The boat was towed into the launch
site and the accident is under investigation.

A CPO also investigated a boat accident on Rend Lake involving a
skier mishap. The skier tried to jump the wake, did the splits, and
injured both his hips. The skier was transported by ambulance to a
hospital in Mount Vernon.

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