Big Game Scoring book available in hard copy

Harrisburg —┬áCopies of the 2010 Pennsylvania Big Game Records
are available from the Pennsylvania Game Commission online at The
Outdoor Shop,, or call 1-888-888-3459, or mail
your remittance to: PA Game Commission, Dept. MS, 2001 Elmerton
Ave., Harrisburg, PA 17110-9797.

The book costs $5, which includes sales tax, plus $1.25 shipping
and handling. For additional information, contact Pennsylvania Big
Game Records Program Coordinator Bob D’Angelo at the Game
Commission Harrisburg headquarters (

The Big Game Records Scoring Program “record book” has been on
the Game Commission’s website for several years now, and will
continue to be. But, responding to public requests, it now has been
put into a bound booklet form.

Pennsylvania’s Big Game Scoring Program is based on the Boone
& Crockett Club’s scoring program that was copyrighted by that
organization in 1950. Established in 1887, by Theodore Roosevelt,
the B&C Club was initially organized for the conservation of
wildlife and natural resources on a national basis.

The Game Commission and the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writer’s
Association started Pennsylvania’s Big Game Measuring Program in
1965 (although score sheets and listings in the record book go back
as far as the early 1900s), to showcase the outstanding big game
hunting opportunities available in this state. Since 1965, 14
measuring sessions have been held, with the last one taking place
in June of 2008.

Scoring and maintaining records of exceptional big game animals
is important because it provides a means to compare the
extraordinary whitetails, black bears and elk being taken in
Pennsylvania and a starting point to sort out why an animal
attained its exceptional size. Often these animals are the product
of outstanding habitat and wildlife management practices. The Big
Game Scoring Program also stresses hunter and conservation ethics,
and is another tool that promotes recreational hunting and supports
Pennsylvania’s strong hunting heritage.

Pennsylvania Big Game Records contains a wealth of information,
including the minimum scores required for each big game category,
some Boone & Crockett Club and Pope & Young Club
information, a few photos, but most importantly, the listings. In
each big game category the entry is ranked, the hunter is listed,
and the county, year taken and the score are listed. The record
book is not only interesting, but it can be used as a tool to
identify where the “big ones” are being taken.

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