Pennsylvania Cuffs & Collars Issue 16


Forest County WCO Daniel Schmidt, on July 5, was boating with his
family at the Tionesta Dam when he witnessed an individual drive a
ski boat through the middle of a flock of Canada geese. “All the
passengers laughed and hollered as the geese swam for safety,” he
said. “Although he was not on duty, he saw a DCNR Park Ranger and
asked for assistance. The Park Ranger issued a citation to the

Crawford/Erie Counties LMGS Shayne Hoachlander reports that the
Food and Cover Corps crews presently are planting buckwheat and
brassica food plots. “The buckwheat, when mature, will provide a
grain food for turkeys, pheasants and many other birds,” he said.
“The brassica will provide a high quality late season forage for


Armstrong County WCO Gary Toward said observers watching the bald
eagles nest on Crooked Creek Lake reported two young eagles left
the nest the week prior to the July 4th holiday.

Beaver County WCO Matt Kramer received reports of a Beaver Falls
man shooting Canada geese at a farm pond with a .22 long rifle.
“The man thought that the birds were a nuisance and that he could
shoot them,” he said. “The man indicated that the geese just hung
around the pond and made a mess. I explained to him that during
this portion of the year, many geese are molting and unable to fly
and that the birds are federally protected waterfowl.” Citations
will be filed with the local district judge’s office.

Westmoreland County WCO Seth Mesoras reports ATV complaints seem to
be the number one complaint at this time of year from landowners.
“Persons possessing an ATV need to gain permission before riding on
other people’s land,” he said. “Several citations have been issued
over the past two weeks for people riding ATVs on public


Lycoming County WCO Harold Cole and Clinton County WCO Kenneth
Packard assisted the Fish & Boat Commission with a search
warrant on a residence for illegal possession of a yellow-phase
rattlesnake. “The snake was about 50-inches long,” WCO Cole said.
“The defendant was riding around on state property behind the gates
snake hunting when he found this one. He also had a suspended
driver’s license and should not have been driving in the first

Lycoming County WCO Harold Cole said that his June activities
included: recovering three road-killed and three road-killed bears;
addressing three small-animal complaints; serving four search
warrants; attending one preliminary arraignment; handling one
fingerprint order for violations; and trapping nine bears for

Potter/Tioga Counties LMGS Denise Mitcheltree said June was a busy
month for her Food and Cover Corps crews. “A total of 130 acres of
wildlife food plots were planted with grain mixes or clover,” she
said. “Crews mowed 105 acres of clover to rejuvenate the plant
growth and inhibit grass domination in the fields.”

Potter County WCO Mark S. Fair said, in July, a female black bear
with mange was captured in the Coudersport area. “The bear, which
was not nursing cubs at the time of capture, was trapped as a
result of a nuisance complaint from a local resident,” he

Elk County WCO Dick Bodenhorn is investigating the illegal killing
of a black bear in the Four Corners area of Highland Township.
“Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Northcentral
Region Office at (570) 398-4744,” he said. “All information will be
kept confidential,” he said.

Cameron/Clearfield Counties LMGS Colleen Shannon said earthmoving
activity for the highwall reclamation project on SGL 321, in
Clinton County, was completed in June. The total project involved
moving 637,850 cubic yards of earth on 121 acres in order to
reclaim 16,435 linear feet of dangerous highwall. A total of 12,170
tons of lime were mixed in during the reclamation in order to
provide alkaline addition to the backfilled dirt. “This project was
sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and funded with a
Growing Greener Grant through the Department of Environmental
Protection,” she said.

Cameron/Clearfield Counties LMGS Colleen Shannon said that Kyler
Environmental Services continues to apply permitted biosolids to
the reclaimed area. “The biosolids are incorporated into the ground
followed by seeding of the disturbed areas using a variety of
seeding mixtures including clovers, cool-season grasses, and native
warm-season grasses,” she said. “Total revegetation will most
likely not be completed on the entire site until next year. The
improvement to the landscape from this project is truly remarkable
and has provided a great benefit to wildlife and sportsmen


Huntingdon County WCO Amy Nabozny has been busy running culvert
traps for aid in the research of black bears. “Each bear that is
trapped is tagged with a metal tag in each ear, a milk tooth is
pulled for aging purposes, and a tattoo applied to the inner lip,”
she said.

Juniata/Mifflin/Perry/Snyder Counties LMGS Steven Bernardi, in the
past month, has seen eight fawns killed along the road, and had to
chase twin fawns into the woods after the adult doe was killed on
the road.

Cumberland County WCO Tim Wenrich, in June, successfully captured
and transferred two more bears with the help of Camp Hill Police
and Fire Department and Cumberland County WCO John Fetchkan and
York County WCO Mike Reeder. “One was a small female that was
previously trapped in Blair County and released in a remote part of
Juniata County,” WCO Wenrich said. “She ended up in Camp Hill 20
days later.”

Cumberland County WCO Tim Wenrich and Pennsylvania Fish & Boat
Commission Waterways Conservation Officer Dave Hurst recently cited
two individuals for driving off-road, four-wheel drive trucks, on a
private property enrolled in the Game Commission’s Public Access

Bedford/Fulton Counties LMGS Jonathan S. Zuck reports that, so far,
33 acres of small grains, including oats, barley, buckwheat,
sorghum, and brassica; 18 acres of clover and grain mixtures; and
10 acres of corn were planted on SGLS in Bedford, Fulton, and parts
of adjacent counties in 2010. “In addition, existing clover food
plots were top-dressed with seed and fertilizer,” he said. “More
food plots are scheduled to be planted this fall.”

Perry County WCO Steve Hower said that, having set three traps on
two SGLs, he caught and processed five bears in three days. “To top
it off, I saw several more bears as I was going to and from tending
the traps,” he said.


Bradford County WCO Joseph Wenzel has filed charges against a Rome
area man for his involvement in fatally shooting a turkey hunter in
mistake for game the first day of this past spring gobbler season.
“Additionally, this individual was charged with shooting at but not
seriously injuring a second hunter who was accompanying his hunting
partner who was killed in the incident,” he said.

Northumberland/Montour Counties WCO Rick Deiterich said an
unwelcome visitor to downtown Danville brought a lot of attention
and was quickly shown the door and thrown out of town. A juvenile
male bear that was caught and radio-collared at the Avoca Airport,
on May 22, made its way north of Danville along Interstate 80 and
was visiting homes the week of June 7. “On June 11, the bear
decided to head straight south to Danville and pay a visit,” WCO
Deiterich said. “The bear tried to cross the Susquehanna River, but
an individual taking its picture kept pushing it back into town.
The bear was then treed in the middle of town and, with the
assistance of Ladder 19 and Columbia County WCO George Wilcox, we
were able to get close enough to tranquilize the bear and capture
it. Once captured, the bear was taken to the Loyalsock State Forest
in Sullivan County and released.”

Wayne County WCO Frank J. Dooley reports heavy ATV use on SGLs 70
and 299 along the New York border. “Stepped up patrols of the
public lands have produced several individuals being cited for
unauthorized use of motor vehicles on SGLs and other traffic
violations being turned over to Pennsylvania State Police,” he

Pike County WCO Mark Kropa recently cited a New Jersey man for
shooting at plastic soda bottles at the SGL183 shooting range. “All
people using the range are reminded that the only targets
permissible are paper targets placed on the backboards provided at
the range,” he said.

Pike County WCOs Mark Kropa and Bob Johnson recently cited two
individuals in two separate incidents for littering. In WCO
Johnson’s case, the woman was moving and dumped old furniture and
various other discarded household items in a parking lot on SGL180
in Blooming Grove Township. She was cited and ordered to pay more
than $1,200 in fines, restitution and court costs. In WCO Kropa’s
case, a man from Hawley, who was hired to remove construction
material from a house in Narrowsburg, New York, for $150, dumped it
in a parking lot on SGL183 in Palmyra Township and now faces more
than $1,000 in fines, restitution and court costs.

Bradford County WCO Andrew Troutman said, with the summer months
coming on, groundhog hunting violations are on the rise, namely: no
orange hats; loaded guns on/against vehicles; and safety zone

Susquehanna County WCO Mike Webb said poaching still continues in
the warm months. “It is unfortunate that this activity even happens
at all,” he said. “The latest case under investigation is a small
button buck bound with truck strap and tied to a tree and left to
rot. This incident occurred near exit 219 off Route 81. Anyone who
has information regarding this or other wildlife crimes is
encouraged to call the Northeast Region Office at

Luzerne County WCO David Allen is investigating the unlawful taking
of two black bears in the Hazlebrook area. “Information regarding
the alleged killing has been received, and further information
regarding this matter is needed to conclude the case,” he said.
“Anyone with information is urged to contact the Northeast Region
Office at (570) 675-1143. All calls are confidential.”

Monroe County WCO Scott Malicky said calls continue to come in to
the Northeast Region Office regarding individuals that continue to
use the old and now closed range located on Plank Road just outside
of Gouldsboro. “Signs have been posted at this range multiple times
stating that the range is indeed closed, but to no avail,” he said.
“If you witness anyone using the closed range, please try to obtain
license plate information so that officers can follow up on the

Wayne County WCO James P. McCarthy reports that a Tobyhanna woman
was found guilty in of illegally dumping her household trash along
State Route 196 on property open to public hunting. The woman was
ordered to pay a $300 fine.

Sullivan County WCO Rick Finnegan has been finding damaged signs
and gates on a few different areas of SGL 13. “Anyone who gets
caught damaging property on SGL will be prosecuted,” he said. “Any
information about these acts will be appreciated and remain


Bucks County WCO John Papson reports that Pennsbury School District
technical education teachers and students recently completed a
project in which they made and put out 16 kestrel boxes this year.
Over the last two years, they made and placed 16 wood duck boxes
and over 30 blue bird boxes.

Chester County WCO Scott Frederick, along with the assistance of
Montgomery County WCO Raymond Madden, caught a person in the act of
spray painting rock outcroppings at SGL 43 in Warwick Township. “I
have been here in the district for more than eight years, and have
yet to be able to catch someone desecrating the SGL with graffiti,
but that changed recently when WCO Madden observed an individual in
the act,” WCO Frederick said. Charges are pending an assessment of
the damage and the costs of cleanup, which will be added to the
fines assessed by the district judge.

Chester County WCO Mullin responded to several calls concerning
fawns earlier in June. “In each case, the caller found what they
thought to be orphaned fawns,” he said. “Fortunately, I was able to
return the fawns to the wild by taking them back to the locations
where they were found.”

Northampton County WCO Brad Kreider reports fielding more bear
calls/complaints then usual. “When investigating some of these bear
complaints, we have found a few individuals that are intentionally
feeding bears,” he said. “This practice has been illegal for
several years.”

Schuylkill County WCO Kevin Clouser reports that, based on recent
road-kill and crop damage reports, deer numbers in the West Penn
Township area appear to be on the increase.

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