DNR unveils new deer roadkill policies

Always confusing, the laws and policies involving deer killed
during vehicle collisions are getting updated by DNR. You can find
the new policies below. Meanwhile, I’m seeking opinions on the
roadkill rules. E-mail me at ralph@outdoornews.com

According to a DNR news release:

Road Kill – Individuals who wish to claim a deer killed in a
vehicle collision must report the possession of the road-kill deer
to the DNR. Road-kill deer may only be claimed by those individuals
who are residents of Illinois, are not delinquent in child support
payments, and do not have their wildlife privileges suspended in
any state. Individuals claiming road-kill deer must report the
possession within 24 hours using the new online DNR Road Kill Deer
Reporting Form(http://dnr.state.il.us/law3/images/Road_kill.pdf.)
Possession may also be reported by phoning (217) 782-6431.
Individuals involved in deer-vehicle accidents who do not want to
take possession of the deer are not required to file a report with
the IDNR.

Salvage – Any individual finding a dead or injured deer (other
than those killed in a vehicle collision or legally taken by
hunting methods) may not move, transport, or take possession of the
deer or deer parts until making a salvage deer report to and
obtaining permission from an DNR Conservation Police officer or an
DNR Regional Law Enforcement office. Contact information is
available at http://dnr.state.il.us/law3/images/Road_kill.pdf.

Read more about these policies in the July 25 issue of Illinois
Outdoor News.

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